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/ Series / This Ascent to Divinity is Lewder Than Expected
This Ascent to Divinity is Lewder Than Expected
This Ascent to Divinity is Lewder Than Expected
3.15M Views 59600 Favorites 221 Chapters 3 Chapters/Week 7503 Readers
4.8 (562 ratings)
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Levels. Skills. Dungeons.

As a nineteen year old living in modern society, these are terms Zoey is aware of. But had she ever expected to experience these videogame abstractions in the literal sense? To struggle through monster-infested realms, earning skills, casting spells, and acquiring rare and magical items?

Obviously not.

And more than the strange environment she finds herself in, Zoey contends with the bizarre reality of her class. Of being summoned by a sensual, perverted goddess who has gleefully bestowed a throbbing length between Zoey’s legs, then sent her off with a single unhelpful instruction: to save the world, and ascend to divinity while doing so.

It’s all a bit much.

But with so many cute girls to lay conquest to, and a new piece of equipment to help her along the way … well, things could be much, much worse.

Updates Tuesday and Saturday at 8:20 PM EST.
❤ = Bulk of the chapter is erotica.
❤❤ = Same, but with content warnings

AdultEcchiFantasyGirls LoveHaremIsekaiLitRPGRomanceSmut
Alternate World Beautiful Female Lead Female Protagonist Futanari Game Elements R-18 Transported into a Game World Weak to Strong
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Table of Contents
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    Status: 2.02 Reflections ❤


    Readable, written competently, but still just out and out smut.

    Gets tiring very quickly with how thinly veiled in the trappings of a real story it is, because there could be a decent story alongside the smut if it was balanced better... but I get the distinct impression that that's not the goal, and that's disappointing.

    That said, I'm of the opinion that good smut earns its climaxes with a good story, good characters, and this (granted I'm stopping to write this at an early juncture) feels like a series of climaxes briefly interrupted by story and the bare minimum of character, so perhaps I'm biased.

    Edit: since another reviewer decided to make things personal-

    1. The issue is not that there is too much p*rn in the p*rn story, my reading comprehension is entirely functional, the issue is that the plot is attempting to appear deeper than the shallow puddle it actually is, when it could be as impressive as it wishes it was if it wasn't taking a break every five seconds for some dubiously consensual s*x. You think I'm impressed that the refractory period between s*x scenes is so short? I've seen bad hentai with more breathers for actual development. Reading through a few more chapters does not change this opinion.

    2. I too have read plenty of stories, smut included, and while this has grammatical structure going for it, it lacks in almost any reason to be invested in it... other than beating your preferred organ silly. I can handily count a dozen more effective methods for that purpose.

    3. I am not a man, and I am annoyed by the assumption.

    Closing note: It can be dumb fun if it wants. It just shouldn't pretend to be anything else. And If it wants to be taken seriously, in any capacity, at any point, it's failing in the execution.

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    37 Likes · Like
    Status: c14

    This is one of the quality smut stories on this site.

    At the time I wrote this review, it seems like the story is still taking place in the tutorial zone but the plot so far is interesting, with some teasing for what this world has to offer, the same goes for the characters. The flow and the grammar are great (from my non-native viewpoint at least).

    But the selling point of this series is how absurd and hilarious it can weave the erotic elements into the story.

    TLDR. If you like an erotica fantasy story with lesbian, futa on females element and monster girl, I recommend you to read it.

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    31 Likes · Like
    Status: 2.13 self reflections, more literal

    I gotta say this is one of the most well written smut stories that I have had the pleasure of reading (and I have read a lot). The dialogue flows naturally to flesh out the characters in all their complexities and the s*xy scenes are rather s*xy.

    I'm also going to vehemently disagree with Raeldeer's 2-star rating for his complaints about "not enough plot, too much porn, blargh." Winterwhereof picked an ero-dungeon as the starting setting to set a tone for the rest of the story and given that the title of the story is "This Ascent to Divinity is Lewder than Expected", what did you expect?

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    26 Likes · Like
    Status: 3.20 arcana lecture

    It's not often I can enjoy a series that revels in its fetishism while still caring for its world and those within it. Thus far the author has done a great job balancing the many different elements this series has and keeping a solid tonal throughline. I think the core of this success comes down to the strong, thoughtful characterization of our current main cast - who all both likeable and contextually grounded in their own unique ways. I love their different relationship dynamics, and look forward to seeing how everything progresses.

    Overall a very fun mixture of erotica and RPG themed fantasy that I would heartily recommend. Most especially, I would recommend this to those who want a Futanari story with a focus on characters and gradual building up. The only people I would advise to skip this are those looking for a quick fix.

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    17 Likes · Like
    Status: 4.39 – ❤ collecting the bait

    Ascent is a novel that unapologetically revels in itself and enjoys being in its own world without pretense. Completely devoid of cynicism, its infectious joy is one that a reader can really get lost in as they churn through the chapters. The world building is strong and fleshed out, the characters are introspective, adorable, and s*xy, and there's an eye to detail and a wider narrative that keep you excited to see what might happen next. Whilst it's not exactly a fast paced book with lots of unexpected twists and turns, and whilst it's not super philosophically deep, it's still a story you can easily get immersed in. There's such an eye to consent and natural relationship building that even the flings the characters have feel like real people and not just warm bodies. The 'harem' hardly even feels like a harem in the traditional sense, and expands slowly enough that the story avoids the common issue in harem stories where one character receives less attention than others. Rosalie and Delta are assertive, free thinking individuals in their own right with their own histories and goals, feeling like they aren't subservient to Zoey's needs and whims. It's much hotter when they actually want to be there, that they could leave at any time, but choose not to. Due to some interesting magical shenanigans, there are points where Zoey's cock feels more like the protagonist than Zoey herself does- And that's honestly a wonderful thing. Even though the cock is an object of worship for almost all who encounter it, there's also a care for Zoey herself that extends beyond her genitalia.

