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The new arrivals in red fog city had been there almost a week now and they had slowly integrated into the new way of life. Most of them had been practicing trying to increase the experience so they could advance a level. Since one could get experience by killing other races or by practicing, the less talented of the 7th batch were quite eager to leave the city and venture out.

49 of the talented individuals who had B and A rank abilities had joined the elite squad of the army, the berserkers while the beautiful golden-haired girl had followed grand commander Haze into a manor in the restricted area and there were rumors that once she was strong enough, she would become a commander like the 4 other confidants of Haze. The massive city was surrounded by colossal walls embedded with protection runes and the only way out was a gigantic city gate that required a mechanism to open and close. A chime sounded across the city and the new arrivals knew it was finally time, they would get to travel to the enchanted forest outside the city and level up. For the F rank warriors, practicing had almost had no effect on them and they hadn’t even gained a level so they were the most desperate.

Most C rank were around level 3, D and E rank were level 1 while the newbies in the berserker squad were between level 5 and 7 but regardless of the difference in levels all of them had the same anticipation for their departure. Leaving the city, only the berserker squad newbies had escorts and standard armor while everyone else only had a standard sword or spear & once they made it to one part of the outskirts of the forest it became restricted to all other new arrivals. Captain Ivan, one of the five escorts sent to escort the new berserkers, looked at his squad of 10 that had split from the rest and smiled. Every Captain got 10 newbies to look after and since he was the strongest, he got the group that had that guy.

“Ok, all of you can either go it alone or team up, although there is less risk of encountering powerful beasts this far in the outskirts, I still recommend teaming up. The choice is yours.” after saying this Ivan sped into the forest and disappeared. Most of the newbies teamed up into threes or pairs but Dris didn’t even bother, as soon as captain left, he chose a direction and ventured into the forest. Looking at the man with sandy brown hair and green eyes who looked to be in his late 20s leaving alone, none of the others tried to interfere. They knew he was the strongest of them.

Dris swung his standard black sword at the 20th rabbit like creature with blue ears and looked at his panel.


Name: Dris

Level: 10

Ability: Gravity Manipulation

Rank: A+ (Special Rank)

Speed: 180

Strength: 180

Mana: 210


  • Language Translation 
  • Primary Sword Skills

Experience: [2%]

He initially had 30 strength and speed & 60 mana but after practicing his ability for a week in the city he upgraded to level 9 getting 15 stat points in each attribute with every level gained. Just now, killing 20 rabbit beasts had finally brought him to level 10 and he knew he had to go after stronger prey. Looking at his special rank ability Dris smiled, he was special in that his ability could grow in rank if the right conditions were met. Since he wasn’t stupid, he pretended he was just a normal A rank and bided his time. Clenching his fist, he swore to himself one day he would surpass everyone and attain the unattainable, SSS.

Continuing on for some time, Dris only found weak beasts and had gone up to only level 12. Leveling up was becoming harder and he knew he would soon have no choice but to battle stronger beasts. After an hour he realized he had gone a lot deeper into the forest yet all he could see were weak level 5 and below herbivore beasts. Captain Ivan had told them the deeper in you go, the more powerful the beasts you will encounter yet here he was and there were no such beasts.

Ivan had spread out his senses as much as he could so as to intercept any beasts that were too powerful for the newbies but he had noticed an anomaly for a while now. There were no powerful beasts above level 10 in the vicinity so deciding to investigate, he first tracked down and checked on Dris, then headed deeper into the forest hoping to find out the cause of the anomaly, that’s when he started encountering the corpses.