Chapter 16
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The next day, I pulled myself to my feet and walked out of the cavern and looked up at the sky.

'If the humans were smart, they'd bombard us from low orbit, however there's still humans here so they won't be able to do it, they'd have to be exceedingly precise in where they aim.'

I didn't even hear her, but I knew she was behind me, probably on top of the rock outcropping that hid the cavern we resided in.

'Oh? You seem dissatisfied with me, is something wrong?' Her tail swisher back and forth, it's length making it seem like it's own entity, however I knew she could attack with extreme precision, as she had her tail in front of my face without me sensing anything.

'No, I'm fine, it's all fine, we practically own the planet, what are we waiting for?' I asked my head still bowed.

'For the war, war is what we thrive on after all.' She said it like how one would state an obvious fact.

'But do we have enough Xenomorphs for a war? As far as I know, this could lead to the annihilation of my Hive!' I said, refuting her.

I imagined her to be raising an eyebrow as she looked down at me.

'Well, as you say, I won't fight for control of your Hive, but if you fail, don't come crying to me.' I saw her inner jaw snap shut a couple times and realized she was laughing at me.

'I hold you to your word then.'


Location : Low Orbit of the Epilson Planet.

"We have confirmed sighting of a Xenomorph touch down within the Northern Seaboard, we sent scout class ships to investigate when a bladed tail which stretched into the skies cut them down. The Xenomorph Hive is confirmed to be in the North, send a battleship to draw away the Empress, deploy ground troops to harass the Hive and draw out the Queen!" A man in soldier attire said while standing at attention.

"Yes General!" Rows of soldiers, gear already equipped headed into the dropships besides them and strapped in.

"I hope we prevail, they're the ever encroaching darkness, and impossible to stomp out, maybe we should just give it our all and attack Xenomorph Prime..." The general murmured when an amused chuckle broke him out of his thoughts.

"Someone's saying silly things, who in the universe would willingly head to Xenomorph Prime and fight a war, for all we know it might not even exist as we never got confirmation on it." Lexi appeared by his side, dressed in all white as usual.

"Let's pray that we can end it before it becomes something bigger, and why did you let that recruit go? That doesn't seem like you..."

"Like it was my idea... She begged and begged until I said yes, but I have my men with her to keep her our of danger."

"I see, still isn't like you to heed anyone's nagging, you must be plotting something..."

"Who knows? Maybe I am?" Lexi gave a mysterious smile and walked away.