Ch_5 Divergent Ability users
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As suddenly the environment around them changed. Both Crystal and Angel became alert and were going to take a stance for fighting but suddenly they heard. " Don't worry, we are not getting attacked by anyone."

Both of them look towards the one who spoke and they see that it was Sunny. Crystal asked, " What do you mean we are not getting attacked?"

Then Sunny said with a smile. " You don't have to worry because this is my Divergent ability. I awoke it some time ago."

Hearing this both Crystal and Angel were shocked, Angel pointed her finger towards him but her hand could be seen shaking. She asked in a trembling voice. " Yo-you becom-me a Divergent-t Ability user?" Sunny nodded with a smile.

Seeing this both Crystal and Angel look around them and see that they are in a big farmland-like structure. Crystal asked, " Is your Divergent ability a pocket dimension?"

Sunny was first shocked hearing this and then remembered that in the novel it was said that, Space mages are rare among mage profession users, But in a divergent ability user, a space-divergent ability user can be called uncommon.

But most of the space divergent ability users either have teleportation ability or pocket dimension ability that mostly helps in transportation. Attack type space Divergent ability users are very very rare.

And even divergent ability users have problems too, Any divergent ability user can only have a single ability. And they have to put a lot of effort and resources into growing that ability to a high level. But even then, the most powerful Divergent ability user can only able to evolve their ability to advance stage.

So Sunny can understand why his mother knows about a pocket dimension. It is not that he is shocked because she knows it. It just surprised him that both he and Angel don't know about this thing but she knows. So in confusion, he asked " How do you know about that mom? I mean the pocket dimension. I know that both I and my sister don't know about this thing."

Crystal looked at him and said, " Well, You guys are both so busy learning the business and martial arts that you never study with me so you don't know about many things." Then she took a breath and said again. " Well, I also didn't know about divergent ability users. It was my parents who told me when we were still living together. They were talking about how expensive it is to rent a porter with a pocket dimension ability. So, I asked them about what it means and they told me a full story about it."

Then Crystal looked at both of her children and saw them listening to what she was saying, so she continued " You see in this continent Divergent ability users are not respected because of nobles. Nobles manipulate the people into thinking that Divergent ability users are dangerous beings and that if someone finds them then they should tell the officers about it. They are doing this so they can also add Divergent ability users under their henchmen list. But it seems to not work well because divergent Ability can only be got by those who experience very bad trauma. Losing someone very important to you or losing something deeply connected to you, can awaken the divergent ability inside you. Divergent ability is also called " Dormant ability" and is said to be found in every living being."

Then she took a deep breath, but you could feel the rage in Crystal's voice "The nobles can't control them because most of the divergent ability users don't have anything or anyone to lose. The most important thing in their life was already gone so how the nobles can control them if they can't take anyone important to them hostage and tell the other party that they are just doing this for protection?"

She took a deep breath again and said "That is why divergent ability users become thorns in their side, so they make rumors about Divergent ability users being the avatar of demons to suppress them, and in the end, they succeeded. Now most of the divergent ability users can't do work in normal people's work fields. So, they have no choice but to become mercenaries. So, in the end, even though the nobles were not able to order them directly they can still do it by making them do their things for money."

Both Angel and Sunny become shocked upon hearing this. Angel becomes shocked because she doesn't know that even divergent ability users were not saved from the tyranny of the nobles and Sunny is surprised because he doesn't know about this information. This information was not mentioned in the novel.

Zhao Hai called himself a Divergent Ability user, But he did not get any kind of shame from the public or nobles. But then David thought for some time and found that even though he seemed to be not discriminated against by the nobles. The number of nobles Zhao Hai meets can be counted on one hand. And not many people know about him being a divergent ability user, especially the commoners. It was never announced him being a divergent ability user to the public, and he also didn't ask about the situation of the general public in the novel.

The most in the novel was said about commoners were the views given from the surface of the surface level. Zhao Hai didn't even have a proper commoner friend with whom he could discuss anything. Even though it is shown that there were Shue and Shun who were commoners and they are Zhao Hai's close subordinates, It never got into any personal development like friendship or anything. And even though Shue was a divergent ability user he was not a talkative person nor did Zhao Hai ask about anything personal from him.

He suddenly woke up from his thinking when he heard Angel asking a question to Crystal.

Angel suddenly asked, " If that is the case then why we haven't heard about these rumors?" Sunny hearing this also nodded, Even though he could understand what his mom was saying he was still confused because he never heard about any kind of rumors like that.

Crystal looks at both of her children and shows their funny expressions. She laughed and said, " We live in a small world that's why." "You see, even though many mercenaries come to Purcell duchy to earn money because of carrion swamp on the black waste direction. But the strongest mercenary who come for this adventure is 5th to 6th-rank mercenaries. No advanced-level mercenaries come to this place, Because the land of the carrion swamp is full of poison. Most Divergent Ability users group them with advanced-level mercenaries. For more protection and more profit."

Then Crystal took a breath and said " That is why you have never heard rumors about them because there is no one to suppress here. If you go towards other places where the population of the advanced level mercenary is more you can find tons of rumors about divergent ability users."

Hearing this both Angel and Sunny understood the situation, so they nodded their heads to show their mom that they understood.

Crystal continued. " That is why we can't inform anyone that you have a divergent ability of pocket dimension because it will only give us trouble if found out by someone just like our talents."

Hearing this Angel became sad and Sunny just nodded because he already was thinking about not informing anyone except his mom and sister. But even though he said to them, this is a divergent ability, in reality it is not. But it is the easiest way for them to understand what it is because no one is making a system genre novel here, right? Then Sunny suddenly thought ' Does this world also have novels like my old world?'ย Sunny thought about finding out about this in the future.

Angel becomes sad because no matter how talented they are or what ability they have. they can't show that to anyone, in the outside world they can't even trust anyone. The world even though is not in the chaos of wars, but is still in chaos. People do work in their fields for whole days just to get some copper coins as payment. Then they buy some loaf of bread for their family. They don't know what a delicious meal is, They maybe will never be able to taste it in their entire life.

Angel, Sunny and Crystal all have experienced this situation. After all, they are just small merchant families and business is not all the time good. They are also the ones who have gone through the phase of poverty. They have to learn how to use the money first before spending it. The clothes they are wearing may look amazing but they are not. It is their looks that make their clothes amazing. Both Crystal and Angel are beautiful women, If any noble shows them then it can become problematic so they spend most of their lives in the confined of their house. They even live in a place which is far from both residential and market place.

Any land can't be bought in this world but only rented. They have created their own home far from crowded places so no one can find out about their appearance. And this is not only the case for the women of this world, even Men wear masks here to hide their appearance. Sunny had to do that too, Sunny's father was against it but Crystal would not let her boy become someone's boy toy so she fought with him. Sunny is a good-looking guy and can be said that he has the beauty of his mother. His body is also in perfect shape because of his training and battle ki inside his body.

People of this world are more good-looking than Earth's people because of the magic and battle ki present in their bodies.

Crystal, Angel and Sunny can be called lucky because they have Looks, talent and experience. Even though they don't have money.

Sunny shook his head to stop thinking about these thoughts and said to his mother. " Mom, this ability is not as simple as you think. Yes, this seems like a pocket dimension ability but it is more than that."

Crystal and Angel looked at him and Angel asked " Then what it is?"

He said "It is...โ€ฆ