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/ Series / Lux’s Academy World (R18+)
Lux’s Academy World (R18+)
Lux’s Academy World (R18+)
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Synopsis: Due to a clerical error, Mamori, the prodigal chosen of a holy sect, ends up signing up for the wrong school and ends up on a completely different world than originally intended.
Mamori looked at the woman with bunny ears.

"So, basically you are saying that I can A. Slave away tirelessly at a monastery or B. *These sacrilegious words have been omitted*"

The woman blinked a few times, unassuredly nodding.

Mamori closed his eyes for a moment, fully revealing the dark circles that surrounded his eyes. There were wrinkles that didn't fit the man's youthful face.

"Sign me up... I don't care at this point; I just want to sleep."

"A-alright... just stamp here."
Background: Lux, the Goddess of Degenerate Love, manages many H-Worlds. One of those worlds is known simply as "Lux's Academy World." The background for the entire world with its million inhabitants is "school life."

All kinds of "school-like" activities are incorporated into the fantasy world. There are student councils, disciplinary committees, clubs, and adventuring parties. There is a hierarchy and ranking system based on "academic" merit. There are school events from dungeon crawling, exams, field trips, tournaments, and the like.

Other details:
A ROFS Story by 2Degen
Takes place in Lux's System.
Standard Calendar (tentatively): 1200
Tentative cover

Alchemy Apathetic Protagonist Artifact Crafting Battle Academy Battle Competition Cohabitation Comedic Undertone Demi-Humans Demons Dungeons Exorcism Fantasy World First-time Intercourse Handsome Male Lead Kuudere Late Romance Level System Masturbation Onmyouji Persistent Love Interests R-18 Sex Friends Slow Romance Succubus Tsundere
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Table of Contents
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