Ch_9 Unexpected rewards
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While they were eating, Sunny asked the space to check Angel and Crystal's compatibility.

The space replied with { Checking the candidates chosen by the host, Checking the compatibility of the two candidates, checking in process...….., Checking completed, Result: They are Qualified for being the host of the sub-system.}

The system then asked,{ Does the host like to make them the hosts of sub-systems?}

When Sunny heard that his mom and sister could get a system, he became really happy. But he controlled himself this time and calmed down. Sunny said to the system with thought, " Do it after we finish our breakfast."

The system replied, { Okay, host.}

After Crystal and Angel finished eating their breakfast and drank some water. Suddenly a voice sounded in their minds. and it was the same voice they had heard in the space before.

{Spatial Farm Program initiating, connecting to the main system network, network connection successful, Operating normally, discovering host, inspecting host conditions, health is normal, binding to host, your present level is one, system reward five hundred gold, six bags of hayseeds, each bag can plant one field, you have currently cleared one piece of land, area ten fields, level zero, you can purchase required seeds in the shop, harvest can be changed for gold in the shop, due to network malfunction, you can freely enter the farm, you can only connect to the main system server, unable to connect to another server, please excuse the trouble.}

Both of them stared in front of them with blank looks, But they suddenly heard Sunny's voice which woke them up.

Sunny was also shocked at this moment because He didn't think that he would also get a reward.

Just like Angel and Crystal, Sunny also got notifications of him successfully adding Crystal and Angel to his system server. But he doesn't know that he will also get rewards from it and the rewards he got are also very good.

{ Detected that the host has created sub-systems, Detecting the number of the sub-systems connected with the main system server: 2, Congratulation to the host for creating his main system server in this world, The host is rewarded with 5 levels,5 bags of magic peach seeds. one magic peach seed bag can have two seeds in it and each seed needs one mu of land to grow. The host is also rewarded with 5000 golds, Spatial soil and Spatial water are upgraded to level 5, and maturity time for crops has decreased an extra 10-fold with both spatial water and spatial soil.}

{ Since the highest level Sub-system is level 1, Your Main system which is level 2 will directly become level 5, added 5 level reward your spatial farm is now level 10.}

{Since your spatial farm has risen to level ten. You have now reached the requirements for overall improved functions in the space. The pasture is open. Seeds can now be extracted from root crops. The gold coins inside the space can now be used outside. Increasing the size of the house. Three teleport points can now be set. Increasing the range of the monitoring system to five hundred meters in diameter. Can now set the teleport points as the Centre. A new feature has been added to the space. The host is given a cane that can portably control the space. The cane is bound to the host. Can not be damaged. Can not be dropped. Please select a style for the cane. Congratulations, host}

{ Since the space has become level 10, the Requirement for opening pastures has been met, You can now grow 1000 animals in the ranch, Current ranch level is 1}

{ The rewards you get for levelling up from level two to level ten are, Two bags of potato seedlings, Two bags of onion seeds, Two bags of magic peach seeds plus two bags of chilly seeds, Two bags of broccoli seeds, Two bags of eggplant seeds, Two bags of orange seeds, Two bags of mustard seeds, Two bags of mango seeds, Each bag can be planted in one acre of farmland except magic peaches.}

{ You can now unlock an extra eight acres of land for cultivation with gold, the first two acres will cost 200 gold, the second two acres will cost 500 gold, the third two acres will cost 700 gold, the fourth two acres will cost 1000 gold, Total amount of gold needed for unlocking the eight-acre land is 2400 golds.}

Seeing all this notification Sunny was really surprised and from his mouth, a voice came saying. "Ooh!" which was kind of loud making both Crystal and Angel wake up from their daze state.

They both ask him what happened and he could only reply with an embarrassed smile. He scratched the back of his head and said, "Uhm, nothing, I just got some rewards from the space, What about you guys? Do you get the notification of getting the farm system or something?"

Both Angel and Crystal asked in surprise " You did that." in unison.

Seeing their expression Sunny only nodded with a smile and felt proud for making both of them this surprised.

Then Crystal asked " By the way, I got what the voice is saying to me but, what is this Spatial farm thing? How do I use this thing?"

Then Sunny remembered that he still had to do some explanation. So he started explaining to them how to go in and out of the space and how to use the space. It was not that difficult for them to understand the whole thing.

The spatial farm main system that Sunny possessed and the spatial farm sub-system possessed by Crystal and Angel are the same thing. everything is the same, the functions, the way to level up, the reward of leveling up etc.

They also can connect with each other's systems. This means that if Crystal wants to come to his space farm then she can directly come into it if he gives her permission, She can enter whenever she wants. She does not need Sunny's help to get into his space and this is the same case of Angel and Sunny too.

They now have three spatial farms, Two are level one and one becomes level ten.

There is one privilege that Sunny got from this, which is the main system will always be 5 levels higher than the highest-level sub-system.

Meaning that if a main system is level 5 and a sub-system is level 1. Suddenly somehow the sub-system level up to level 5 then the main system will automatically become level 10. But here is also another thing, if the main system is level 10 and the sub-system is level 1. Then if the sub-system level is up to level 5, the main system will remain at level 10. Because the distance between the main and sub-system can be only 5 levels. Only when the sub-system becomes level 6, the main system will become level 11.

This privilege is only used separately for space farms, space ranches, and space mine-like things. The soil, water, bucket etc., like things are not included.


After explaining, setting their connection to the system and knowing how to use their systems, everybody comes back to Sunny's space. He saw that the tomato plants had already grown very big, so he checked the timer and saw that they would mature in 4 hours.

Since both soil and water of space have upgraded by 5 levels because of the reward the maturity time for crops has reduced in Sunny's space farm.

Sunny checked the reward again and saw that he could now cultivate 8 acres of extra farmland, he had 5350 gold in his possession while the land needed 2400 gold. So, he bought the land and planted two bags of mango seeds and two bags of orange seeds on those eight-acre lands.

He then went to the shop and bought two bags of mango seeds, since they are level 10 seeds they were expensive, it took him 1500 gold to buy two bags.

He gave one bag to Crystal and the other one to Angel so they could plant them in their farmland and get tons of exp and level up fast. He can also sell that mango here to get more gold coins.

They had already planned this when they were checking out their farms, So, Crystal and Angel directly took the bags from his hand and vanished into their space and after 10 seconds both of them came back.

Since Sunny has already reached level 10, he can buy a house now in the space upgrading his hut. Sunny spent one gold to buy a two-story house fully furnished with everything a modern two-story standard house can get.

Sunny, Crystal and Angel took a tour of the house. there are five bedrooms in the house two downstairs and three upstairs, Every bedroom possesses a king-size bed with a very comfortable mattress. Every bedroom has its bathroom with a toilet but there is also a big bathroom with a big bathtub downstairs, big enough for 10 people to lay comfortably in it.

There is also a big kitchen with every modern appliance, the water used in the house is spatial water, there is a very big living room downstairs with a big couch and a very big TV. since the shop can be directly used with the help of cane the monitor is not needed but Sunny and others can still use the TV monitor for shopping and monitoring outside world.

Suddenly they felt tired for some reason. So, they took a bath in their bedroom's bathroom and went to sleep. Crystal and Sunny fall asleep directly in their towel while Angel falls asleep fully naked. It's more correct to say that they seem to fall unconscious for some reason.