Chapter 14 World View
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When I was a kid I wanted to be a Jedi. A lot of us did after seeing “The Phantom Menace.” 

As I grew up that faded. 

A lot of things faded. 


“Comic book characters?” Charles asks, tasting the words like they were spoilt milk. 

“Yes,” I say. 

“That’s how you knew?” Scott asks.

“Yes, Gabriel Summers is a very powerful mutant. If he’s alive then either Krakoa still has him or the Shi’ar do.”

“Shi’ar?” Jean asks.

“An alien empire,” I state, like it’s not even in my top ten list of world-shattering events.

“Aliens?” Henry asks.

“Yup,” I say, popping the p. 

“And that’s also how you know about Jean and-” Charles doesn’t say Sage. 

“Yes, while Jean is more important to the universe at large, the other one is going to be important coming up.”

“Do you know the future?” Charles asks, seriously. 

“Yes and no,” I see-saw my hand. “I know some futures and some ‘destined’ events. But in regards to what I just said, that’s more of an educated guess.” 

“And what did you mean about me?” Jean asks. “Being ‘important to the universe?’” 

“Well, either now or in the future, you will be host to a being known as ‘The Phoenix Force.’ A very, very powerful entity that represents life, and is the nexus of all psionic energy in the multiverse.”

“Multiverse,” Jean whispers. 

I feel a ripple come from her. But it doesn’t seem like it originated from now; maybe from the future. 

A lull takes the conversation to a stop. Each person questioning their life and choices made.

“If it helps,” I start, “You are all people. Thinking, feeling entities that love and hate and have free will. I’m sorry I made you doubt that.”

“Yes, you certainly shattered our worldview,” Charles chuckles. 

I nod. “While you digest that information, how about I move on to my powers?”

“Sure, sure,” Charles and a few others nod. 

Then I morph into Mystique. Red hair, blue skin, white dress, skull belt. Logan unfolds his arms and is ready to attack. 

“Logan,” Charles warns.

“Apologies,” I say, my voice a higher pitch. Then I morph back to myself in monk robes. “It’s always weird changing genders,” I mutter. 

“So, you know Mystique?” Charles asks. 

“It is more accurate to say that I was her, or rather a template of her.” 

I feel everyone’s confused stares.

“It’s like this: I am temporarily changed into a new person, and then have to learn about them and their abilities/powers to complete them. Then I can keep one of their powers and move on to a new person.”

Everyone took a moment of silence to digest what I said. 

But, I didn’t let them. I quickly morphed into Luke from “A New Hope.” 

“This was my second template.”

“Luke Skywalker?!” Ororo exclaims. 

I nod, then change back.

‘It seems I know the nerd in the group. And I thought it’d be Henry.’

“The last one you won’t know about, but he is a magician and I have been learning magic for the last month in preparation.” 

“Magic?” Henry asks, unhappy at learning magic is real. 

“Yes. For example,” I say. Then I move my hands around and materialize a spell circle. “This is a spell circle. It comes in different designs, but they usually help cast spells.” 

I keep it up for a few seconds, looking at everyones awed faces, then I dispel it. 

There was another moment of silence. 

‘This is fun. I can see why TAO likes doing it so much.’

“Well, why don’t we split up for now and come back later to discuss, yes?” Charles suggests. 

Everyone seems like they want answers now, but are also weary from their minds being blown. 

“I agree,” I say, standing up. “Is my room still empty?”

Charles nods.

“Then, until next time,” I say, walking out of the room.

‘Probably should do some meditations. But first…’

I knock on Kitty’s door.

She opens it.

“Roland! You’re still here!” She hugs me. 

“I won’t leave without saying so, again.” I hug her back.


What is the Force? What is the Dark Side? What is the Light? What is Balance?

These are the questions I will be focusing on for my following meditations. 


The Force has four aspects. The Living Force, the Unifying Force, the Cosmic Force, and the Physical Force. 

Simply put:

The Living Force connects all living beings.

The Unifying Force is a cosmic power that connects past, future, and present.

The Cosmic Force connects the living force to the unifying force.

The Physical Force connects a force-user to the physical, allowing certain manipulations.

What is the Force? It is a connection. But what does the three sides of the Force have to do with that?


The dark side is fear, anger, hatred, and other aggressive feelings in all living things. It is impossible to escape these feelings. Or, more aptly, it is better to accept these feelings. The nature of the dark side is one of change and evolution. Personal strength and passion. But with these aspects comes an allure. 

An Allure to be selfish. To take the power given freely and use it for only personal gain. 

I believe this is the key. To accept and embrace oneself fully and not give in to it by being selfish. To connect with oneself and others.

I will need to meditate on this further though. Because there is a calling from the dark. A calling of Power.


The light side is happiness, joy, love, and benevolence. It is the yang to Dark’s yin. 

The Jedi, though, thought of it as peace, calmness, and tranquility. They divorced themselves of emotions and attachments that would inevitably lead them towards the dark. 

It wasn’t wrong of them to do so, they were fighting wars against dark side users. 

But to truly find balance in the Force I believe requires the connection that love and joy have. 


So, what is Balance? 

Connection, would be my answer. The ability to have emotions that bring happiness, joy, fear, and anger, and then embrace them. See where the feelings come from. Understand the path it took to feel what you are currently feeling and move forward. 

That doesn’t mean letting go. It means confrontation. 

Again, I believe I will need to meditate further on this. If I am to have an order, I will need more details. And a code.