Chapter 17
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While Dan, Emma, and Catlin are watching a movie, Dan is finishing eating all the food Emma got for him. As he is finished with the food, Dan climbs up on the bed.


"It is incredible how all that you could eat all of that, even I would feel stuffed after eating all of that food, and I am ten times your size," Emma says to Dan.


As Emma is speaking, Tamy and Sara both walk into the room. "The teachers say its lights out," Tamy says. Dan hid under the bed as he heard the door open.


"Alright, could you turn the light off, Tamy," Catlin asks? Tamy turns the light off as everyone covers up. Dan going into the shoebox to sleep.


Dan wakes up the next morning to a system notification.

Main Quest: Connoisseur of All, completed. Rank 3 completion achieved.

Rewards: Enhanced Chemoreception Lv 1, Enhanced Hearing Lv 1, Heat Sense Lv 1 upgraded to Infrared Vision Lv 1.

Enhanced Chemoreception: Allows the user to taste and smell things that are near undetectable. It allows the user to distinctly detect things in concentrations as low as one part per billion. With enough training, it can be used to do many other things.

Enhanced Hearing: Allows the user to hear things with amazing clarity and distance, can even pick up low-frequency sounds. User can pick up on a whispered conversation in a busy city from 10 meters away, filtering out unwanted noise. With enough training, it can be used to do many other things.

Infrared Vision: Allows the user to see in the infrared spectrum as well as the user could see normally. With enough training, it can be used to do many other things.

Implementing abilities gradually as not to overwhelm host.

Seeing the notification, Dan feels a pleasant warm sensation throughout his whole body. As the warm sensation finishes, Dan starts hearing loud breathing of the girls above him and the muffled conversations of people downstairs. His sense of smell heightened like never before. He takes a deep breath trying to process all the new sensory input. "This is gradual implementation? I would hate to know what would happen if I got the full power all at once," Dan thinks to himself, trying to block out all the unnecessary information. As he gets his senses in control, he gets another system notification.

Side Quest: Big Eater

Quest Objective: Kill and Eat a creature at least three times your size or weight within one week.

Reward: One Mutation Point and an Advancement

Punishment: No more missions for 7 days.

Note: Mutation Points can be used to level up advanced mutations or get multiple evolutions when evolving an ability. Hoping for the host's continued hard work.

Would you like to accept this quest? Yes/No

Look at his new mission, Dan thinks to himself, "Mutation Points are new, but I suppose I could not continuously use bio-energy to level up my abilities, that would be too easy. The quest even offers an Advancement. I've also never seen the option to decline a quest before. Maybe it offered that option because of how dangerous the quest is? It does not matter even if it is dangerous, I need to get stronger as quickly as possible. But, if I really am going to take on this quest, I am going to need to get Lesser Venom if I want even a chance to complete it. With my Scale Resistance, I should be able to take hits for animals three times my size, but I would not be able to do enough damage to kill it before it could run away. The only reason I could kill the snake was that I lured it into a trap, and even then, if the snake was not hyper-aggressive and ran away, it would have most likely survived."


While Dan is thinking to himself, he hears the girls wake up and start getting ready for the day. "Do you two want to use the restroom to get ready, or can we go first," Tamy asks?


"You two can go first," Catlin replies.


"Okay, we won't be long."


After Tamy and Sara go into the bathroom, Emma starts talking to Dan. "Dan, I will save you something from breakfast. Follow me to get it after we go outside. Oh, and I know it would be incredibly boring to stay here all day, but if you go out exploring or wandering around, make sure you a super carful. I don't want you to get hurt," Emma strictly tells Dan. "Also, be sure to be back before lunch, or it will be hard for you to get in the room without getting noticed," Emma says, Dan nods his head in acknowledgment.


Dan tests his new abilities as he waits for the girls to get ready for the day. He tries honing his hearing into the bathroom to see if he could hear what they are up to.


"Since I finished brushing my teeth first, I am going to use the shower first," Dan hears Tamy say in a teasing tone.


"Alright, but be quick, Catlin and Emma still need one after us," Sara says.


"I will," Tamy says as Dan hears Sara open the door.


Dan stops honing his hearing into the bathroom, and instead try focusing on room underneath him to see if he could hear anything. "Man, it sucks we have to sleep in the same bed, but at least these beds are big and comfortable," Dan hears one of the boys in the room below him say, muffled.


"Yeah, but it worth it for all the games they have here. Back home, I could only play video games for one hour a day. Here, I get to play all I want after class is finished," Dan hears another boy say. Dan continues to test his new hearing ability until Emma and Catlin leave for breakfast.


Dan goes outside to wait for Emma to give him the food that he was promised. 


After Dan finished the food Emma gave him, he knew he needed to start preparing for his new quest. He needed to get Lesser Venom to a high level.