Chapter 1
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    Before Dan died, there were reports of strange happenings going on in the world, forests sprouting up seemingly overnight, ships vanishing at sea when there was no storm, a house cat growing three times the size it's supposed to. He never thought much of it until a bobcat the size of a cougar killed him.


Right now, Dan is in a completely white room, trying to find out what's happening. He then hears a disembodied voice speaks to him.


"Congratulations Dan, the Monster Evolution System has chosen you as its new host. Your world has entered into its next stage of rapid evolution. Next year, the mana upheaval will fully begin, causing every creature to evolve. The gods of your world can't directly interfere during the mana upheaval because of the limitations placed onto them by &%$#@. Oh, I guess I can't tell you that. They combined their power to create the Monster Evolution System. Why has it chosen you specifically? No clue. Your primary objective is to get stronger so you can protect the earth. Now, you will be reincarnated as a random animal. Good luck and work hard."


Randomly Selecting Animal… Grey Lizard selected. Commencing reincarnation.


Dan opens his eyes to see that he is now in a forest. Looking at the forest, it seems gigantic compared to Dan. But Dan knows, that's not true, he was just small. As Dan was acclimating to his new surroundings, he sees the same blue box and hears the same robotic voice once again.


Reincarnation successful. Issuing the host's first quest.


Main Quest: Become stronger

Quest Objective: Gain enough bio-energy to complete your first evolution in a week.

Reward: Identify lvl 1

Punishment: Go to sleep for a month

Notes: Host can gain bio-energy by eating. Hoping that the host continued hard work.


Dan reads through the quest. He finds it amazing that he can evolve by just eating. But as Dan process the punishment, he is afraid. "Going to sleep for a month, in the forest, as an animal is the same thing as death.  The only reason bears can hibernate is that they eat a ton before they go into it and are big enough that no one would mess with them," Dan thinks to himself.


Dan swiftly scans around for things he can eat as he only has a week to evolve, and he has no idea how much bio-energy he needs to do so.


He sees a black ant walking down a tree in front of him. Dan quickly raced to catch the ant before it got away. Catching the ant, Dan quickly killed it with only a tiny bit of a struggle, as although he was small now, he was still four to five times bigger than the ant. Dan feels disgusted as he looked at the ant because he knew that he has to eat it if he wants to survive. He psyched himself up, and then he takes a bite. 


Dan, tasting the ant, is pleasantly surprised that it doesn't taste revolting as he expected. Taking in the taste, Dan found it tasted sort of like an earthy lemony flavor.


He finished eating the ant, then hears a notification from the system.


Consumed Adult Black Ant. +0.1 Bio-energy


"One ant is worth 0.1 bio-energy, that does not seem like a lot, but then again I have no reference. Hey, System, can you answer questions," Dan asks in his mind?


After waiting a few seconds with no answer, Dan goes looking for more things to eat. He tries climbing up a tree to get a better look around, thinking it would be simple to climb now that he is a lizard. Attempting to climb up the tree, he falls after a few steps. Trying seven more times, he finally successfully climbs up the tree.


Dan was surprised by how difficult it was to climb, even though he is now a lizard. He looks around, on top of the tree for more food, pleased by his accomplishment.


Searching around for several minutes in the treetop for food, Dan finds a large green caterpillar. The caterpillar is about half the size of Dan, causing him to put his guard up a bit, but after taking a closer look and not seeing anything that would pose a threat to him, he relaxed. Dan quickly kills the caterpillar with his claws then eats it.


Consumed Mature Green Caterpillar. +1 Bio-energy

"Wow, that big caterpillar is worth way more than that ant I ate. It also filled me up. I need to find a place to rest while I digest," Dan thought to himself.


Dan searched around for 10 minutes before he found a hole in a tree. The hole in the tree is big enough that four of him could comfortably fit inside. Dan lays down inside to take a nap.


After about 20 minutes, Dan wakes up and finds himself cold. Pondering why for a few seconds, he realizes that he is now cold-blooded.


He climbs down the tree to find a spot with lots a sun. While looking for a spot, Dan managed to eat a few things and gain one bio-energy.


After searching around for 15 minutes, Dan finds a large rock with the sun directly on it and a decaying log beside it.


After laying on the rock for a little while to warm up, I go over to the rotting log to see if there are any insects I can eat on it.


Around the rotting log, Dan sees at least a hundred pillbugs or woodlice. Dan quickly moves to try to eat them all, but Dan only manages to eat 20 of them before they all hid from him. Each pillbug gave 0.05 bio-energy per, so eating 20 gave Dan one bio-energy. Abruptly after eating all 20 pillbugs, Dan gets a notification from the system.


You have gained enough bio-energy. The Mutation Menu is unlocked.


Dan is taken aback at the sudden notification from the system.