13. Desperate Demons and Desperate Humans.
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Boom! Surprise Chapter 2!

Chapter 13: Desperate Demons and Desperate Humans.


A massive inferno of fire surge from beneath the ground and engulfed the humans that were coming from the east side of the wall. Klauna mercilessly threw spears of liberation towards them as the humans came charging towards the mobile siege tower that was approaching the fort walls. Just like the desperate demons who were trying so hard to claim the fort, the humans were equally as desperate to prevent them from doing so.

However, this group of humans soon found themselves outmatched against the Ak’hims. They tried to ignore the deaths from the raging inferno and kept running forward only to meet with death that came from above. Flying demons with reptilian wings strike at the humans from above. Their sharp claws dug into the skin of the humans and the large bombs they threw down shredded humans to pieces.

Beneath the humans, the ground erupted as spikes appeared and stabbed the humans. From the terrain, appeared demons with scary drill-like tails that skewered the humans before tossing their bodies aside. In front of them lies a wall of demons with scales alongside smaller demons with poisonous blades waiting for them to come near. Once near, all the humans could do was get butchered as the demons pinned them down with their strong physical strength before stabbing the humans to death.

Screams of humans being slaughtered could be heard as Captain Kazakiel and the Saboteurs led by an unknown black-masked Saboteur dispatched of the two thousand wide soldiers from the east. Cera backed away from the battlefield and was preparing to board the siege tower to assault the walls. The Seventh Army was almost upon the walls of Fort Kron.

On the top of the siege towers were the Analysts taking cover and throwing magic missiles towards the human archers on the wall. They were so close that the bubble no longer protected them as the outer circumference of the force field starts to overlap against the wall. The siege tower would reach the wall within a minute or so.

“Harbin, cover me. I’m going in,” Klauna said as she grabbed the last remaining spears she has left from the deck of the tower.

Harbin had a look of surprise and shock at the sudden request but quickly recomposed herself. She chanted a long spell and a dark red spear manifested in her hand. She then threw the spear towards the wall. The spear didn’t quite reach the intended target. Instead, the spear exploded in mid-air and a bright white flash of light enveloped the immediate area.

Everyone covered their eyes from the intensity of the light blast, demons and humans alike. The light was then accompanied by loud screams and a few explosions. The sound of something metallic could be heard swinging through the air. 

Once the light finally settled down, Harbin had an even more surprised look on her face. Klauna was already on the walls of Fort Kron, around her were mutilated and burnt bodies of human archers. In her hands held a spear each. One of which she immediately threw to the side, at a location where similarly shocked humans stared at the sudden appearance of the Ak’him.

The roaring sound of flames soon engulfed the humans.

The other humans started to take aim at the lone demon. Some even charged at her with their swords drawn out. Their movements were immediately halted when the siege tower rammed the wall, causing everyone on the wall to shake intensely and stumbled upon whatever they were doing. The ramp of the siege tower opened up and a number of Analysts poured out of the construct. Notable key members were Balestra, Poi, Yuuko, Yuuka and Yuuki. As they came out of the tower and onto the wall, they quickly erected a barrier and threw projectiles at the humans.

Seeing that arrows could not harm the demons due to the small force field, the humans opted to charge at them. Using their numbers to swarm the demons in a pincer attack before any more of them climbed the tower. The attempts on the left side were proven futile as Klauna pushed all of them back by throwing her spear at them. A large pillar of fire appeared and the humans were forced to stay back, lest they get burned to a crisp. 

The ones on the right managed to strike the Analyst but they were pushed back relentlessly. They may not have the physical traits of the other Ak’hims but they were trained soldiers and not weak by any chance. The triplets and the rogue duo were rather elusive and held themselves well in combat, killing many humans with their teamwork. Harbin and her small detachment also helped by assisting them with range attacks.

It wasn’t long before the Analysts were assisted by Warriors from Cera’s division. Cera herself charged right into the human column and disrupted their formation. The rest of the demons capitalised on her actions and soon tore down the humans who were wide open. 

More and more demons started to flood the walls and they soon began overtaking the area. There weren’t that many humans on the wall, not enough to prevent the demons from walking over them. Due to the nature of the walls, the area was tight enough that the humans were unable to utilize their strength in numbers to overcome the Ak’hims.

Once enough of the wall was secured, Klauna ordered her men to shift their focus and bombard the enemy from the wall. The Saboteurs were then ordered to seek out the enemy mage corp within the fort and terminate them. The black-masked's Saboteurs followed instructions and he and his battalion soon dived into the ground of the fort, searching for human mages to kill. 

