Ch_11 Weird fish and Power system
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After looking at the mushroom, which seems to be something special, they move to the other areas of the cave to find something new.

They find a different kind of eel-like fish, in the lake which has a slender snake-like body and head like a wolf eel but you can see its tail which is the same as the goldfish's four-fin tail. This fish or eel is not that big only about one foot in length and some centimeters wide. But the thing about this fish that attracted them is its way of hunting other small fishes for food.

This eel-like fish is not as fast as other fishes like carp, snakeheads or catfishes in the lake. And because it looked like a carnivore fish with big teeth and strong jaws, Sunny and his family concluded that this fish was a predator. And since it's a predator it has to hunt its prey. So, they were thinking of how this fish catch other fish with its slow movement speed.

After waiting for some time, looking at the eel-like fish on the screen, they finally saw its way of hunting and they were dumbfounded by what they saw. They saw that when a smaller fish whose length seemed to be 10 cm came near the eel-like fish, The small fish suddenly started to tremble in front of the eel-like fish, the eel-like fish took advantage of this moment and caught the fish in its strong jaws. Everyone who was watching this scene in the living room was shocked.

Sunny, Crystal and Angel were shocked seeing this scene, it felt like the small fish sacrificed itself to satiate the hunger of the eel-like fish, They watched some more of the eel-like fish hunting other fishes to understand what was going on, After one hour of looking at different eel-like fish hunting's. Sunny finally understands what is going on, This eel-like fish is similar to an eel-like creature from the earth.

It is like an electric eel fish from the Amazon River. The hunting method is also the same, it is just that the voltage of electricity is very low for this eel-like fish compared to Earth's electric eel fish. How did Sunny conclude that? Well, it's very simple if you look at the fishes which are electrified by this eel-like fish, They are only paralyzed but not dead.

The electric eel fish from the Earth can even kill a crocodile with its electricity. So this eel that they are looking at can be only said to have a nerfed version of electric eel fish's power from Earth.

After finding out this Sunny told about his finding to both Angel and Crystal. Listening to Sunny's hypothesis both were shocked because they didn't know that there was a fish with electricity as its power. In the Ark continent, people believe that there are only seven magic elements present in the world. Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Light, Dark and Space, are the only elements that people know about and is common knowledge to all the being of this world.

They also know that beasts can start to utilize their innate magic element from Rank 4 just like humans. But unlike human a magic beast is a different existence, for example, When a human is born, he/she is ranked 1 and as the human grow up without training anything he will remain ranked 1 even when he is far stronger than when he was an infant.

This logic doesn't work with Animals, for example, a blue-eared rabbit, When it was born it was ranked 1 but when it became an adult it became ranked 2.

But even though it becomes a rank 2 creature it's not someone who can fight a big creature like a human being. It's still less powerful than a rank 1 human but the same can't be said when it comes to running because even rank 3 humans can't catch a rank 2 rabbit without using traps.

The power system of the Ark continent is not that hard to understand, it's very easy. For explanation, let's take the human power ranking system.

A rank 1 human is a human who was just born, if a rank 1 human grew up without training his body then he will remain rank 1. There are also some exceptions to this because some people grew strong even without training but they can only grow like this up to rank 3.

A rank 2 human is someone who has at least trained his body in different kinds of physical exercises for 5 years, He/she is someone who has a very athletic body and has good stamina with high endurance. His/her strength is also good and the minimum weight he/she can lift is 150 Kg with both hands.

A rank 3 human is someone who has at least trained his body in different kinds of physical exercises for 2 years after becoming rank 3. Yeah, you heard it right, Just because they completed rank 2 doesn't mean they will directly enter the rank 3 stage. First, they have to go through some extra training. From Rank 3 the ranks will be divided into 3 stages, Entry level Rank 3, professional level Rank 3 and expert level Rank 3.

So, the first 2 years of rank 3 training is Entry level and when they reach the peak of their physical fitness, they will reach the expert level of rank 3. Here they have to get fully used to their body and start feeling energy in their surroundings. they have to feel the energy around their surrounding with the help of their inner self and try to absorb it inside their body.

When they are finally able to absorb some of those energy particles in the air, which are magic elements and battle ki in their body, then they will become rank 4.

At the entry level, they can't absorb many energy particles in their body, and even when they absorb it It will be very difficult.

At a pro-level, it becomes a little easier for them to absorb energy compared to the entry-level and at the expert level they won't find any difficulty absorbing energy particles but they will still not be able to absorb much.

Of course, there are some exceptions like Angel and Crystal, who can absorb energy 10 times more compared to other people but will still take the same time as common people to fill up their energy tanks.

When they are finally able to absorb energy without any difficulty, they have to use that energy in their body to strengthen their body. If they are a warrior they will absorb battle ki.

As for mages they have to start practicing chants so they can use spells.

This happens when warriors and mages reach rank 5. At entry-level, They will still have some problems utilizing your battle ki to apply it in their body to make the muscles stronger so they can take big impacts.

As for mages concentration becomes important, As they practice and get used to this situation of forming spells with chants they finally reach the professional level of rank 5. At the professional level, a warrior will not have many problems with applying battle ki in his muscles to make it stronger. As for mages, they can use rank 5 spells without any problem with chants.

At the expert level, a rank 5 warrior will not have any kind of difficulty in utilizing the battle ki anymore in their body so they can do this process for a long time in one go without any difficulty and every second their muscles and body will grow stronger and stronger. They will also be able to use his battle ki entry-level technique.

As for mages, they can use rank 5 spells without chants but it will take more concentration and time to form the spell because of this reason using chants at this level is better.

After rank 5, it's not all about training anymore. they have to participate in battles or find some rare treasure plant or maybe some strengthening potion that will help them with their rank up.

As they rank up they can use stronger spells. The spells and battle techniques of low rank will be easier and more powerful when used by a high-rank mage or warrior.

Since Crystal is at the Rank 5 expert level, Sunny only knows up to this rank. He doesn't know about high-ranking conditions.

Sunny is now at a professional level of rank 3 and Angel at the expert level of Rank 4.

But there is also a way to increase their rank more speedily, and that is eating magic ingredients. Magic ingredients like crops, vegetables, fruits, magic beast meat etc. are full of magic element energy and battle ki. If they eat magic ingredients daily then even without training they can become a rank 4 existence of the Ark continent. With some practice and a bigger consumption of magic ingredients daily can make them rank 7.

But if they do this then rank 8 and rank 9 will become hard for them to reach. That's why training is very prioritized when they are low-level. Building a strong foundation is very important. Zhao Hai is an exception to this.

Luckily for Sunny and his family, they don't have that many problems because of two reasons, First, Crystal and Angel have already finished building their foundation and it's very strong because of their innate talent. Only Sunny is left with one level of reaching the peak of rank 3.

Second, these three are monsters when it comes to their innate talents, If they had gotten enough resources like magic ingredients from the beginning then they would have already reached rank 9 without any bottleneck. Their talent is not of a human being but of monsters, even though they look human, people will only call them monsters if they find out about them.

Of course, about this thing, no one knows, not even the all-knowing system because it still hadn't absorbed the knowledge of any normal warrior or mage.