Excitement… First threat
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A new panel appeared in front of Callum and when he saw the content, his heart started beating faster with excitement.

[Apocalypse End System]

Function 1: Ability integration

Function 2: Fusion

Function 3: Energy Conversion

Strength: 5 +

Speed: 5 +

Abilities :

  • Language Translation (Complete)
  • Scan (Tier I) +

Energy: [0]

Focusing on each of the three functions he inherently understood their purpose. Every week he could scan and integrate 3 abilities from any living creatures other than humans. He could fuse any of his abilities into new ones with unpredictable effects and could retain the characteristics of one of the skills. The success rate was random but slightly dependent on compatibility between the fused abilities. Lastly he had 1 chance everyday two days to absorb the energy from any living creature but he could absorb as much energy as he wanted from any resources he consumed or any living being he killed.

Looking at the greyed out plus signs beside his attributes he knew he could use the energy to increase his attributes or enhance his abilities. Callum's excitement finally faded as he remembered he didn't know where he was. He stood up, looking at the forest around him and since he was never an outdoors kind of guy he couldn't decide which direction to go. He slowly walked around the forest with the sound of the forest critters and birds chattering in his ears. Though he tried to be calm Callum found himself wincing every time he cracked a twig under his feet.

Realizing he was absolutely lost, he decided to climb one of the trees to see if he could find a way out of this forest. Approaching one of the trees with more branches he gripped a notch in the bark to pull himself up but as soon as he touched the tree he knew the use of the scan ability.

{Scan activated... Target - Giant sequoia}

{Extract ability - Life regeneration?} {Extract Life Energy? (0/1)}

Callum eyes jumped in elation as he realized this was the first and third functions of the system. He chose yes to both options and the tree slowly withered and became dull, its leaves drying up and slowly falling. A vast amount of energy filled his body and the slight headache he had instantly vanished. Callum felt some knew information appear in his mind and immediately knew that due to his new ability he could heal from injuries incredibly fast. The panel had slightly changed.

Strength: 5 +

Speed: 5 +

Abilities :

  • Language Translation (Complete)
  • Scan (Tier I) +
  • Life Regeneration (Tier I) +

Energy: [100]

Looking at the 100 units of energy Callum couldn't hold back his enthusiasm and decided to immediately experiment. Adding 30 points to both strength and speed he felt as if a new world had opened up in front of him. The increase in power felt amazing, like taking a drug and he closed his eyes in elation. The snap of a twig behind him broke his reverie and he turned around in an instant.

A massive wolf appeared around 10 meters in front of him, it's height reached up to about his chest and considering that he was 6'1 Callum's shock at its size was warranted. It had bright red eyes, black fur and scarlet claws that he could see even at this distance since they were glowing an eerie blood red hue. As it slowly started coming towards him, his mind spun trying to decide whether he could defeat the beast or escape if he added all his points to his attributes.

Knowing that he didn't have much time to think, he decided to add points to his scan ability to get more information. 10 energy points were deducted and his scan ability was instantly upgraded to Tier II. The information about the wolf finally appeared in front of his eyes.

{Scan Tier I --> Tier II}

{Scan activated... Target - Red Claw Wolf}

Level: 13

Strength: 80

Speed: 130

Ability: Flame Claw (Tier I) {Extract?}

Looking at the attributes of the wolf Callum knew there was no way he could get away unless he took a risk. Accepting the prompt a new ability emerged in his body and he found he could send out five streaks of burning energy from his hands at the cost of either his own life force or energy points. The wolf was now just 2 meters away and seeing its prey had no intention of fleeing, it prepared to pounce. Seeing the wolf crouch, Callum hastily used 10 points to upgrade his new ability.

{Flame Claw Tier I --> Tier II}