Chapter 14: Down Bad Party (1)
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Ryder stood in front of the Dungeon with the others. She raised her hand as she messed with a virtual screen.

Lapis, who was hovering over her shoulder, spotted information that interested her.

“What is that ‘sex dungeon’ thing?”

“Hmm. Well, ‘The Sex Dungeon,’ is a brothel inside the dungeon, while sex dungeon is a kinky environment for S&M roleplay within the Dungeon.”

Lapis' eyes twinkled. 


“A place to have sex.”

“I know that!” Lapis looked offended as if her family was just insulted, “Explain!”

Ryder coughed. 

“It is run by NPCs. It is for the students that have… certain thoughts about various kinds of monsters.”

“Hmm… I require further explanation, Miss Hero!”

Ryder turned to face Lapis, who began to shift back and forth in excitement. 

“For example, Mr. Chops is known as The Gentlemen Orc…”

“And he fucks them in the ass!”

“Yes… no… yes…” Ryder became momentarily confused. As a result, she smacked Lapis, “Don’t interrupt.”

“Sorry…” Lapis pouted. However, It only lasted a moment before she was hopping about again; her full attention on Ryder. The blond twins were also ecstatically listening.

The Gentlemen Orc runs various scenarios surrounding orcs. You fill out a questionnaire in advance and then the roleplay adventure begins. It typically starts with some light skirmishes with some orcs, then your party is captured and brought to a room. Based on what you filled out, the party is then tied up together against the wall as various orcs come in and… let’s just say the fun begins.”

“How do you know all that?” Lapis smiled, knowingly. 

Ryder coughed. 

“It is important for a party leader to be aware of the various peculiarities of their party members. In my party, there are two crazy bitches that have monster fetishes. One is the Elf Saintess and the other is her serving knight, the Princess Knight. Perhaps because they are crazy, they offer really good sex… so sometimes sacrifices have to be made.” 

“Are you sure you don’t just like anal?” Lapis asked, innocently. 

Whack. Whack.

Lapis rubbed her head, while the two Siren Sisters looked at Ryder with a hint of disgust that disguised their hidden interest. 

“We… are entering a normal combat dungeon.” 

“So, no sex?” Lapis cheeks puffed up. 

“It depends on the parameters one sets. It can range from light foreplay and fanservice type events to a full blown orgy,” Ryder paused, “Well, there is a voting system where the party members specify their desires before entering a dungeon.” 


The Party Leader, Ryder, has finished setting the initial parameters! Please fill out this form and offer your consent! 

A screen appeared in front of everyone. It was so wide it filled their entire vision. There were countless features from sexual preferences to dungeon options like difficulty and mob variety.


[A party member has picked max for the sex dial!] 

This person was Lapis. She smugly rubbed her nose, confident in her good deed.


[A party member has picked max for the sex dial!]

[A party member has picked max for the sex dial!] 

[A party member has picked max for the sex dial!] 

[A party member has picked max for the sex dial!] 

Four other notifications appeared. 

“Tsk. You perverted women,” Ryder shook her head, looking down on the others. 

Amber pointed to herself then slowly counted everyone before looking at the hero. 

“Fufufu. I was the last one to vote; I was just going with the crowd — but you Miss Hero, failed, seemed to be a bigger pervert than I thought.”

There was a hidden glint in Ryder’s eyes, but she didn’t make a comment. 

“Oh my… look at how lewd everyone is, sister.” Harmony the elder twin licked her lips. 

“Indeed. What would our fans think if they learned these horny women took us… against our will!” Melody the younger sister also licked her lips.

Harmony pursed her lips. “Well, they just don’t have to find out.” 

In truth, neither sister cared about maintaining their perfect image as idols. Rather, they were selfish and only cared about themselves. If their innocent image was ruined, then they merely had to become sex icons. Yet, until then, the idea of doing things behind people’s backs was an irresistible fantasy. 

Lapis looked at the two sisters with beaming eyes. 

‘Ah, look at these two respectable women. All they care about is the pleasure that one can only find in sex…! Unlike Miss Thieving Stalker over there… who I have to keep my eyes on!’

As the party walked down the crypt-like staircase, they were all greeted with a notification. 


