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After a long sleep, Sunny and his family woke up. After waking up Sunny found him feeling refreshed and awake. Every tiredness of his body was gone. His mind was also totally clear, It doesn't have extra thoughts like I have to do that or I have to do this after waking up this time.

He got up and suddenly felt air on his crotch making him a little uncomfortable. He looked down only to find himself naked, He looked at the bed and saw that the towel was there. He took the towel and went to the bathroom to do his morning routine.

After doing his morning routine, he went out of his room and went downstair. He saw Crystal and Angel are also present in the living room. They are looking at the TV, watching the outside world.

The Space's monitoring function is very amazing. The Space's monitoring function can see everything that is happening at a certain distance from the outside world on the monitor or TV. The way Space's monitor works is different from the CCTV cameras of Earth.

If you want to understand properly how the monitoring function of the space works then here is a little explanation, Sunny teleported into the space, But before teleporting he was standing on the mat in the cave. So now take that mat as a point, After considering the mat as a point draw a straight line towards all four directions about 500 meters from the mat.

After drawing the lines in four directions, now make a square of the direction with the line that you have taken from the point. The length and width of the square will be 1000mx1000m. The square's middle point will be the mat because of which it is connected now with every drawn line.

After doing this, come back to the mat and draw a straight line upwards from the mat 500m, then draw the same thing downwards from the mat about 500m too. After drawing these upward and downward lines join them with the square made by direction lines, Do it in the form of the cube so the 2D square will become 3D. Make a cube of the square with the height, length and width of it being 1000mx1000mx1000m. The middle point of the cube is the mat again, The mat becomes the middle point because from here Sunny teleported into space.

This is how the monitoring function works, Now it will show you everything in every direction for 500m from the middle point.

For the space farm, the host and his cane are the point. For example, if a bird flies in the sky with the host's cane, which is a reward from the system when you reach level ten of the space farm. Then the bird will become a middle point of the monitoring function and you can see the live feed of its travel. There is also a record function available, so you can record things and see it afterwards.

The monitoring function unlocks at level five of the space farm, so, both Crystal and Angel can't use that function now but they will be able to do it once they reach level five. At level five the monitoring distance will be only 100m in all directions.

And since Sunny, Crystal and Angel's space are connected, they can connect their monitoring function too. Since they are three people they will be able to see three different things at the same time. the middle point will be the host or the cane.

Sunny saw that both Crystal and Angel were looking at the inside of the cave. He was also interested in this function of the space so he also sat on the couch beside his mom.

His mom said while still looking at the monitor, " This thing is amazing, it can even show us what is going on outside. If only we can look at the things properly." Sunny heard what his mom said and became confused.

He looked at the table in front of him and saw that there was a tablet placed there and on its monitor, the same thing was going on which was showing on the screen. He looked at his mom and asked, " Didn't you use this thing?"

His mom looked at the tablet in Sunny's hand and said, " What is this? I didn't get any knowledge about this thing." That's when Sunny realised that he was the only one who unlocked the monitoring system and that this world where he grew up, is not some technologically advanced world.

Everything is still at a backward stage here if we are talking about the technology of this world. He shook his head and told his mother about the function of the tablet which is connected to the screen. The tablet is like a touchscreen remote control for the monitor. From the tablet, you can zoom in and zoom out the things and move it to focus on different locations too.

You can also break down the whole live feed into multiple CCTV-like footage, making it easy for you to see what's going on.

Just as he finished explaining every function of the tablet to Crystal. Suddenly Angel took the tablet away from his hand and started zooming in at the lake. Looking at Angel's behaviour both Sunny and Crystal could only shake their head.

Crystal said " It will be my turn after 5 minutes." to Angel. Who looks at her mother with puppy eyes after hearing that. Angel said, " Please five minutes more Mom."

Crystal looks at her daughter acting like a cute little puppy making her heart throb so she clears her throat with a little coughing. and said, " Okay, you can take your brother's turn." Angel became happy like a kid who got her favourite toy and hugged Crystal. Crystal also smiled and hugged her daughter back.

Beside them was Sunny, who was looking at them. He didn't know what to say, Sunny was like, ' At least ask for my permission first before giving my playtime to her.' But He doesn't care much, Because he knows that his mom will not hear about his opinions when Angel uses her not-so-secret jutsu, " Puppy eye jutsu" on Crystal and makes her fall into illusion.

He also doesn't care that his time for playing around with the monitor function is gone. He can just ask them what he wanted to see and they will do his work.

For Sunny, it may be a different thing if he got an iPad Pro when he was still living in India. But here it is different because this tablet doesn't have any function other than the camera, being remote for the monitoring function and the space shop.

Angel checking out the cave again, to be more particular, She is looking at the lake which is present in the cave. In the lake, you can see many kinds of fishes are living. Some look like carp, some look like snake heads and there are even some big catfishes present in the lake. But the most eye-catching thing is not the fish, Yeah they are beautiful and delicious looking. But some things look alien to the place.

That is a patch of glowing mushrooms, which is growing not inside but at the edge of the lake, what makes that place visible on the monitor is that no fish are swimming in that particular area nor they are trying to go near it. It's like some kind of invisible wall is present there which is preventing fishes from going there.

And Sunny saw an even more amazing thing and that was not anything but a mushroom too, but this one was different. He saw that there is a mushroom which is in the middle of the patch and what make it different is that the mushroom look very different from the mushroom around it.

While the mushrooms here are mostly glowing with a blue hue, that thing is not glowing and it looks totally like a normal mushroom. It is maybe brown in colour, maybe because he can't see what its actual colour is because of the blue light on its body, getting from the glowing mushrooms surrounding it.

It does not stand out much and if you don't look at it carefully you might even miss it, thinking it's just another glowing mushroom. But because Angel zooms in on this patch of mushrooms, he can see that there is a different mushroom present in the middle of the patch.

He told Angel, " Sis, Move the camera to every patch of the mushrooms in the cave and let's see how many of these kinds of mushrooms are present here."

Angel just said, " Okay."

His mom looked toward the mushroom he was talking about and asked " What is special about this mushroom?"

Sunny said," Don't you think it's weird that there is a common mushroom like this present here." Then Crystal understood what he meant and nodded. She also now felt that it was weird that there was a common-looking mushroom here, And that was also in the patch of glowing mushrooms which were screaming poison by their looks.

In the cave, you can find many mushrooms which are either glowing with blue light or rainbow-like light. No matter which mushroom you look at, you will think that they are poisonous but this mushroom is different.

It's different for two reasons one, it looks edible and two, there is only one mushroom present in the whole 1000m area.

The cave is not that wide nor it is very long. Sunny and his family can see the outside world from the cave. They even find the path to go outside.

It's a natural tunnel in the east direction from where they are staying, That tunnel is the road to the outside world. but here is a problem, the tunnel is filled with bats which are stuck on the ceilings and walls with their legs and can be seen sleeping.

'Hmmm, maybe I will catch one bat and bring it into the space to make it submit to me. They will release it with a cane and it can fly outside. We won't even have to walk out of the cave because the bat will take us out.' Sunny thought about this after looking at the bat, the problem was solved.

After thinking about this Sunny again started to look at the TV and enjoyed his time with his family.