Chapter 58: Black Rose in Trouble?
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I had an idea when I heard from Lumine about the events of the Dahlia classroom.

Not only had those guys challenged our class to a fight, but they also called Atlas the true leader. It was quite a humorous event.

Of course, if something like this happened there must be a reason behind it as well.

Well, the reason aside, one of the results was this man in front of me.

Slicked back gray hair, a stiff smile that highlighted his French beard, this professor who liked to call himself Glober Loriosus was Professor Jim.

He was one of the few people who had not participated in the annual glorenstein poker competition. He said gambling was beneath him and he would work instead.

“Professor Jim,” I said and tapped his shoulders. “What brings you here?”

“Right, ahem.” The professor faked a cough and looked at the students again. “A new building, multiple special considerations, and many changed rules, all of these things have been done for you kids. This is a first for the Glorious Glorenstein Academy! I, Glober Loriosus, am here to once and for all, bring an end to this classroom and the favoritism shown to it!”

Professor Jim—or Glober Loriosus as he insisted we called him—waved his hands passionately as he put his point. This was way more intense than I had expected.

“You see,” said Professor Jim. “Students from every other class find this unfair. Why shouldn’t they? The guidelines of the academy make all the students equal!”

This was my cue, I jumped in and interrupted the professor.

“I agree about seeing everyone as an equal. I am sure that all my students are fairly kind-hearted as well.”

How couldn’t they be? They were raised during the most tumultuous period in recent history. A fair few of these students knew their lives could be forfeit at any moment—just like a commoner’s would—and did not live on their status.

“Yes, indeed,” said Professor Jim. “You are correct, that is why if one has to justify this place, it should be through capability.”

“Excuse me, prof!” Seren interrupted the conversation from the side.


“Can we leave?”

Damn it! This wasn’t working. I looked at Professor Jim. The two of us communicated with our eyes. He finally coughed and pointed at me.

“That is why! I suggest your class fights our class!”

We jumped straight to the point! And it worked, all the students around had their attention back on us.

“Fight?” I said. “What kind of fight?”

“A one-on-one against a student from the Dahlia Classroom. In front of the student body? What do you think?”

I looked at the students. The word ‘fight’ seemed to have intrigued them, especially the one at the back. Elara wouldn’t want to miss this chance, it was a time she could beat someone in front of the entire student body. For someone who was looking for influence everywhere she could find it, this was a great opportunity.

Unfortunately, I had someone else in mind. She’ll find many better ways to get her influence.

“Very well then!” I said. I pointed to the student at the front. “He will fight your student.”


Prince Ier reeled back. He was pushed to the spot without any clue of what was happening.

“Fight… me?” Prince Ier pointed at himself, he looked perplexed.

“This twiddly twig will fight for the Glorious Glorenstein—”

Ok, too far. I pulled Jim by the shoulder and whispered in his ears.

“Professor Jim! He’s a prince of the empire.”

“Shit. Sorry. It’s Glober Loriosus.”

Professor Jim faked a cough.

“V-very well,” he said. “In one week, we shall have the face-off at the Raphael Training Center. In front of the academy, prove your worth! Glory. Glorious. Glorenstein. Glober out!”

The whirlwind of a man in Professor Jim dashed out of the classroom, leaving a strange air inside.

“W-wait… the classroom is at risk?” Prince Ier asked.

“Yes,” I said. Of course it wasn’t, what kind of question was that? As if the complaints of some random professor and kids could stop this.

“And you want me to fight to protect it?”

“Yes.” You don’t have to, but let’s say yes.

“I can’t…”

“Don’t worry,” I said. “I’ll train you into a fine warrior.”

“Prof, can we leave now?”

“Haah. Yes, student Seren. You may leave.”


I left the class behind and let Prince Ier mull over it.

Outside the classroom, sitting on a bench under the shade of a tree was Professor Jim. He took a long drag of a pipe and beckoned me over.

“How was my acting, Professor Ethan?”

“Pretty good,” I said and sat next to him. “You need to go easy on the Glober Loriosus thing.”

“That wasn’t acting. It’s my name.”

I sighed and looked away.

The situation here was pretty simple.

Over the last month, many people had seen the favored treatment the Black Rose classroom had received. Though almost everyone knew that they were princes and princesses, dissatisfaction wasn’t going to disappear.

This wasn’t something that the faculty had to look at, but Professor Jim next to me was a very dutiful teacher.

I had recently learned that he hadn’t gone back home during the vacation but was making a model of the academy, with matchsticks.

He scared me.

“Do you think this will help remove the dissatisfaction?” I asked. I didn’t think a fight would help ease the opinion of the students.

“It’s alright,” said Professor Jim. “If the Black Rose student loses or secures a narrow victory, we will tell the students that the Black Rose is simply another normal division that has people in tricky positions on the class roster. That alone will turn the Black Rose from an unapproachable enigma to an approachable bunch.”

“And if they secure an overwhelming victory?”

“That won’t happen. All our students are battle-hardened. The time period is bad in that way.”

“If?” I insisted.

Professor Jim scoffed.

“It might cause a greater divide, but the justification will be present…”

I nodded and leaned back.

I will also get what I want in either scenario. Which was to make these kids less dependent on the stats and more confident in their abilities.

It was a win-win scenario.


I was very sick these last few days. I am very sorry for not updating. I am still not doing much better but I will try to drop some extra chapters to make up for the delay as my health improves.