Ch_6 Into the unknown
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He said " It is a space that can grow crops, vegetables and fruits on its own and not only that it can also rear animals. The best thing about this ability is that anything matures here at a very fast rate. It doesn't matter if that thing is any plant or animal. They will mature fast and animals will give birth to their babies and this cycle will be continued."

Both Crystal and Angel gave dumbfounded expressions when hearing this. Angel went near Sunny put her backhand on his forehead and said, " He doesn't have a fever mom, I think he is still in shock with what happened today, that is why he is blabbering so many nonsense things."

Crystal also came near Sunny and put her hand on his left cheek and rubbed it a little. She said with a concerned expression while looking at him " Don't worry son, your mom is here, okay? You shouldn't force yourself to think anything and just rest for now."

Sunny was startled and shocked because of Angel's sudden action but he woke up hearing his mother's voice and removed Angel's hand from his forehead. Then he said to his mom with a smile " I know Mom what I am saying to you now might seem illogical and nonsense, So let's talk about this tomorrow after I grow my first vegetables."

Then he also removed his mother's hand from his cheek and went toward the hut. He said " Come with me, Mom, sister. I will show you guys our new home."

Hearing that both Crystal and Angel followed him and went inside the hut. After going into the hut Sunny asked his mother and sister to sit on the chairs and he went toward the bed. He was going to buy a bag of radish seeds to plant today so he could prove to them that what he was saying was true.

After coming in the hut both Crystal and Angel were checking out the place. They saw that there was a bed, a table, four chairs and a cupboard. There are also tablewares and some odd looking kitchen utensils and other stuff. They also show an unknown object which is producing light at the head of the bed.

For Crystal and Angel, many things here are unknown and new. They saw that the bed was only big enough for two people. They still haven't checked the bathroom which is outside the hut on the right side of the barn.

Sunny comes to the monitor and clicks on the shop icon and the window of the monitor suddenly changes. Now there was not only a single icon on the screen but rows and rows of icons but only the single uppermost line has colourful icons of vegetables others only showing the grey-coloured vegetable silhouettes.

The ones that can be seen with colourful vegetable icons on the screen are available vegetables or crops at level 1. The ones that can not be seen and only their silhouette can be seen are locked vegetables or crops. To unlock them Sunny has to level up the space farm.

Angel and Crystal were also looking at what Sunny was doing and they were surprised when the screen of the lit object changed into another screen. Angel got up from her chair went near the monitor and asked Sunny. " What is this brother?"

Sunny replied while clicking on the radish icon. " This is a shop sister. You can buy seeds or animals for space from here. Just by clicking like this, you can buy things and they will be delivered into the barn."

Sunny got up from the bed after buying the seeds and said " Follow me, I will show you guys magic."

Both Crystal and Angel followed him and saw that he was going near another hut which was very small compared to the hut they had just gone to.

Sunny came near the barn door and touched it with his hand and suddenly a screen with lots of grid lines came before his eyes. This time he is the only one who can see this. So, Crystal and Angel didn't know what he was doing. They just saw him staring at the front door of the barn. But they were shocked when suddenly a small bag appeared in Sunny's hand.

Crystal suddenly became alert and said in a little loud voice " Son, what is that thing in your hand? How it appeared suddenly out of nowhere?!"

Sunny said urgently to calm her down " Don't worry Mom, this is just a bag of seeds I got from this barn. The barn is like a storage item, that the great nobles possess."

Crystal asked in confusion " Storage item?"

Sunny nodded his head and said " Yeah, storage item Mom, so don't worry. Everything is okay."

When Crystal heard this she didn't know what to say. Because even though she knew about the pocket dimension, She never experienced it, the thing she said to Sunny was only her guess. She thought that the pocket dimension was something like a warehouse where you could go from the portal or something to put your things in it. Then you go again into the pocket dimension to take out the things. But now she saw that you don't have to do anything and you can just directly take out the things like they are nothing.

She is very confused right now, She doesn't know what is right and what is wrong anymore. She saw that there was a spring near her and suddenly got thirsty. So, she went to the spring, scoured some water from it with her hand, and drank it. She felt the water was very good and refreshing. But when the water reached her stomach she felt a slight heat.

She first didn't understand what was going on but she still checked inside her body and saw that the water was increasing the magic elements in her body and not only that but also purifying them. She was shocked to see this then she looked at the spring water again. She is feeling refreshed but her mind is getting tired and she is feeling sleepy.

She said to both Angel and Sunny " I am going to sleep." and she went to the hut. Angel also said looking at her " I am going too, I am also tired from all the things that happened today." Sunny was going to ask them to wait so they could see the way he plant the radish seed in the field.

But before he reacted they were already gone into the hut. Sunny sighed and shook his head " Let's go to sleep after planting these seeds."

He knows that he doesn't have to do anything but just think about planting them and everything will be done by the space so he does that and the shovel, bucket and things automatically start to work.

After doing that he came to the spring to drink some water and then he lay on the floor of the space because the hut was already occupied by his mother and sister. And with the cool atmosphere of the space he drifted into his slumber.