Chapter 10
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“Alright. I think I’m ready,” said Leyton with a smile. “Want water, Skye?”

“Yes,” said his wife, Skye, with a smile and accepted the water bottle he offered her.

He had summoned the water bottle, to be exact a Mineral Water Bottle, from another world like he had done with the Tanks and the Helicopters. Both the angels, Veva and Lexi, were amazed by how clean and pure the water tasted and that it was mildly cold to the touch.

“Do you use ice magic to freeze the water to keep it cool, sir?” Veva asked out of curiosity.

“Yeah. We got these freezers back in our world that lets us store things for long periods of time.”

“Although, doctors don’t advise keep food in freezers for too long since it might go bad,” added his wife wryly, drinking her fill from the water bottle and closing its top tightly. “So then, are we going to go to war?”

“Hell yes!” Her husband replied excitedly. “Time to pay the enemy a visit and greet them personally.”

“More like ‘I want to destroy them for hurting my wife’ right?” Skye asked, and he smiled at her.

As he chuckled, Veva came forward and asked, “Sir, don’t you require armour or something to protect your bodies?”

“We might need some, are there armour shops anywhere nearby?”

“No, sir. They are a long distance away. I just thought you might summon armours from your world.”

“Armour from my world?” He asked and chuckled. Then he shook his head and replied, “No. I doubt we have armour that could protect us in this world filled with magic and magical creatures and all.”

“Yes, and I don’t think even bulletproof vests could be of much use here,” suggested Skye, and he nodded at her in agreement.

When Veva and Lexi became concerned, he reassured them by saying, “It’ll be fine! We’ll be in this car, which is already powerful enough to protect us from literally everything. So, it’s fine. Rather, what about you? Do you have armour of some kind?”

“We are already wearing them, sir,” replied Lexi, indicating her clothes.

The couple blinked twice at them in surprise and asked, “That’s… armour?”

Veva giggled and explained, “These are clothes woven with magic to act as armours to defend us against sustainable attacks.”

Skye looked at her in awe while Leyton nodded in understanding as he remarked, “That’s convenient. Anyway, miss angels—!”

“Please call us by our names, sir,” said Lexi with a smile.

“Um… Is that okay?” He asked hesitantly.

The reason for his hesitation was because he did not know the rules and the customs followed in that world. As such, unwilling to bring anything silly or stupid on himself and his wife, he chose to be as formal as he could with them without slipping up.

“Alright. Um. Veva and Lexi, could you please lead the way to the enemy’s base?” He requested them politely.

“Sure, sir,” the two of them replied happily. “Should we fly in front while you follow us?”

“That’s a good idea,” he agreed with a nod of his head.

And so, preparations were made, and the two angels flapped their wings and soared off into the sky. Leyton got into the driver’s side of the car, but his wife stood outside the door with a request to make.

“Leyley, please let me drive,” she requested with glittering eyes full of hope.

“Huh?” He asked back, becoming startled by her sudden request. “No way, Skye. It’s too risky.”

“Hmph! You always do this!” She said, suddenly becoming cross with him and turning away to sulk.

Realising he had upset his wife, Leyton quickly got out of the car and said, “It’s not that, Skye. This car is super-fast, and you’ve never had any training in driving this kind of car.”

“Excuses, excuses!” She said repeatedly in an annoyed voice. “You said the same thing about my driving ability when I just use one hand to steer the wheel.”

“I said so because it is dangerous!” He said fiercely. “Normally, you’d have your left hand ready to change gears on a manual car, but our car back at home is automatic. So, there’s no need for you to put your left hand on your lap just because there was no use for it.”

“Hmph!” She said firmly without looking at him.

Leyton looked at his wife and thought, “Damn that driving instructor for teaching her to use one hand driving! If he wasn’t dead already, I would’ve taught him a thing or two for not training her properly!”

He thought of a way to make his wife feel better when he suddenly got an idea and suggested, “Say, when this is over, why don’t we head into the nearest city and look for clothes and accessories for you to buy?”

“Really?” She asked, turning around and looking at him with amazement on her face. “It’s a promise then?”

“Have I ever broken my promise before?” He asked her with a smile.

“Oh. Plenty of times, enough to create long list,” she remarked, narrowing her eyes.

“T-That was in the past! It’s all in the past!” He said quickly, trying to convince her.

She looked at him with a beady stare for a few seconds before asking him, “You won’t break your promise this time?”

“I won’t! I swear, I won’t!” He insisted, and he placed a hand on her head to convince her.

For a moment, she was surprised by his action, but she smiled and appeared to be convinced.

“Okay then! I wonder what kind of dresses I would find in the city,” she said, speaking more to herself than to him, but he smiled at seeing her becoming full of energy once again.

