7 – Eyes
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"Calm down, buddy, I'll be back when class is over..." I said as I stroked Krypto's huge head, that I was now depressedly trying to wrap myself around.

*Bark...* He let out a low, muffled bark rubbing his head on me.

"But you know that I have a mission for you while I'm gone, right?" I asked him in a serious voice.

Hearing my tone, the huge Krypto stopped complaining and looked at me with a dignified look wanting to know what I would need him for.

"We're both very strong, but there may be other people who are stronger than us somewhere in this world that we don't know well yet. So, when I'm gone, someone might try to do something bad to our parents, and if I'm not here to protect them, who can do it for me?" I said with my chest up.

Listening to what I was saying, Krypto puffed his chest in pride and sat up pointing his snout upwards and barking. *BARK!*

The glass shook and even I had to control myself to not show the fright I took from such a loud bark. "My good agent Krypto, you are assigned to the task of protecting our parents from anyone with evil thoughts on them, understood? You are authorized to use neutralizing force, but if the invaders do not give up their malicious intentions, you are authorized to use lethal force". I said, imitating a military salute.

This made the serious look and the puffed up chest of the huge wolf-like pup even more intense.

He was very cute when he was like that, but I couldn't say it right now so as to not spoil the mood, so repeating the military greeting, I said goodbye to him and left the house towards the road.

I might as well run to school to save time, but my parents insisted that I take the school bus that passes by the door. According to them, that would be better for me to make new friends, which I gladly accepted.

The people in Krypton were very cold, since they were almost entirely made from genetic cloning. The feeling of warmth that one Kryptonian had for another deteriorated to the point that almost the entire population acted like machines in search of perfection.

The only house that was slightly free from this feeling was the house of "El" that always cared a lot about interpersonal relationships, even though they still kept an arrogant façade.

The people closest to him were his father and mother's own family. But besides them, other people they had a lot of contact with was Uncle Zor-El, and although he was very arrogant and a little jealous of his father, he still cared about the family, along with his daughter and Joh-El's cousin, Kara Zor-El, who was a year younger than him. Although she inherited some of her father's arrogance during her growth, she was still a good girl.

So today would be Joh-el's first day, or from now on, John Griffin. His first time meeting other people around his age with the same interests and maybe even making some friends.

A loud engine noise was heard by him from about 2 kilometers away, coming in the direction of the bus stop he was waiting for alone. Surely he was the only person who could hear the bus coming from such a long distance.

In a few minutes, a big yellow bus stopped in front of John and opened the door for him to enter. Excited and anxious, John said good morning to the driver and turned to the passenger seats. There he saw 16 teenagers and some children sitting in different positions, some talking, some reading books, some sleeping, some even looking at him with curiosity because they had never seen him before.

John sat on one of the empty seats in the back of the bus and adjusted his leather jacket to make himself more comfortable. Suddenly, a boy who was sitting on the bench next to him came out and sat down next to John.

Before John could say anything, the boy pulled out a deck and asked him. "Do you like cards?"

"I've never played with that, how does it work?" John asked curiously as he watched the fuzzy moves that the boy his age demonstrated with great mastery.

"Tell you what, pick a card and don't show me what it is." The boy didn't explain it and I opened up a range of cards for John to choose from.

John carefully observed and chose a card with a drawing of a woman and a heart symbol at the top of the card. "Okay, I choose this card here, now what do I do?"

"Have you memorized what card it is? Well, now put the card anywhere in the middle of the deck." The boy instructed with an excited look.

John did what he suggested and again watched the boy shuffle the cards at an even faster speed and in a much more extravagant manner than before. But what the boy didn't count on was that John was following his card with his eyes the whole time. Despite every move the boy made to try to hide the card, John didn't lose sight of it for a second.

A few seconds went by and when he thought it was okay, the boy opened the fan of cards again for John to see and said. "Pick a card, I'm sure it's the card you picked."

John looked at him doubtfully and noticed a difference in the boy's eyes. But ignoring that, he said. "But my card isn't there."

Hearing what he said, the boy sweated a bit and refuted. "Of course it is! Are you going to tell me that you just happened to see me get your card out of there somehow? I didn't try for a second to do that." He was desperately trying to act calm.

"Yes, I saw." John answered with a little smile on his face and redirected his look to the boy's shoulder.

Feeling his gaze on his shoulder, the boy sweated coldly with disappointment on his face at the obvious defeat he had suffered. "Man, I've trained so hard to learn how to put the card on my shoulder, and you found out so easily, you clearly understand card tricks too."

"Hahaha, actually I only have a deft vision. But I thought it was very fun the way you messed up. You've been playing with cards a long time?" John asked curiously.

The boy took the card off his shoulder and watched it while he answered. "Yes, I started playing with cards as a child after people started avoiding me because of my eyes. I noticed that you didn't look at me with enmity when you got on the bus and I felt it would be worth making friends with you, even more so after you chose my favorite card, the queen of hearts".

"I have no reason to discriminate against you simply because your eyes are different, I've seen stranger people than you can imagine." John responded while remembering the aliens he had met on Krypton with his parents.

Hearing what he said, the boy was excited and turned to him with a smile as he extended his hand. "My name is Remy, Remy LeBeau."

John faced the boy. His eyes were totally black,m where it should be white while the pupil was red, giving him a bit of a scary look for the standards of this planet. But for John, his eyes were just interesting, to show that he also had different eyes, John lifted his sunglasses and showed his blue eyes that practically shone like headlights and with a smile he shook Remy's hand. "My name is John, John Griffin. I hope we will become good friends, Remy."

[Author Note: Remy Etienne LeBeau, does that name with those eyes remind you of anyone? ^^]

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