Chapter 36
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“How about you Misa? How’s noble course?” (Rurune)

Ru returned the question to me.

“Hmmm, its quite difficult in general. Thankfully, the upperclassman that I’m sharing room with has been helping me.” (Misa)

“Its good that you’re not having any trouble making friends.” (Rurune)

Its quite hard to call Firana-oneesama as a friend though, she feels more like an older sister if I were to say.

Well, I do have Lia.

“Still, I wish I can meet Misa’s friends.” (Rurune)

“That would be a bit hard.” (Misa)

Even though they are all nice people, they’re all still nobles after all.

Firana-oneesama in particular, its quite hard to imagine her having a positive view on Ru.

She has quite a harsh view on crossers and commoners in general after all.

“I guess it can’t be helped then. Though if you have the free time, I can introduce you to my friends instead!” (Rurune)

“I’ll keep that in mind.” (Misa)

Our idle chatter continued for a bit, though it was getting quite late so we decided to head back.

Returning back to my room, what met my eyes was Firana-oneesama hugging El on the bed.

El was not in her maid uniform but in a casual dress that Firana-oneesama made the other day.

“Nee.” (Cielle)

The moment El saw me she tried to break free from Firana-oneesama but to no avail, didn’t seem like Firana-oneesama have any intention of letting her go.

Of course, the teddy bear was hugging her neck.

“Welcome back. How was your day?” (Firana)

“I went to the library and ate outside with a friend, it was quite fun. Also El, you should inform me if you plan to come here.” (Misa)

“Wanted to surprise Nee.” (Cielle)

I took a seat on my bed.

“Let El go.” (Cielle)

“It is your punishment for teleporting here without informing your sister.” (Firana)

Though she said that, I feel like she’s just using it as an excuse just to hug El.

But we did have an agreement for her to inform me beforehand if she’s coming so El couldn’t refute.

“Ahhh! Since you are here El, what do you think about officially becoming my little sister?” (Firana)

“....?” (El)

“Firana-oneesama!?” (Misa)

Out of nowhere, Firana-oneesama threw out such a remark.

“Will Nee still be El's Nee?” (Cielle)

“Of course. I planned to adopt your sister in the first place, but she said she couldn’t leave you behind. She left the decision in your hands.” (Firana)

“Then El don’t mind.” (Cielle)

“Eh, El!?” (Misa)

El’s response surprised me even more.

“Great! Now there is no reason for you to refuse my invitation anymore right, Misa?” (Firana)

“N-No, it is way too sudden Firana-oneesama! Also El, you should think about it more!” (Misa)

“....? Nothing left on earth for El and Nee.” (Cielle)

I.....can’t refute her.

In the first place, we only managed to enter Amadeus academy after being thrown away by the world so there’s really nothing to return to as El mentioned.

But still.....

“I am in no particular hurry to adopt you to the Selesia family. You can accept my offer anytime you want.” (Firana)

There is one thing I've been curious about.

“.....Why is Firana-oneesama so insistent on wanting to adopt me?” (Misa)

“It is quite simple. I won’t pry deep into the matter but you act as if you have nothing in your life but El right here. Apart from your El’s safety, it felt like you did not care about anything else.” (Firana)

“That..... But you invited me before you even met El.” (Misa)

“I was mostly joking by then, though how you responded using your sister as an excuse for not accepting triggered my curiosity. Not to mention, Misa who had never been bothered by anything that happened to herself thus far reacted really extremely at the first sign of danger to your sister.” (Firana)

Her deductions were spot on.

“.....Is it out of pity?” (Misa)

“Not really. It will benefit the Selesia family greatly if you were to become ours. Misa’s plant magic, not to mention El’s teleportation magic, just those 2 already have immense value. Of course, I do not have any plan on exploiting the 2 of you, I will treat you both properly like my younger sisters. I am the youngest in my family after all, having someone younger than me has always been something I wanted.” (Firana)

If she were to go that far.....

