Ch_2 A Transmigrant’s Tale
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David thought about the memories he got of Sunny. In that memory, he also got information about the Buda clan, which is the clan of the protagonist.

According to the memory, the Buda clan was banished to the Black Waste 25 to 26 days ago. Meaning that the Protagonist still hasn't woken up. He will wake up in 4 to 5 days, After waking up he will get a very special system. Which is a virtual farm game-like system and can be said to be very OP.

It can create advanced-rank things and creatures like they are nothing, and it also modifies anything. It doesn't matter if they are living or non-living.

But not everything is just flowering here because the protagonist is also poisoned by the poison called " water of nothingness". A kind of poison that can make any Divine mage or a divine warrior into nothing but a powerless average man.

Zhao Hai had to take that kind of poison because if he didn't, then he would have been executed by the new emperor of the Aksu empire.

But because he took that poison, it made him unable to learn magic and battle ki. The saddest thing about this poison though, is that it affects your genetics making your children affected by it too. This process will go on for ten generations which is a really scary thing in a place like Ark Continent and especially for a Nobel family because their strength matter most here.

If you have wealth but not enough strength to protect it then you will get destroyed by someone.

According to the people of the Ark continent, there are no antidotes for this poison, maybe they are right. The protagonist will get the antidote recipe and its ingredients as a reward from the system when the farm reaches Level 30.

But even before fully recovering he can still able to use magic with the help of the system. After all, he is a protagonist of a super OP system.

What is even more unbelievable is, he can use the magic of the Rank 7th mages from the start. His system can also copy abilities and elements of objects and people and then give them to the MC for free. What is even more ridiculous is that when he gets cured of the poison he will directly reach 8th rank in his warrior profession. (Seriously, Give me a break bro.)

David knows how hard it is to level up in the profession of the mage and warrior from the memories of Sunny because he is also a warrior. He started his training at a very young age and he became Rank 3 at the age of 16, two years ago.

You also need Magic inheritance for the mage profession and a battle ki manual for warriors. Luckily Roy's family have their battle ki manual which has been going on in the family for three generations.

His mother can be called monster-level talent in magic too, because she is a Tri-element mage, not a single-element. She can use fire, earth and light magic elements. But she can only choose to practice one, because if people found out that she is a Tri-element mage then her life would become hard in Ark continent if she didn't Join any other Great Nobel family.

It is not only her who has a talent for magic. Both Angel and Sunny also have talent in magic. Sunny can use wind and water magic While Angel is just like her mom. A tri-element user but she has more rare elements than her mother. She is a water, earth and Space magic user.

A Space magic user is also very popular in the Ark continent just like the Tri-element user because of their ability to create spatial objects. But Space Element people are very rare in the Ark continent just like a mage with tri-elements. But Angel can be said to have even rare talent because she is a Tri-element mage and also a space element.

But even though both of them have a talent for magic they can't learn it, because they don't possess any other element inheritance except for Light magic. which was only available to Crystal because of her Grandmother. Who helped a light mage from the Radiant church in the past. The mage didn't have anything to give her in return so he gave her his light mage inheritance.

When Crystal was born her family was really happy but also cautious to not let anyone know about her situation of being a Tri-element mage. They also didn't have enough resources for her to make a high-level mage because it is very expensive in the Ark continent to become a mage.

You have to eat magic vegetables which are sold for the price of gold coins per KG. making it unavailable to the common population. Only the rich can afford it.

Fortunately, her parents weren't common people or else she would have no other way but to be submitted to the great noble family and become their henchman to get resources. Her parents and grandparents were very well-known mercenaries.

But they all died on a mission and never came back. Even after marriage, she hadn't told about her situation to anyone but Crystal and Sunny. Even though they are young, they still love her dearly unlike her husband who is having affairs with the slaves they own.

After the birth of Sunny, she didn't let him touch her because of his behaviour. She admits that he was a good father but she will never admit that he was also a good husband. She also didn't let Angel and Sunny tell him about their true magic talent, because she didn't know what he would do to her children.

