Shatter reality
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I don't know what happen, last thing i remeber is being drug by a weird guy coming from behind me. I can start hearing muffle things now. Price? gold and a lot of screaming of amount. My legs are really weak and i think i open my eyes? it feels like a wet paper on my face. i think it's somthing like a tissu. The smell is really strong and make me ligth headed it's seems like oil of some sort? I really don't know what exactly. My mouth is also block by a very solid piece of plastic kepping my mouth sligthly open making it hurt quite a bit. I think i can make my body move again. Or i can try... I think these a steel block? How could they have put iron around my feet without me realising? Unless it's something i don't know? suddenly i got picked up.


``So thats the kids the Burei are selling? He is quite robust! Perfect to resist a good beating by it's next master! They will have to keep a watch on him so you better say it. He already kill one of our guy to be precise Alexander! He was a great use to track down beast. Honestly i really just want to kill this brat rigth now``


The voice is strong and loud. While doing is monologue i could feels his hand going around my body inspect me. It feels digusting! I really hate is hand rubbing against my body with a firm grips. Is hand are also very clean wich really fell unfitting of his voice. I wish i could see him to know who i should get when im out of this place.


``DO NOT KILL HIM! Do i need to remind you how precious he is?! He has a hero core! If people find out the main event of tonigth die for revenge it's your head that they will want to see rolling on the ground and i don't want to lose you to``


This voice seems to be one that is able go quite out. I only heard merchant once or twice and he has the same type of it. It gives me goosebumps for whatever reason. I really hate is voice.


``Wait... he really has one? That brat? Is that the one you``


``Do not say one more words! Not many people know about these days and we need to keep it secret. It's almost time so be sure he is ready to be sold.``


He what? what did he mean? What's the secret what did he do that is realated to me? I can't remeber anything before being raise by... by who? I was so sure it was my parents. All i can remeber is them being call the Burei. They were using magic to hide how they actully look for so long. Or was it...  was that why i could not left the house? Was there a spell to change how they look inside a zone? I have way to many question and i can't answer any of them.


``Hey buddy, you awake?``


The strong voice try to call to me? he just put me down on some sort of wodden stool, Still chained down to. Maybe not moving will be the best move for now.


``Bring me a water bucket now!``


Quickly i was splash with a water bucket and they took the sort of paper from my eyes. I insticly open them and quicly start beating them. There are burning from whatever was on the last piece of paper that was covering my eyes.


``Good morning gold mine, your eyes will burn for maybe an other 30 sec. We gonne clean you and make you were these clothes. Even of what we do is not really legale does not mean we don't know how to propely sell our slave.``


The man was rigth. 30 seconds or so later my eyes were ok. And i think i got quite a surprise. The man has quite the unique apparence. A huge man fully muscly build wearing a brigth red robes, black high heels, perl necklace, big round earing  and a lot of make up... that took me so much by surprise it took me out of the fact i was about to be sold to people. Once i snap out of... that i notice what they wanted me to wear. a simple black long pants and a white shirt with a red tie... i was not expecting to were this type of clothing. Suddenly the rag clothes i had on my body  and was throw really cold water on me.


``You know you can't leave so let me clean you and don't strugle. Honestly i hate having to clean a man that stuggle.``


As much as i want to struggle he is wright, but also why did he precise the he hates cleaning man that stuggle? I really don't like that part of the phrase. As i try to ignore the fact he was my body and my hair.


``I will say your white and red hair i really unique! I wish my hair would be more like these having simply black is nice but not original.``


My hair are white and red? It's true that i never had the chance to look at myself but my hair? I was sure i saw them before when they were long. I know Mo... HER was making sure to attach them for me but when i ask she said my hair were brown. She lied about everything did not she...


``There we go now im gonna clothes you and them we will have to bring you to the stage! Just so you know this stage was waiting you for all your live! So we want to make sure you remeber it! After all it's the ultimate gift the Burei gives you!``


There name make me want to jump at there neck. A wave of anger took me by surprise. Actully i don't think it was anger... it rather seems like it was hate!


`` My my your expression is quite lovely rigth now!``


I did not even really notice of his comment. The lied, the training, EVERYTHING! It was all fake! Just so they can make some gold? Why me? WHY! I can feel my theeth grinding againt the plastic almost going into it. It's the first time i felt such violent emotion in my life. If i can find them again... i will make sure they suffer to an extreme point!