    My major criticism involves the s*x toys/equipment that the characters collect as they explore the shards. Oftentimes, these don't see use or are never mentioned again. This was especially noticeable throughout part 2. Whilst the novel is still continuing and these *might* still come up, there's simply so many of them that none are likely to see use, either in s*x scenes or in combat/other plot relevant scenes. Whilst some see a lot of use and the book has plenty of fetish material to enjoy, many of the s*x scenes are vanilla (oversized girlcock aside) and wouldn't have required their inclusion. It might be worthwhile for the characters to find less of these or have them sell them off moving forward. Because as is, my issue with them is that they are a chekhov's gun that never get fired. As a vanilla fan, I don't mind them not showing up as much so I'm not hurting for their absence, but this criticism was a thought that niggled at me as I read.

    Other than that, there's little to complain about. The grammar and the prose is strong and the story knows exactly what it wants to be. Good work. I'll be reading Dungeons and Dalliances next, and I have a feeling I'll enjoy that just as much.

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    11 Likes · Like
    Status: 3.10 back room

    Really hot and really inventive. Hits a lot of unusual but very pleasantly-done spots, in both lewd and non-lewd ways. The interactions between characters are a delight, and the nibbles of worldbuilding we're fed inbetween the quality smut have me hooked. Delta Gang!

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    11 Likes · Like
    Status: 2.11 setting off, philosophical disagreements

    Review- This Ascent to Divinity is Lewder Than Expected 

    Must like futas with a cock the size of a small monster girl, Chosen ones, harems and LitRPG (if you do not, why are you even considering this erotica?)

    s*x + Magic + Murder Hobos = anything you can imagine 

    Happy reminds me of the old, third party, Explicit s*xual D&D rule books (I still have several around somewhere)

    Too early in the story to comment on magic system

    So far impressed with the lack of idiot ball trope

    Mid range (more realistic than a gaming group in a VRMMO with a functioning log out, but less realistic than a financially wealthy individual starting their own business) on the scale of realistic personalities (wage slave / grim dark/ apocalypse survival) to Visual Novel Fables (cute characters doing cute things with infinite time and infinite resources)

    So far clothing in erotic scenes have a good variety for written fiction (forced nudity to clothed handjob in public) on the scale from chaste (fade to black) to mainstream videos (nude as soon as possible, penetration as long as possible including looping / dialogue not related to current s*x act) to cosplay videos (clothing for the entire scene)

    And yes, I have a clothing kink, I blame the Sears catalogue growing up 

    So far stages in erotic scenes are standard for written fiction (mostly set up, some foreplay, short exchange of bodily fluids, fade to black for repeats within same scene) on the scale from chaste (fade to black) to mainstream videos (nude as soon as possible, penetration as long as possible including looping / dialogue not related to current s*x act) to edging videos (as much foreplay as possible, including participants partially, or fully, clothed with very little time spent on exchanging fluids)

    I prefer longer exchanges of bodily fluids, but this is incredibly difficult to write since most writers are not ob/gyn doctors, or multiple orgasmic (I blame this on a biological numbness problem. Pro tip- once a partner orgasms, they usually want to stop, continued s*x usually leads to abrasions. Multiple orgasms are rare for a reason. Yes I have several partners, and friends, who have managed this magical unicorn with witnesses or video)

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    8 Likes · Like
    Status: 4.15 morning after

    loving the story and every character so far, the world feels real and is very well fleshed out. I recommend this to anyone wanting a fun s*x filled but cute and happy story 

    i am looking forward to meeting the family and secrets coming out since it sure to be a fun time

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    6 Likes · Like
    Status: 5.19 – ❤❤ mini-goo i

    Hot smut with cute romance - nice!

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: 5.41 – interlude – first

    I'm not a big smut reader. Futa is not my thing either. Just going by the tags, this is the type of story that I'd normally stay away from.

    But the description seemed interesting enough and I was in the mood for a change of pace when I randomly stumbled upon it, so I decided to check the first few chapters. How bad can it be?

    Instantly, I was hooked. This is an interesting story that's going places even with incredible level of lewd content. Like most smut, the plot exists to facilitate p*rn - but the p*rn also facilitates the plot here. They go hand-in-hand in perfect balance. It is written with great attention to detail in not only the lewd scenes, but also the relationships between the characters, their individual personalities and quirks, and the overall story. It is a story that comes alive and draws the reader in, always keeping us eager to find out what comes next. It strikes the balance of throwing in as much "action" as can be had without devolving the story into a pure lewd absurdity. I'm honestly enjoying the general story more than the smut here, but the lewd scenes are written well enough that it doesn't dampen the fun of someone who's here for the rest of it.

    I like that it is unapologetic for what it is - the author doesn't shy away from certain topics and covers even the most objectionable kinks in no uncertain terms. No shortage of f-bombs either. It does not suffer from self-censorship.

    I like that the narrator becomes unreliable as the perspective changes - affected by the personality of the character we're following. It gives greater insight into the characters and really brings the story to life.

    There are many small details for the attentive reader to pick up on that add depth to the story as a whole.

    I've lost way too much sleep binging this late into the night for several days, because - like any good novel - I just couldn't put it down.

    This is p*rn that you read for the plot.

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    4 Likes · Like
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