He got back into the driver’s side while she walked around the car and got into the passenger’s side. After putting on their seat belts, Leyton activated the car using his voice command and it roared into life. A moment later, he switched on the AC in the car and then commanded the military vehicles to follow after him.

“Alright. Tanks and Helicopters, I command you to follow me!”

He shifting the car into gear and drove off to follow after the angels, whom he could see from the windshield. As he moved forward, the tanks came to life and began following after him while the helicopters soared into the air and followed after them.

They travelled for several minutes in near silence, except for the sound of the car and the military vehicles making their sound from behind them. A while later, they saw the angels descend slowly until they landed gently on the ground. Leyton looked to the front and could see a strange fortress of some kind situated in his path.

He brought the car to a stop next to them and brought the window down to ask Veva, “Is that it?”

She shook her head and replied, “No, sir. That is a checkpoint barring us access to the main base.”

“Checkpoint?” He asked, looking disappointed. “Let’s just destroy them and get going.”

“No, Leyley. Not so rashly,” said his wife from beside him. She looked at Veva and asked, “Miss Veva, can you please request them to not interfere, or leave the vicinity?”

“You’re being awfully nice to the enemy, Skye,” he remarked at his wife’s soft-spoken words. “Are you, by any chance, not willing to take their lives?”

“No. It’s not that,” she said and shook her head. “I just want to give them a fair chance to escape while they can. If they still refuse, then it’s on their own heads for not heeding our warning.”

He looked at her in amazement and laughed heartily at how thorough his wife was. Then they sat back and watched as Veva gave the checkpoint a warning by amplifying her voice so that they could hear her loud and clear. Then they waited for several seconds to see what happened afterwards.

“Sir, they are mobilising their forces to fight us,” Lexi reported to him while Veva kept an eye on them.

“I see,” he said and turned to look at his wife.

She shrugged and stated, “I gave them a chance, and they wasted it. Do what you must.”

He nodded and said, “Alright. Tanks, fire at the checkpoint over there!”

At his command, the tanks raised their turrets to a certain angel all on their own and fired off a round. The missiles soared through the air at high speed, splitting the wind in their path, and rained down on the checkpoint. In an instant, explosions of great might occurred as fifty missiles from fifty tanks decimated the checkpoint and turned it into a scorched wasteland.

“Wow. That’s quite the sight,” commented Leyton in amazement.

His wife did not say anything, and he turned to see an uncomfortable expression on her face. Thinking she was feeling sad about all the lives lost in that attack, he wrapped an arm around her in a consoling manner.

“In the end, she’s just a softie,” he thought about his wife with a smile.

“It’s okay. We didn’t do anything bad,” he reassured her while squeezing her shoulders a little.

She nodded and said, “Yes. I know. We can’t be nice all the time when the other person won’t listen.”

He nodded in agreement and turned to Lexi before saying, “Let’s get going.”

“Yes, sir,” the two angels replied.

They soared into the air again and flew ahead of the main party, where Leyton followed after them in his car and the rear was brought up by his army of tanks and helicopters as they headed towards their destination.


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Closing the Book


“I’m liking Skye more and more as the story progresses,” commented the boy with a smile. “I like her sense of wanting to be fair with her enemies despite the injures they gave her.”

“Yes,” agreed the older man with a similar smile. “Her humanity is pretty strong. Well, she was a village girl before she married Leyton and slowly became accustomed to a larger world.”

“Yeah, but it’s good to see someone with a strong moral belief like her,” said the boy with a small smile. “The angels wouldn’t count since we don’t know much about them, but as far as Leyton goes, he just seems cold and ruthless.”

“His wife got hurt in their earlier attack,” the older man said in a reasonable voice, “and though that didn’t do much harm to her, it still angered him very much. I think any loving husband would be greatly angered to the point of killing the opposing person for bringing harm to his wife or his family. Don’t you agree?”

“Mmm. Yes. I suppose so,” the boy said finally in a reluctant agreement.

“Anyway, the story has just started. Keep reading, and we’ll see how strong Leyton’s morale is as well. Maybe then, you’ll change your opinion that he’s not just a cold and ruthless person,” the man said with a knowing smile.

The boy looked suspiciously at him and asked, “Something happens, doesn’t it? Don’t tell me he has some kind of tragic back story that makes him be like this?”

The older man’s eyes widened in amazement before he burst into a hilarious laughter.

“What? What’s so funny?” The boy asked, looking troubled.

“No. I just found your question to be extremely funny,” the older man with a chuckle. Then he sighed and said, “That was satisfying. Anyway, you’ll never find out by simply asking me about it. Turn to the next chapter and keep going,” and he finished by winking at him.