(Chapter 1) Life Lesson
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Slow and steady wins the race... Is what I would like to say, but... I simply like foxes... wait, this is not a fox novel. Unforgivable!

Chapter 2

Life Lesson


After dealing with the existential crisis of having to explain things out to my parents... Although explaining what you don't know is kind of impossible... Well, they had to see for themselves, not like they are normal by any means of the imagination. 


Well, the graveyard/cemetery was a dull and grim atmosphere, especially with the ever-falling rain and it's ambient sounds - the rustling of the leaves, the chilly wind running down my spine. Although even though I felt chilly, I didn't feel hypothermic, so I guess it was good. Perhaps it was a state of death? Kind of like how alcohol makes you feel warm. 


I quietly questioned things as I slowly but surely made my way through the deep and slippery mud. I always had a careful step, so slipping was not an issue, however, being fast at it was. My shoes kind of felt a bit loose, I suppose my body decreased in overall size. It was hard to simply keep my shoes on, they sometimes got caught on the mud after a step. My clothes were hanging loosely - jeans almost falling if not for the belt, sweater and shirt oversized. It was a mess, they were also completely scratched up by twigs. 


After a short, yet long walk. I finally made my way to some pavement, I was still on the graveyard, but I guess I was simply way far back. Trying not to stumble on my steps I finally exited the graveyard through the metal gate -  it was unlocked. Digging up graves was something that had stopped happening a long time ago, so guards weren't needed anymore. 


I was confused, life functioned as normal. It was late at night - I could tell that - few dark-colored cars going by the street next to me, waiting for the stop-light to go, rain heavily going and yet everything was peaceful. The orange candescent light of the street lamps, and the running shops and restaurants. Not many people walking outside, I was completely alone on this side of the side-walk. 


I couldn't help but glue my eyes at one shop in particular. It was a restaurant - not any restaurant, however. It was a sushi shop, it was special, it was the first time I ever ate raw fish, it can be disgusting for some, but I simply loved the texture - how the rice separated in the tongue to create a mouthful of fluffiness and flavor. I couldn't get enough. 


As I salivated about the tasty sushi I heard footsteps approaching. 


"Oh, what is a princess doing here?" Mugging was common in my area, it wasn't usually an issue to leave all my possessions to survive, but I had no wallet and all I had to my name were my house keys. I needed those. 


"Oi, not listening?" I finally turned to look at him - a towering figure with hands reaching deep into his pockets and a menacing stare through that hideous beard of his, the shark-like eyes said it everything. 


He stopped there, as I intently observed him waiting for fate. I was getting hungry so I had no idea what was going on. 


"G-Give me your money!" He stammered on his words, his feet were shaking. His hand still in his pocket. 

"What?" I tilted my head, why would a thug stutter.

"Y-You heard me!" Huh, I mean I have nothing... But...


"I am hungry..." Oops, I muttered my thoughts out loud. My brain had been feeling slow since I woke up. 


"Ah, right... I need money for food..." I started to approach him, I knew what I was doing was stupid and yet my body was thinking on its own. So much for a virus... Kind of made me wonder, why. As I slowly but surely closed in on him, his shaking grew stronger and stronger. He took a step back and opened his clattering mouth. 


"Y-You are not human!" He pulled his hand out of his pocket, a single metallic glint is all I needed to see. A short-rifled barrel pointing at me- a gun! My brain snapped at that moment. 




Thanks to the panic I managed to duck to the ground. The bullet rang hollow and continued to be astray. I stood up, the thug was violently shaking. In confusion I looked at him in the eyes, how did he miss?


"Eek!" The weapon fell on the ground! "Take all of it!" He threw me his wallet and started to run. It dully hit my face although I didn't really flinch, it didn't even hurt. I guess my body was messed up. 


"Sigh..." I lowered my head looking at the ground, into a small pond. "If only I knew wh-


I stopped talking as I saw myself. I knew I was a fucking midget, but being this small... and my skin was pale-white, but it wasn't all pristine and fashion-model like, no! It was crackled and in a bad state, my eyes seemed to almost glow red and my hair well... it was silky smooth white, I could probably win a shampoo sponsorship commercial with it. Albeit, I had a greater worry right now. 


"What the fuck am I?"