Yes, she thinks of both of them as only her children. She can be called a selfish woman but she is also a very good mother and a loyal wife. She has her pride and dignity, making her not bow to the people in power. She will never let herself or her children be victims of someone's greed.


David doesn't think much about the protagonist because even though the protagonist is ruthless and cruel he is only towards his enemies, He is also someone with the principles to never attack a friend, and never leave an enemy alive.

But even though the protagonist has principles doesn't mean that he will like someone like David. Someone who knows about the future of this world and someone who knows most of the things about him. And the thing which he will not like the most is David knowing about his real Identity.

So, It is best for David to never meet him if possible. Because even though he came to this world and merges with the memories of the person who can be said will not hesitate to kill someone. He is still a person who doesn't like conflicts. And in this world, he has his own family. He would rather die of old age with them than worry about the things that the protagonist will do in this world.

It doesn't matter who the protagonist wants to kill as long as they are not his people. And if he finds out that the protagonist is after him and his people then he would rather run away than face him because he doesn't have any power right now. And he didn't know if he would also get the privilege of being transmigrated here. After thinking about these things he also thinks about this world.

This world can be said to look very beautiful and diverse. But that is just how it looks, in reality, this world is full of chaos where the weak become prey for the strong. Human life wasn't valued much. A human can be bought here as a slave and they are even less expensive than a common horse if they are normal people.

In this world everything is controlled by the Nobel families, some good Nobles look after their citizens but they are very low in number. And because of their control over people they can create any kind of scheme to either destroy them or own them. If someone declines the request of the noble then his whole family will be destroyed.

They even destroy small villages and towns according to their mood. They are very arrogant people who don't know the wrath of god. They look down upon everyone. If their fief is going through some economic crisis then they will not even hesitate to sell their citizens as slaves.

This world is rotten to a degree where destroying everything seems to be the only way to make a balanced world for someone like David, Who lives in a peaceful era.

Even his own family got entangled in someone's scheme. Sunny and his family were just normal merchant families who conducted their business in Casa City of Purcell duchy. the nearest place to the black waste fief of the Buda clan.

But in the end, they lost everything because of someone's scheme and this scheme was not directed at them directly but they still suffer from it. And he is 100% sure that they are not the only ones who suffer from this scheme. He can say that maybe they are the lucky ones who survived this disaster, but the original Sunny still died because of the shock he got when he realized that he lost his father.

He thought about all this stuff and a shiver ran down his spine. He is not scared would be an understatement but he knows that he can't do anything by filling his head with only negative thoughts. After all, in the end, this is where he is going to live in the future.

He looked at his side and saw that his mom and sister were sleeping soundly while hugging each other. Seeing this he smiled and thought ' Well, I guess this world also gives me something that I didn't get in my old world'.

Back on earth, he was an orphan who grew up in a modest orphanage located in a small Indian town. The orphanage though limited in resources had offered him a valuable gift, the opportunity to learn English.

Because of this, he can see the world more widely than other people. He can get knowledge about the world from YouTube and other apps.

Fortunately for him when he was in his tenth class Jio sim card was released. Giving free internet at 4G speed for 6 months and after that selling internet very cheaply that anyone can afford it. so he was able to enjoy the power of the internet. It was also at that time that his journey to becoming an otaku started.

At that time David was working as a waiter and dishwasher in a small eatery which gave him a monthly salary of 8000 Rs. 8000 Rs is not much in the outside world but in India, you can live comfortably if you spend your money sparingly in a small town.

He has to leave the orphanage at the age of 16 because the orphanage also has limited space. He does not have any bad memories of the orphanage. He even started reading novels when he was at an orphanage and became somewhat addicted to them at first, but as time passed he got bored after 3 years.

When he becomes 18 he thought that maybe he should start writing his novel. because he can't find any other novels that can give him the feeling of thrill like before. So he started analyzing his favourite novel " Bringing the Farm to Live in another world." But he never thought that he would also transmigrate to another world when he fell asleep. And also into the novel which was his favourite.