Your personal dungeon experience has been generated. Entering Floor One of the Dungeon! Warning your clothes will not be regenerated until after leaving the dungeon. Check your filters in advance. Furthermore, various monster byproducts like slime residue will linger after the death of a monster. One can expect to get sticky and wet. 

Ryder watched the four other women lift Mamori, still snuggled in blankets, into the air. It appeared very much like a sacrifice. The chanting they started to do didn’t help. Lapis indecently led them. She was completely proud of her actions and was sure Mamori would be happy at the surprise she had for him. 

“Sex party!” 

“Sex party!” 

“Sex party!” 

“Sex party!” 

‘Should I stop them? Well, I’m sure they will find out that is pointless.’ 

Ryder recalled similar scenes in the past. The Sloth Queen and the Inebriated Princess came to mind. The most important thing to the System was consent. For that matter, Ryder was even able to feel the desires of the other party members through the System.


Lapis wants to… and… to… and… damn… holy… anyways she wants to have a massive orgy after Mamori wakes up. She wants headpats for doing a good deed! 

Amber wants to go on a private date with Mamori. She desperately wants to suck his blood after becoming romantically involved with him. She shows some possessive tendencies and wants to lock Mamori up for herself. In the meantime, she finds her slit to be itching. Fingering herself and tasting the blood of maidens will have to suffice for now.

Harmony is feeling hormonal. No thoughts of penetration or explicit sexual acts are on her mind. Rather she wants to experience ecchi, dirty events. Wants to feel dirty and lewd. 

Melody is horny. She is feeling rebellious and wants to commit indecent acts out of the public eye. 

You, the failed hero, want to see the other women experience unrelieved sexual tension. You want to see the dungeon cock-block them from their fantasies. You also want a slime to penetrate your ass. 

Ryder pushed all the notifications out of the way and cocked her ear towards the dark passage ahead. 

She then abruptly dashed in front of the four women performing their profane ritual. While looking into the darkness, she pulled out a large pole from her inventory and swung it down. 

An arrow with a purple tip broke in half from her strike. She pointed her finger towards the creature hiding. When she curled that finger back towards herself, the thing shrieked. It flew towards them while flailing its limbs back and forth.

Ryder smiled widely as she swung her pole towards the unguarded monster’s face. There was an audible crack as the strike landed. Yet, the attack wasn’t over. The monster was forced into the wall and the pole followed, crushing its head against the wall. 


Congratulations on killing your first dungeon mob: Kobold Stealth Archer (Level 35)! 

“Lesson one: there is no effortless sex in the dungeon. You want your ecchi events then you gotta earn it.” 

Dozens of beady eyes appeared in front of the party. Although the Dungeon would grow more complex, at the moment, there was only a deadend behind the party and a single pathway in front of them.

Torchlight from the brick walls was their only visible aid unless they used magic. 

Amber quietly secured Mamori to her back. 

“SEX!” Lapis chanted and then lifted her hands. Without holding back, she formed a relentless barrage of icicles that bombarded the various monsters. 

After a couple mobs were pierced from the attack, two large kobolds with shields larger than their body appeared at the front. A divine light coated their body. Yet, the tanky vanguard wasn’t the first layer of defense that was formed. 

Multiple glistening barriers floated in the air. Several mana shields were created by a mage. They received the bulk of Lapis’ indiscriminate attack.


“Conserve your mana.” 

At the same time, there was a loud thud. That sound was Amber pulling out her greatbow. She took a deep breath and fired an arrow larger than an arm. The single attack’s recoil sent Amber a step backwards. 

The arrow crushed the mana shields easily, as they were designed to combat magical attacks. It then broke the massive shield one of the kobolds was holding. 

Before the arrow lost momentum, Ryder smiled and raised her hand. A purple glow pulsed out of her hand. The projectile accelerated again after leaving the kobold’s body. It practically exploded in the middle of the group.

While their formation was disturbed, Ryder bounced forward with a weightless body. It appeared as if she was just barely hovering above the ground.

She slid to a stop and gave three quick jabs at the recovering frontline. The non-lethal blows carried no weight, but each impact sent a gravitational spell rippling through the victim’s body. The frontliners were launched from the rest of the kobold party. 

Gaining access to priority targets, Ryder’s fast and weightless jabs transformed into heavy strikes. The pole would remain relatively light until the final blow where the weight would be amplified all at once. 

