The city of reality
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I remeber waking up in my parents cart. They are arguing while the horse are moving quickly our cart. How did i get here? What time is it and why can't i move? I quickly start struggiling and with some strength was able to broke the rope? No they were chains! I panic remove my blindfold only to see a ominous building in front of the cart. It stop! I can hear a rocky voice thats seem to just finish smoking a cigar (or so i think) it shaking in a grotest way and the smell of the place make me realize quickly. I am not in a good place. It smeel like blood, corpse, Drug and other smell i can't even begin to describe.

``Ha! Mister and Miss Burei! Is he finally ready? 15 years of work for this boy that, has you said was born from hero and raise like everything in this world is good! HAHAHAHA I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HIM BREAK DOWN WHEN HE WILL REALIZED WHERE HE IS HAHAHAHA``

`` Yes it is time for use to collect or long due fruit from our hard work. Im sure he will sell for more than any slave yet!``

SLAVE! Wait no... no no NO! That can't be rigth? My parents? selling? This is a bad dream rigth?... Sadly i never felt my heart raise so much and had cold sweat rolling down my neck. If i did not already had white hair im sure i would have after this. I need to do something but what? Since when slavery are allowed as a thing! The only thing  i know about it was from the book i was reading behind my parents back! Or can i even call them my parents? They raise me to sell me and said i was born from hero? What does this mean? This as to be someone knowing my parents that capture me rigth? RIGTH!? My dad was a farmer bless by the god of fertility and mom was a housewife bless by the angel to bring good health in her food she make! This can't be rigth!

``Just to be sure you know the procedure. We need to check on the produce to check if he can't put a figth or a danger. Will be done quickly!``

As those words are said he open the back of the cart and He saw me. Free of moment. The man was digusting looking. Pustul all over his face with brown dirty hair yellow theet with some missing is body fat like the only thing he does is eating. His clothes a bit torn everywhere and a weird way to small black hat on his head.

``You did not even chain him! What are you doing! You are professional! Seems like it's your first time!``

``He's awaked! No way we put enougth drug in his drink for an adult man to be asleep fro a month! It's not possible!``

It was the first time i saw the actual apparence of my parents. Black hair yellow eyes small nose and a perfect array of usless jewlery. Father was really big like a dresser and square head. Mother was  a women with what seems natural left of her body all rework for her hips to be so thin that a breese could break her, her lips way to big for her quite small face, she was looking ridiculous! Both of them were dress very clean with the person i use to call dad a crimson red and black suit with argent chain gold ring and smal hal hand glove that bearly fit his giant hand! The person  i call mother on the other hand was full of make up with red lipstick  (on her already to big lips) blue under eye and black eyelash. Wearing a dark purple dress open to one leg. Wearing jewlery of all sort of precious stone. Emerald, shapphire , Ruby, diamond almost all the stone i knew and some i did not even knew about! I could not look at them any longer has i jump over the (what i can only assume to be) a garde of some sorte and flee away in the dark city that i saw when he open the back. 

``Catch him now! He does not know anything about the outside should not be so hard to do so!``

This was the last thing i could hear before i ran and so running i did! Until i was out of breath in an unknown place. I stop in an hallyway where they was nobody. This city is dark... very dark... i could only see people figthing begging for food struggeling to even live and more skinny that i thougth a human being could be. On the other hand i also saw some people wearing extravagant clothes making other support them or having pleasure with activity in close house. But there is one thing i heard from all those pepole. The great slave auction is tonigth and the best slave will be sold tonigth.  Everything i was noted of my life in my journal. All of my life that i wrote down... was it only to pitch me to be sold better?!? It can't be rigth? My heart hurt so much! I fell like trowing up! Everything i live... everything i know... Was it all a lie?

`` Young mistress do not approach this man. Even tho he is young you never know how dangerous these people here can be``

``I know but he really does not seems ok! It seems like father when he was about to have his panic attack.``

I jump at the tow voice coming from the intersection of building where im hiding. An old man with a long black robe and a young girl in the same outfit are approching me.

``What do you want! I did nothing wrong! Are you here to put my back with to be sold!``

``Sold? wait young men! Did you escape from the grasp of people that were about to sell you? Are you ok?

What? These people are worry about me? Are they really good people here? or is this a trap to act nice to get closer to me. I jump back out of instinct after those thougth.

`` Don't get closer! Im sure you work with these people and the person that pretend to be my parents! Get away!``

``Ok we will not get closer. we would just like to ask some question if that is fine with you.``

Her voice is calm and sound really soft...

``As long as you don't get closer.``

``Perfect! Then could you tell me your name?``

`` My what?Name? what is that? ``

Both the small girl and the old man Seems surprised. Is a name something i should have?

``Do you... do you truly not know what a name is young man?``

``To be honest no but why? is it this important?``

``Important?! It's how you know who you are young man. It is something unique that make you different to other. It identifie you and is how people call you``

What? this is THAT important and i never got one. They truly never care about me?

``If you don't have a name then how do you wish to be refrer to? We can't keep calling you young man of person for ever.``

``I... i don't know. It's weird. everything is going to fast. Last nigth i was at home still training with the people i belive to be my beloved parents. And now i was about to be sold, i saw people on the verge of death and being told that i don't even have the most basic thing that humans have.``

``It's should be very hard for you but please relax we are trying to help her...``

Before she could finish the old man got send flying in the wall and the young girl took in a bag in one swift moment. 

``Here he is and he gave us one more small toy too. Thank you best slave to be sold!``

Without hesitation i jump at him. Using wind magic to sent myself flying in him and mana to  make a blade i pierce his skul. It is the first time i killed a man, But no time to panic about it! i quickly grab the young girl and the hold men who is badly hurt and bring them somewhere i think would be safe to hide. A roof of a high bulding will do! The can probably have something to get down but no time to think about this for now! As i arrived on the roof of what seems and abond building i depost them.

``Free me! You pig can even handle a lady properly!``

``Sorry here you go i had no choice but to run away.``

As i free her she realized what happen. And in no time she rush to the old men that was acompagny her and use something i never expect to see. Holy magic! They let people do miracle but only those chossen by god can use it! She was able to heal the old man``

``Sorry i have no time to explain but as soon as Harlord wake up he will call then knigth to get us out of here. You save us and i won't you to come with me PLEASE!``

``Im the reason they are coming after you and they hurt Harlord adn almost kidnap you. I can't stay here. I will go somewhere else and hide so they can't find me.``

I could not look back. No hesitation nothing was allowed for me rigth now! I had to hide away until i find a solution. So i went back into the city to find somewere i could hide. After running for a long time i had to stop... wich migth be a mistake but i have to. I kill a human today. I learn that i was nothing else that someone product. That is so much to take in. Almost to much. I need to breath and think of what to do next.

``Here you are. Now sleep!``

I could not even react. A man came out of the shadow and drug me. I can... can't figth it.