Ch_8 The sub-system function
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As Crystal and Sunny were discussing the Space they suddenly heard the water splashing and saw that it was Angel who was washing her face.

Angel came to them with a smile and said " Sunny, the water inside your pocket dimension is amazing. It made me fully refreshed and awake in just one wash."

Then she came near them and sat on the floor with them, She said with a happy expression " Mom, This place is so amazing. The air, the water, and the smell of the soil, plus sleeping here is so satisfying and safe."

Then she suddenly thought of something and looked at her mother " Mom, Why don't we start farming here and live here forever? I don't wanna go outside in that chaotic world. What do you think Mom?"

Sunny and Crystal were just looking at her and hearing her blabbering, Angel can become serious sometimes but in front of her brother and mother she is like a spoiled child. Yeah, they have gone through so much but it doesn't mean they have become cold-hearted because the world is chaotic. Human's best ability is adaptability in any situation and any environment.

Eating a loaf of bread may not taste much but seeing the smiling faces of their loved ones can make a person's day. Even though humans are very complex beings, they are also the most simple beings.

Seeing her giving suggestions about farming both Crystal and Sunny laughed. Crystal patted on Angel's head and said " Yeah, we should do that for my baby."

Then Sunny said " Actually we were thinking about the same thing. Farming here and enjoying life."

Angel said in surprise " Really?"

Sunny and Crystal both nodded, Crystal said " Yeah, but we can't live here forever because we have to get the ingredients for increasing the power of this space. Plus, Don't you also want to become a businesswoman, You know right you can only marry Sunny that way."

Angel became red upon hearing this, and started to change the subject saying " Why do we have to increase the power of this space, Can't we live here just together like we are right now."

Angel then got up from the ground and opened Sunny's arm, then she sat on his lap and closed his arms to her waist.

Sunny let her do what she is doing and this time he didn't get shy or anything. By this time, it can be said that the merging process is still going on in Sunny's body. He is not even aware of this thing himself, for him many things are becoming natural.

Sunny said, " Unfortunately we can't do that sister, Only by making this place stronger we can live a peaceful life. Don't worry this place is not as simple as you think. If you don't believe me then ask Mom."

Angel looked at Crystal and Crystal nodded and began to explain to Angel what she learned from Sunny. From time to time Sunny also adds some points in the conversation so both Angel and Crystal can understand the space properly.

When Angel heard this she looked at Sunny and said " Give your divergent ability to me. I will give you mine." Sunny becomes surprised hearing this and looks at his mother. Crystal shook her head and said with a smile " She is just messing with you."

Angel heard what Crystal said and pouted at her, Both Sunny and Crystal laughed seeing this. And Angel also laughed in the end.

Even though Sunny was enjoying his time with his family the words Angel spoke still didn't leave his mind. He thought ' Can I share the system with them?' And his thought suddenly got an answer from the system. The system replied { Does the host like to create a Sub-system? Only ten sub-systems can be created.}

' Huh? What? What happened? Does the system just say, it's possible?' Sunny, getting this answer from the system shocked him, He was sure that Zhao Hai hadn't created anything like this in the novel. He didn't know what was going on, but because his laughter suddenly stopped and seeing the shocked expression on his face, Both Crystal and Angel understood that something had happened.

Angel who was still in his lap asked" Sunny, What happened?"

Sunny woke up from his daze state and then looked at Angel and Crystal, He saw that they were looking at him with worried expressions. He smiled and said, " Don't worry, nothing has gone wrong, I was just surprised because of a sudden system notification."

They then again started their conversation, from training to the world. Angel asked Sunny about space and what would happen if it levelled up and he revealed the teleportation ability, monitoring ability, the ranch, and many things more.

Crystal asked him, How to make space level up fast and he replied that a corpse of any divergent ability user would be best for leveling the space up fast, then there are natural treasure plants, very rare animals, etc.

He also talked about the undead situation in the space and how can they control them. He also told them about space's ability to modify them.


Even though Sunny is talking outside with Crystal and Angel, in his mind he is also having a conversation with the system about his new questions. He asked, " Can I share my system with other people?"

Space replied: { You can't share your system with anyone but you can give a sub-system that is no different from the main system.}

"So, you are telling me that I can give a sub-system to someone, who has all the features of this system and will give the same privileges to hosts too, correct?"

{ Host, is correct. But also incorrect. The host can only choose a candidate but the space will see the candidate's compatibility with the host. If the person is not compatible with the host then the space will not give the sub-system to the person.}

" What are your compatibility criteria?"

{ The host doesn't have to worry about those things.}

Hearing this Sunny was going to get angry, but seeing the situation he was in, he stopped himself. He doesn't want his sister and mother to get worried again. So, he started having conversations with them to get distracted.

As he calmed down and started thinking with his mind again, he also understood why the would system not tell him about compatibility things. He is just human in the end, He can maybe do many things with magic but he can't win against a computer that has developed its consciousness, The System is different from a computer's on earth, it is like a huge scanner, whatever comes into the space has no secret remains about him/her/it. Even though it sounds simple it's not.

Your every secret will be revealed to the system, from your past things to the future things you want to do, In the original novel the system is shown as not too intelligent but this system seems weird from the original one so he doesn't know. His system may be more intelligent than the original one or he is just imagining things. As he was thinking this, the system replied.

{ Host, shouldn't take things from a book so seriously, Host is right about me being intelligent and your meagre mind can't comprehend my greatness, so please don't compare me with that system that you have read in a book. The world is different from the world you had read about, If you want to find out something new about this world then the host is advised to forget about the things of the world you have read about. Not everything will be the same, In the book there is only one protagonist but now there are two beings with a system, so we don't know what will happen.}

{ If the host wants to use my intelligence to the fullest then the host is advised to get a spirit being that can integrate into the system, and from the host's memories it is shown that the spirit being is present in the beastman region, in the hands of the herculean bull's seventh prince, Wales.}

Hearing this Sunny can only smile wryly because he was right, there was no secret of him left from this system. But he also feels good because this system has higher intelligence than the one shown in the novel. ' Is it because it is a copy of the original? The plane added some new features because it's got the power to do so?' Sunny thought about this because this seemed feasible but whatever.

At least he found out that there is a way to give a system to his mom and sister.

As he was still talking with them, he remembered that they still hadn't eaten their breakfast, and he was also starting to get hungry. So, he took out three radishes from the barn with thought. It is a very convenient tool. They have to eat radishes today because there is nothing else here. And outside they have nothing too. He gave one radish each to both of them and said " Let's eat our breakfast, I am getting hungry."

They both nodded and took the radish. Then again started their conversation while eating the radish.