The flexible and flowing movements belied the heavy impacts that struck the creature’s like a hammer. 

A kobold mage’s chest was instantly caved in, while a kobold priest’s pelvis was destroyed. 

During this time, Ryder felt a hot and violent energy swell inside her. 


Melody has given you a double layered buff: [Demonic Buff (Agility + Endurance)]. Your health will gradually decrease and your condition will deteriorate until you dispel this energy from your body. 

Harmony has applied [Demonic Healing] to you! Your mental state is deteriorating. Continued usage will result in a berserk state. 

Whether from her natural inclination or because of the various effects, Ryder roared as she continued her assault on the enemy frontliners that had returned.

“Prepare your anus!” 

“Spread them cheeks!”


Meanwhile, Mamori opened his eyes after sleeping for over an entire day. First, he took in the sight of Ryder in the distance. He blinked a few times as he registered the meaning behind the woman’s words. 

However, while confusing, it wasn’t exactly disturbing. It was a somewhat awkward battlecry but harmless considering it wasn’t directed at himself. The thing that was alarming to Mamori was that he was bound tight. Unlike Lapis, who made him snug and comfortable, Amber didn’t hold back.

It made sense. The recoil from her bow dictated this outcome. Yet, when the person that had you bound tight slowly turns their head towards you with soulless eyes, it can feel ominous.

Mamori didn’t even pretend to go back to sleep. Instead, he severed his consciousness directly. He skipped the pretend part and went immediately back to dreamland. 

Lapis poked the bundle of blankets and then tilted her head. 

“That’s weird. I felt like he just woke up.” 

“Fufu. He’s shy,” Amber muttered quietly to herself. Her dark eyes regained their color. 

“Hmm,” Lapis thought about it for a moment then gave up thinking, “So, anyways sex?”

“Haha, nope,” Ryder smiled, “You have to work for it.”

“But why?” Harmony asked, confused. 

Lapis nodded, “Why indeed?! We can just ditch class and have our own fun!”

“Oh, the second seed is naughty, sister!” Melody whispered, not quietly in Harmony’s ear. 

“Thank you!” Feeling smug, Lapis rubbed the bottom of her nose.


“Why do you keep hitting me?”

Ryder rolled her eyes at Lapis, who was rubbing her head.

“Because I want to?” Ryder smiled mischievously then added, “Well, besides the fact you have a smackable head, I can’t have you being a bad influence on the other kiddos.” 


Amber, who was quiet until then, decided to tease Lapis. “Lazy little succubi will just be left behind. Which means, I’ll be the one who continues to get to carry Mamori!” 


Lapis felt like she could become lazy after losing her virginity, but apparently that wasn’t the case!

While the Dungeon provided a form of roleplay as well as foreplay, the Dungeon was also perfect as a form of practical training. It was meant to compliment the free-form approach the academy took in regards to classes. It was all about creating a unique power fantasy.

Without having a fixed schedule, one would participate in open lectures and then hone and train those skills in the Dungeon. Finally, one was tested through events, quests, competitions, and the like. The procedurally generated main scenario in particular stitched these things together

The most extensive experience was the Pink Faction, which truly brought home the theme: ‘an adventuring party attending an academy.’

“How does it feel to be NTR’d,” Ryder chuckled. 

Lapis blinked several times, seemingly unable to register the vulgar word that soiled her ears. It was like a sheltered princess facing sinful reality for the first time.

But then all at once, Lapis’ blank expression turned scary, and a sinister aura of complete bloodlust emanated from her body. 

Cold mana filled the corridor. A holy inquisition against heretics was about to commence.

In other words, Lapis lifted her small hands into the air. She was ready to throw down. Her iconic shadow boxing moves were about to be perfected onto Ryder’s head. 

Lapis could see it now. A quick one and two and the dullahan's head would be sent flying off her body.

“If you perform decently well in the dungeon, then you can get free sex toys,” Ryder skillfully pacified the angry Lapis.

“Sex toys!” 

“Vibrators,” Ryder made lecherous movements with her hands, “Horse sized dildos!”

Ryder chuckled internally, ‘Well, I have other carrots prepared if necessary.”

For now it was unneeded; the holy crusade had found a new target. The five horny women were once again unified.