No, I can’t decide something like this on impulse.

I have to think properly what would be best for El.

“Please give me more time to think about Firana-oneesama’s offer.” (Misa)

“Fufu, I do not mind. As I had mention, I am not in any hurry to adopt you.” (Firana)

She smiled gently at me.

“Still, is it really something you can decide so easily even if I do accept? You are the 2nd daughter and not the head of the family after all.” (Misa)

“Hmmm? My family’s influence had risen ever since I opened my clothing brand. Of course it was by no means low before it but I do contribute quite a lot for the Selesia family. My father would rarely decline my suggestion when I suggest something for the family, granted I give him proper reasoning behind what I wanted to do.” (Firana)

Firana-oneesama is quite amazing, isn’t she?

“Fira-nee’s father name?” (Cielle)

“Luthias Selesia. Did you meet my father while working with the princess, El?” (Firana)

“Un. Only passed by.” (Cielle)

“I see. He indeed goes to the castle from time to time for work so El meeting him would not be too much of a surprise.” (Firana)

“Speaking of which, how is your work at the castle so far El?” (Misa)

I purposely diverted the conversation, or else I would be thinking about Firana-oneesama’s words too much.

“Fun, but exhausting. El taught how to become a maid.” (Cielle)

“I had thought about it before but that king is quite bold is he not? To hire an unknown stranger so quickly, though I do suppose his blessing to see through lies contribute to that.” (Firana)

“Un. El also surprised.” (Cielle)

“Though the commander of the first knight order is partially to blame for inviting El in the first place. I have always thought he was someone who would think before he acts but I should re-evaluate that opinion.” (Firana)

Indeed, I have a thing or or two to say to that knight commander.

Being a personal guard means El will inevitably be met with danger right?

Haaahhh, I guess the princess is mainly at the castle so it is unlikely for her to get assaulted but still, what was he thinking, putting my El into potential danger like that!?

Still, it was El’s own decision to accept his offer so I have no say in this but if she were to be in any danger then I’ll force her to quit with all my strength.

“Your worry is understandable but you should respect her decision.” (Firana)

“Ehhhh?” (Misa)

“Your face. It is clear as day that you’re worrying excessively about El again.” (Firana)

“Nee, El is fine. Will quit if too troublesome.” (Cielle)

“If you say so.....” (Misa)

If El went so far as to say that, then I have no choice but to comply.

It won't change the fact that I'm still worried about El though.

“By the way El, I will be away from the dorm next weekend.” (Misa)

“Going where? El can come?” (Cielle)

“Rosa is going to teach me more about plant magic in her home. I do not think I can invite anyone to her home, sorry.” (Misa)

“Un. El won’t visit next weekend.” (Cielle)

“Ehhhh? It is fine for El to visit, I will be lonely after all.” (Firana)

Firana-oneesama complained as such.

“No, Fira-nee too clingy.” (Cielle)

“But El is quite clingy to your sister anyway.” (Firana)

“El is fine.” (Cielle)

“Muuuu, I guess I will show my face at my mansion in the Selesia territory next weekend. They have been pestering me to return after all.” (Firana)

Firana-oneesama declared so.

“Is it far?” (Misa)

I asked out of curiosity.

“If the journey goes smoothly, it would normally take about 2 hours on carriage.” (Firana)

So its not really far.

“Do you want to try and visit the Selesia territory?” (Firana)

“I would be lying if I say I am not curious.” (Misa)

“Then I will postpone my return by another week. Let us go there in 2 weeks.” (Firana)

“El too.” (Cielle)

“Of course El can come as well.” (Firana)

Just like that, my schedule for the weekend after has been decided.



Welp, that didn't take long. a bit of a shorter chapter as usual. Still, I'm back to my pace of when I started writing this novel? Well, I have mid-term exams for the next 2 weeks so I might potentially not post anything during that period though to be honest my unwillingness to study usually serve as a good motivator to write instead so who knows. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the chapter.