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/ Series / In Warhammer Fantasy as my ERP Character
In Warhammer Fantasy as my ERP Character
In Warhammer Fantasy as my ERP Character
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4.7 (93 ratings)
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Support me so I can continue writing:

Waking up in the world of Warhammer Fantasy. With no other memories other than she is now an unaligned lesser daemon possessing her ERP Character and a beta-tester of a system with an unknown goal. Survive is the only objective given, how will she approach this new reality with the corruption she have accumulated with her ERP

What to expect:
Lots of smut content
A system with no level but genuinely invested in the survival and growth of the character
Plenty of combat situations
Army building

Content Warning:
Lots of Rape
Army building via breeding

Warhammer Fantasy
Army Building Beastkin Corruption Elves Empires Evil Gods Exhibitionism Game Elements Gore Masochistic Characters Monsters Mutations Nobles Non-human Protagonist Nudity Personality Changes Possession Pregnancy R-18 Race Change Rape Survival System Administrator Tribal Society Wars
Table of Contents 75
  1. 71May 14, 2024
  2. 70May 1, 2024
  3. 69Apr 23, 2024
  4. 68Apr 3, 2024
  5. 67Mar 25, 2024
  6. 66Mar 18, 2024
  7. Brief HiatusMar 8, 2024
  8. 65Mar 4, 2024
  9. 64Feb 26, 2024
  10. 63Feb 19, 2024
  11. 62Feb 12, 2024
  12. 61Feb 5, 2024
  13. 60Jan 30, 2024
  14. 59Jan 29, 2024
  15. 58Jan 22, 2024
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      Overall a good story with an interesting premise and direction.  I have some complaints about spelling and grammar, but there's nothing too terrible.

      My only real criticism is that the Main Character has almost no problems whatsoever in being taken from her (?) life on Earth and dumped into another world where she's hunted, hurt, raped, and gods want to mindbreak her - and she does the same to others; 'annoyed' is the best way I can think to describe her, since her goal is to talk to whoever is administering the 'game' and give them a piece of her mind; but she never seems properly afraid or disturbed by any of the things she experiences or does, despite the fact that she's presumably a pretty average person from Earth who hasn't dealt with a lot of the sh*t going on.  There might have been a mention of her having some kind of desensitization boon of some kind, but it's a one-off throw-away line, and no time is taken to explore the concept of having the things that are happening happen (and committing the same against others) and her being completely okay with it, which I feel is a lost opportunity.

      But overall, a good story that doesn't need much knowledge of Warhammer aside from the general idea of the Chaos Gods and that Warhammer is a fairly grimdark setting overall.  Those who are completely new to the setting might be a little lost (Teclis and Tyrion are introduced with no fanfare or exposition about who they are, and I only knew they were VIPs of the high elves due to having played the Total War games), but it's fairly easy to pick up the gist of what's what and who's who.

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      7 Likes · Like
      Status: c19

      Love the story so far.

      it is something that I have not see before hop to see more, cant wait to see where you go with this, but I do hop that the author will go to other parts of the world.

      Like Cathay maybe you could make babe dragons, or go to the lizardman continent and get a T-rex

      No complaints for  spelling or grammar so far.

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      2 Likes · Like
      Status: c03

      Already loving the story on the first three chapters.

      Hope that this story continues going for quite a while, as Warhammer stories are very rare on both Scribblehub and Royal Road. Especially ones with a lewd focus.

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      1 Likes · Like

      If you absolutely despise smut, then skip this. Though co sidering that ERP is in the title, expecting smut should be a given. Been enjoying the story so far. MC is birthing her army along with a couple other woman that she captures as breeding slaves for the war band. Wether it be mentioned in passing, or the focus there's plenty of smut.

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