1. The Death
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The Death

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Chu Jiayi died full of regrets and grievances, but he had no hope of correcting things, looking at that handsome, masculine face. The man’s dark eyes were looking straight at him as his sword was thrust into his heart, which was the only organ that had been fine until then, even his dantian had been destroyed by this man.

“All this, because of a kiss?” Chu Jiayi’s voice was very soft, blood dripping from his beautiful lips. He caught that man’s guilty look and for a moment his heart seemed satisfied. Yet, behind this man was a very beautiful woman who had a look of cruelty and poison upon her face.

Blood continued to trickle from his mouth. He could no longer keep his focus on this man's face. Chu Jiayi could only smile in despair. That man withdrew his sword and blood flowed from the hole in his chest. His body felt as heavy as lead, his legs gave way and he knelt before that person.

Chu Jiayi was getting colder and colder. He no longer felt his body, from his toes all the way to his blood-covered lips. Then, when he thought his body would finally collapse, strong arms wrapped around him, supporting his weak body.

“You should at least  merciful, and let me finally die…” Chu Jiayi thought he was speaking normally, but his voice was so soft that he could hardly be heard even if powerful gods and demons were present at the site of his mortal battle. As this hateful man heard his words, the grip on his body became even stronger.

“Tao Kang, you shouldn’t be so naive because he’s dying! Don’t you know what kind of person he is? A shameless bastard who kidnaps women and still runs after innocent young men! He doesn’t deserve your compassion!” The woman’s voice was soft and seemed very kind. But this woman’s words were cruel and poisonous.

            Chu Jiayi wanted to refute her every word, what did he do wrong? He married all those women, all done in the order of the law! He never forced any of the women to be with him! He didn't have to since he was rich, handsome and talented. Not that women threw themselves at his door, but he never had to force any woman to do anything!

Run after men? Him? Chu Jiayi never did that! The only time he followed his heart and broke the moral rules of society was only with this man who held him now. The man who killed him without mercy.

Is he a scoundrel? So hateful!

He felt like laughing with mockery the words of Tao Kang's main wife. However, he could only spit blood.

He never did shameful things in public or spread rumors about his achievements! He never spoke of his wives to other people! After marrying his second wife, he never went to a brothel again! 


That was what he felt most in his last moments!

Chu Jiayi did not know if his body trembled with hatred or the spasms of his life slipping away in the sand of time? 

Ah! His eyesight was becoming cloudy. He could barely feel Tao Kang's arms around him, but that didn't matter… That kind of compassion didn't matter… He was so tired…

“I'm so sorry…” Chu Jiayi muttered without realizing it. These words were not for Tao Kang and his poisonous woman. They were for his family and his wives, who would be dragged with him to hell. 

"I'm sorry too ..." Tao Kang said hoarsely as if he was crying. Those were the last words Chu Jiayi heard before he died. He wanted to be full of energy again. To mock this weak man who was easily influenced by his women and believed in false rumors!

If Chu Jiayi could come back, he would never go after Tao Kang! He was going to become so strong that Tao Kang could only look at him from afar! He was going to protect his family from people like that poisonous woman! He would even be a good husband and only have one wife for his whole life!

Of course, those were Chu Jiayi's thoughts before his last breath. His soul could only regret that he could not be reborn to start all over again!

The clothes of the ancient people, just so you'd get a look at how the characters were dressed for battle.

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Hello, I am the author!
I am Take_the_Moon from Qidian.
Yes, this is me!
Hello, my first novel ABO, so be patient with me. Be it here or on Qidian, my first new sci-fi style!
So some friendly warnings.
1. There will be various ethnic characters, ie black people, Latinos, Arabs, Indians ... So if you want the typical romance
  Chinese vs. Chinese. It is not here.
2. The MC is Chinese and half-elf.
3. Humans will not all be Chinese.
4. Diversity is the norm.
5. There will be straight couples and maybe GLs.

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