15. Invited.
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Wiping the sweat off her forehead, Nikki climbed into her car. It was a hot day... she was glad the gym had good air conditioning. Though she was hoping to get in a few extra hours after her usual routine, her dad had finally put down an ultimatum about the bedroom situation: clean it up by tonight, or no more Randy. She figured she could keep sneaking him in like usual, but whatever, might as well get it clean. After all, what if Randy asked to go up there sometime? It couldn't be looking like a sty then.

She started the car and checked her phone. Two Snapchat notifications...

Randy took a screenshot!

New messages from Randy

Huh? Why'd he...

Nikki giggled to herself. Randy barely ever used Snapchat. He probably didn't know it sent a notification... had he liked her gym pic that much to try and keep a copy? She didn't even look good in it... but the thought excited her. She slid on the message notification to see what he had said.

"I'm sorry, that was Quinn, she took my phone."

"I guess she thought it'd be funny. I deleted the picture."

Nikki's expression drooped. Of course not... well, unless that was just some kind of excuse. But from how Randy talked about Quinn, it seemed like something she'd do.

Even then, maybe he didn't have the image deleted. Maybe he was gonna use it to masturbate or something...

She rubbed her legs together, feeling hot tingles between them. Speaking of which, she was going to go home and take a nice, long shower.

Later that night, Nikki was switching between laying in bed and picking at the mess around her room. She was maybe halfway done... she didn't feel like doing it at all.

The girl scooped up some dirty shirts and threw them into a pop-up mesh hamper her dad had brought out from the basement. She paused in place to look at herself in the mirror... she was running out of clean underwear to use as pajamas, so she was wearing one of her cute pink high-leg pairs.

Turning around, she checked out her butt. Was it really all that nice, she wondered? Randy seemed to like it... well, judging by that one gym class. It felt so long ago now, even though it was like, just this month.

She patted one cheek, watching it jiggle, then the other. Weird... when did it get so full and round? It must've been thanks to all the squats... she did tons of them every work out thinking it would give her better hops. And maybe all those burgers she ate...

The girl pulled her tee shirt down over her rear, then got back to work. She had made a tiny bit more progress when she heard a noise from her phone. A Snapchat notification... she went to check it.

A friend request from Quinn. Weird, how'd she get her account? Not thinking much of it, she accepted. A split second later, Quinn had sent her a message.

"Hi! Do you want to come to the mall with me tomorrow?"

Nikki sat down on the edge of her bed. The mall? Why did Quinn want to hang out? Maybe she thought she was cool or something.

"My friends are also coming too." she was still typing after that.ย "Have you ever been to King of Prussia?"

King of Prussia? That was like, the rich person mall. The biggest in the state. Not a short drive, like half an hour just to get there.

"Maybe."ย Nikki finally sent something back. Quinn and her friends seemed nice enough, but she didn't know if she wanted to hang out at the mall with a bunch of middle schoolers. Sounded lame.

"I'll see if Randy will come along!"

Nikki paused. Now she was speaking her language. If he was gonna be there...

"What time?" she typed.

"Awesome!! We were hoping to go at 12. Can you drive us?"

There it was. They needed a ride. That's why she was getting invited along.

Well, Nikki didn't like to be used, but... a day at the mall with Randy? Sounded almost like a date... and she needed to pick up a new swimsuit anyways. So, what the hell?

"Yes I can."

"Awesome!! Thank you so much!! See you at 12, don't be late please."

Nikki rested back on her bed, hands behind her head. Hopefully she wouldn't regret this...

Suddenly, she jolted up. All her clothes were dirty! What was she gonna wear?

The girl quickly got to cleaning her bedroom. Hopefully she'd have enough time to do a load of laundry.