``There you go! Now you look all ready to go! Your face is not tho... i like this expression but it migth scare some people... could you calm down? Im guessing it's since i told you about the Burei rigth?``


There mention instanly make me snap out of it. Im now fully clothes  and ready to be sold. He took the plastic thing out of my mouth. He seems quite surprise by my clear mark of theet left in the plastic and decided to hide it for himself if i were to guess. It disgust me quite a lot. Then he quickly and me water to drink. If there going to sell me i don't think they would want to drug me rigth now. Im pretty sure it's safe.


``Here to show you it's not drug``


He drinks some of the water showing me that it's safe. I just decided to drink it. He has to help me as my limbs are restraing by this weird white block. I really can't tell what it is even after seeing it.


``Why did you... did you mention them?``


My words came from my broken voice from everything that happen in the recent time. my throat hurt just from talking.


``To calm you down. Let's make a secret deal why not! If you act calm during the sell until you are put in the whatever your new master will bring you in i will tell you a secret about them! It's at your advantage is it not?``


I know i can't get out now, but having information about them could very much come handy in the futur.


``I accept``


He smiles very large. The same way as if he obtains a toy! a very weird man for sure. He signal me that he will respect his side but rigth now it's time for the great stage. As soon as i arrived behind a curtain i can hear a lot of voice Hundred of them! Suddenly one stood out way more loud just behind the curtain.


``LADYS AND GENTLEMENTS! The main event is now here! The slaves raise by the Burei that was bless by the hero's core at rigth now the age of 15 being train all his life to be a hero so if you buy him be careful were you keep him! The namless kings slaves!``


Hundred of people start gasping, clapping, passing comment of thing they could do to me. All of that during the curtain open. Im being drag in front while the boss who is the one selling his product goes on a sort of stand.


``We will open the sells at 1000 Golds!``


As soon as he said this larger and larger amount of money are being raise...  5000, 10000, 15000, 16000, 16001, until someone raise the bet at 46830. The room goes quiet. 46830 gold is an amount that could be owned by multiple lord, or one that is way to greedy and have some illegales things happening. In other words not a good signs.


``Sold to Mr. Jera for 46830 golds! Thanks you for buying it to us at such a huge amount!``


Rigth after the price being annonce the one that clean me come to get me. Simply taking me by the waist and putting me on his shoulder to take me away. Sadly i did not had time to see who Mr.Jera but i will see him soon enougth im sure.


``Good boy (as he reach my head to pat it) you were very calm not even flintching at your nickname they gave you! You really are unique. I really wish now i would have buy you but even i can't afford that much money sadly``


``Then why don't you kill them and run away with me to use me like a toy!``


He jumps a bit as i said that. I don't think he was expecting me to pull out this sort of phrase. This make him look VERY surprise, that expression quickly change to a sort of playful smile.


``What you suggest is quite tempting but sadly i cannot. the person that brougth you is quite the person so killing him would not be so easy for me. I am thougth very surprise you can say those types of things with that types of eyes. Really i am! You really seems like you were about to kill someone but im sure you don't really care about that, what you care about is the info i promise you is it not?`` 


``Honestly you are more calm that i thougth for someone that is about to give away a slave just brougth by someone very dangerous while that slave has been killing monster for a while and killed someone you like too.``


``Well it is true that i like a lot Alexander he is dead and i certanly don't blame you for it! To be honest you are way more cute then him anyway! Im rambeling here and we don't have much time left anyway so here the info i promise. The apparence you saw while waking up was really how they look, but they usually have a spell that mask there apparence. The only way to see trougth it is by looking at them from a reflection. Now good luck my small slave king!``


The information he gave me was most definitely usful. That was also the last thing i heard before the cover my hear and eyes. All i can feel now is a very cold metal and the persence of... and other person? Im not quite sure, it feel like a monster too. I can't do anything else then feel there presence and wait. The cart has start to move. Im now really a slave to a master. I don't know what will happen in the futur but i swear i will come back here and destroy the place. For the moment tho i should concentrate to what will happen to me.


Chapter 3 Shatter reality.