Chapter 31
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New day, new late chapter. Enjoy~



“Hmmm? You do not need to seek my permission to go out. As long as we have nothing planned then you are free to do whatever you want.” (Firana)

When I told Firana-oneesama about going out to town today, she replied like so.

“I see. Regardless, I would still tell Firana-oneesama if I am indeed going somewhere even if Firana-oneesama said that. I do not want to worry Firana-oneesama after all.” (Misa)

“Truthfully I want to accompany you but I have to finish tommorow’s share of work so we can have our date.” (Firana)

By work, she probably means her clothes she made daily.

I never actually see her sewing, but I would guess she sew somewhere else, there’s no sewing machine in our room after all.

“Then Firana-oneesama, I will be going.” (Misa)

“Ahhh wait.” (Firana)

Just as I was about to leave, Firana-oneesama stopped me on my track.


“You are going out to town right? Here, change to this.” (Firana)

She took out what I could only describe as a dress that’s a bit too gorgeous for a casual stroll around town.

“Ummm, do I really have to? This is a bit.....” (Misa)

“It’s a custom-made especially for you. Come and wear it first.” (Firana)

Muuu, I have no choice.

As told, I changed to the dress she gave me.

A green one-piece dress reaching down to my ankle with lots of frills and laces decorating it.

There’s also a logo of some sort on the top right chest area, which I would guess is her brand logo.

Surprisingly, it’s really easy to move in despite its appearance.

“Yup, it looks good on you.” (Firana)

“Still, would I not be out of place wearing something like this to town.....” (Misa)

“It is not a problem. So long as you have my brand logo, no one in this town should be foolish enough to pick a fight with you. And if they do, the townspeople will most likely protect you so as long as you do not go on an empty alleyway on your own, you will be fine.” (Firana)

.....Just how much influence does she have in this town to be able to say that so confidently?

“That is all from me. Go and have fun.” (Firana)

“Yes.” (Misa)

No reason to argue about it any further, if it would protect me from harm then I wouldn’t decline it strongly, and as I mentioned despite how it looks it’s really easy to move in.

Ahhh, but I spot a problem.....

“Firana-oneesama, there’s no pocket so I cannot bring my ID card.” (Misa)

“Oh dear, I forgot you have to carry that magical device with you at all times. Let me fix that for you real quick.” (Firana)

Saying so, she took a small piece of cloth in the same color tone as my dress and sew it in the form of a pocket.

Not even using her hand, the thread and needle floated in the air and rapidly sewn the piece to my dress.

The end product doesn’t look messy or rushed, in fact it’s as if it was sewn there in the first place when the dress was made.

“There. Try and see if the size fits or not.” (Firana)

Doing as she told, I took out my ID card from my uniform pocket and put tried to put it in.

It’s a perfect fit for the ID card, not too big nor too small.

“Good. You should probably hurry up, you do not want to make them wait for too long.” (Firana)

Not even planning to question her about it, I exit the room and headed back towards the school entrance.

“.....That is quite an outfit for a simple stroll.” (Felisia)

Felis-sensei retorted as so the moment she saw me.

She then looked at the dress very carefully and her eyes locked onto my chest.

Instinctively, I covered them with my hand and turned away.

Felis-sensei seems to notice what she was doing.

“N-No, it is not.....” (Felisia)

“.....Let us drop it at that.” (Misa)

Even if it’s from another girl, I feel quite uncomfortable being stared there for that long.

“As I said, it is not like that! I was just making sure I did not missaw that brand logo.” (Felisia)

Now that she mentioned it, the brand logo is indeed located there.

.....How unpleasant.

I understand it’s quite normal for brand logo to be located there but it’s still unpleasant if that means I would get those kind of stares in exchange.

“Did you buy this dress?” (Felisia)

“No, Firana-onee..... Selesia-sama made this specifically for me herself.” (Misa)

“Ehhh?” (Felisia)

“Selesia-sama is Misa’s roommate.” (Camilia)

Lia interjected into the conversation, probably not wanting to be left out.

“A custom-made from that girl huh? I had guess from those embroideries on the uniform but still....” (Felisia)

Felis-sensei started to go deep in thought.

Does Felis-sensei know Firana-oneesama personally, I wonder?

“Well, never mind. We should get going or else you two will not be able to return before sunset.” (Felisia)

She clapped her hand and declared so.

I didn’t want to bother asking Felis-sensei about it in case she doesn’t have a favorable opinion towards Firana-oneesama so I keep my thoughts in my head.

With that, the 3 of us headed out from the school ground and walked towards town.


“So, continuing on from before.....” (Felisia)

We’re currently at a high-end restaurant.

No, considering I’m with nobles this would probably be considered normal instead?

The food Felis-sensei ordered were small bite-size food that’s quite easy to eat while chatting.

They were immediately brought out moments after we placed our orders.

“Let us start the small lecture first. You two should know the basics of how magic is casted right?” (Felisia)

“Yes. Writing a magic formula before pouring mana into it.” (Camilia)

“Indeed. Well, magic formulas can be in a lot of form, from writing to pictures to songs and much more methods out there. Most people seems to associate magic formulas with only writings so I just want to make that clear.“ (Felisia)

“Yes, I know that much.” (Camilia)

I silently follow along with the conversation.

I mean, Frillia taught me this back then but I rather not join in on a conversation that I’m quite unfamilliar with if I don’t have to.

“Anyway that is besides the point. Now, since magic needs mana to be activated, then before a magic is casted, if you can sense the change of mana in your surroundings, you can take precaution againts it. That is the gist of what I did. That simple.” (Felisia)

“.....Sensing the change of mana?” (Camilia)

“It requires a lot of training. Can you feel the mana inside your body?” (Felisia)

“Yes.” (Camilia)

“.....No.” (Misa)

I reluctantly answered since she was prompting me for an answer.

“Well, that is within my expectations, you are a crosser after all. If you can sense the mana inside your body, that is the first step done. Next step is to be able to sense the mana in someone else, this is the difficult part.” (Felisia)

“Is that possible?” (Camilia)

“It is. Not really much of a secret, but it is not something people commonly know about. The easiest would be to show you. Give me your palm.” (Felisia)

Lia did as told and extended her palm towards Felis-sensei.

Felis-sensei took a hold of it and after a few seconds, Lia showed a surprised look.

“This is.....” (Camilia)

“Yes, what you are feeling now flowing into you is my mana.” (Felisia)

Felis-sensei let go of her palm.

“Can you sense the mana inside my body now?” (Felisia)

“Hmmm, it is very vague but yes.” (Camilia)

“Ohhh, that is quite good. People normally took a lot more time to sense mana that is not part of their body.” (Felisia)

Felis-sensei looked quite surprised.

“Well, that is the basics of what I did.” (Felisia)

“But how did Felis-sensei do it without ever receiving my mana in the first place? Is that possible?” (Camilia)

“It is a matter of getting used to unfamiliar mana. My mana feels different than your mana right?” (Felisia)

“Yes.” (Camilia)

“Once you get used to it, you will be able to sense foreign mana that is not yours. Well, it is quite harder to do so with people who have similar mana to yours, easiest example is family. Blood-related family would normally have pretty subtle difference in mana so you need to train a lot more to sense that without them giving their mana to you.” (Felisia)

Yup, I’m not following the conversation at all.

In the first place, magic is something I’ve only learnt the existence of a few months ago, so it can’t be helped.

“Anyway, lesson over. Now moving on......” (Felisia)

She looked at me with a smile.

Muuu, I forgot the main reason she invited us out was to talk to me in the first place.

The private lesson was over, but the conversation continued.