Klauna then ordered Cera to push westward so that they may assist Lionel with long-range bombardment. Cera agreed without complaint. She and her battalion soon proved to be unstoppable as they attempted to clear the walls to the west. Stomping and smashing every human that was on the wall trying to stop them.

Victory was almost at hand. All the Ak’hims needed to do were to control the walls and the enemy will be forced to retreat. They just need to do it as soon as possible, so that they may help Lionel’s army who were currently engaging the four thousand wide human army.

This haste proved to be fatal as the humans figured out that the demons were desperate. Even more than before. They started to do stall tactics against the demons and slowed them down in every way they can think off. Some demons let their rush get into their heads and got themselves into a bad position. Some were even killed.

Cera clenched her fist in anger and swung her sword at the human in front of her. He was wielding a shield with both his hands and wasn’t even trying to fight back. Just buying time for the humans on the west side to their jobs. 

“Get out of my way!” Cera shouted as she swung her sword at the human again.

He was blown away by Cera’s sheer strength but soon got up again and held the shield in front of her. He was not the only human to be doing this. There were tons of other humans who were just doing the same, making a wall of shield that made it hard for the demons to advance.

As they were fighting, Cera saw at the corner of her eyes, the remnants of Lionel’s division. Thousands of dead human bodies around them, but surrounded by a few thousand more that were still alive. They were being hounded by the humans in an encirclement. Lionel was in the midst of it all, fighting alone against the enemy's general and his group of elites. His men were trying to reach him, but they were simply outnumbered by the humans and were held back.

Unable to contain herself, Cera yelled for everyone to assist the General before jumping off the walls onto the ground below, making a soft thud as she landed on the ground safely. She then started running towards the armies in the west, disobeying Klauna’s order to secure the wall. Her battalion soon followed after her and the other captains as well. A lot of demons could be seen trying to reach for General Lionel. Every demon except the Analysts and handful of demons from other crests panicked as they realised they had been abandoned on the walls. 

Klauna tried to stop them of course. But they went regardless.

The humans saw this chance and redoubled their effort to take the walls. They did a counter-attack and pushed harder onto the Analyst on the walls. 

Their assault would have succeeded if it weren’t for the Saboteurs appearing from the sides of the walls in an ambush. The black-masked Saboteur and his men came back just in the nick of time. 

Captain Kazakiel and his men soon arrived at the top of the walls in order to help the Analysts as they had just finished dispatching the rest of the humans on the east side. The Succours came to assist as well, grabbing the humans and dropping them from high up in the air, their bodies splattered below in a pool of blood.

Harbin let out a sigh of relief as she saw that everyone had come to assist them and by extension, Klauna as well. 

“Kazakiel, Blackmask, Medica,  Harbin,” Klauna called out to the leaders of the battalions.

They quickly gathered around and faced Klauna.

“I need you guys to secure and hold this wall at all cost. DO NOT leave this wall. If the enemy manages to reclaim this wall then we will lose the battle. Medica, I need you to get the Succours down there and assist Lionel. Harbin, I’m leaving the Analyst here under your command.”

“Eh? Me? What about you Captain Klauna?” Harbin asked about the sudden change in command.

“I’m going down there. Medica, I need a lift,” Klauna said to Medica who nodded and picked Klauna off the ground. Her hand tightly gripping Klauna’s as she started making her way towards the general. The other Succours were on the way to the western battlefield as well.

“Ah wait!” Harbin yelled out to Klauna in order to stop her.

However, Klauna and Medica were too far already. Harbin let out a sigh before looking to face the other Analysts, her hands shaking. She had done things considerably well up to this point. But in the end, she was only seventeen years old. She was not used to the intense feeling of the battlefield.

Harbin wanted to say something to them but she soon found herself breathing rapidly, unable to speak. Her mind wanders off, thinking what would Senior Yuupiecca do in this situation.

“Calm down. We got this under control,” Kazakiel spoke to the young Analyst.

“...Captain Kazakiel?”

“Just do things as normal. You aren’t the only one who is scared.” He said before ordering his men to move against the humans at the wall.


Harbin swallowed a gulp of saliva and readies herself for the upcoming battle. ‘Calm down Harbin! Lord Klauna is depending on you to hold this wall!’ Harbin thought to herself.

“Ev-everyone! We got to defend this wall with our li-lives!” Harbin stammered as she ordered the Analysts.

“Stagefright at a time like this, Harbin?” Poi let out a small chuckle.

“Sh-shut up! Make space for me, I need to construct the long-range bombardment circle!” She yelled and the other Analyst moved to make space for her. 

Should be the last chapter of the day. You all are going to have to wait till monday for the conclusion of this battle.