Chapter 3: Poke Reward
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Okami felt somewhat satisfied with what he had done but he could not help but think that he had forgotten something. "What is it?"

He wasted his time lying on the bed and was forced to stay inside the hospital for about half a day until the doctor told him that he was good to go. Even though the hospital bed was comfortable, yet it could not be compared to the comfort his room could give him. He went outside when he saw Iruka walking towards his direction. "Iruka-san?"

Iruka waved his hand as he greeted him. "Hello, Okami-kun. Feeling good?"

"Yes. Luckily, the doctor said I am okay," Okami replied. "How come you're here, Iruka-san? Is there anyone you know who is in the hospital right now?"

"None, Okami-kun," Iruka answered. "I suspected you'd be released today, so I just decided to visit you, for I was afraid you'd be walking home alone."

"Well, you're right. Luckily, the doctor said I'm fine and I can't wait to go back to my house and become a pig. The hospital feels so stuffy, I could hardly breathe."

Iruka grinned. "I could walk with you. After all, you still owe me something."

Okami raised his eyebrows. "Owe you what?"

"Strawberry cake."

"Aw, hah! How could I forget?" Okami tapped his forehead lightly. "That is why you were in my shop in the first place. Are you into sweets, Iruka-san?"

"It's for someone I know."

"Ah. Your girlfriend?"

Iruka coughed a bit, his face reddened like a beet. "No, it's not. Eh, can we talk other stuff, you know, like your business? How do you spend the rest of your day?"

"I had to make a living on my own, so it means double time for me," Okami replied, his eyes looking around as they exited the hospital. "Wakes up at 7 am, cleans the shop, opens at 9 am, eat lunch, opens back at 1 pm, then closes at 6 pm. That's my schedule every day. Well, except for Sundays."

"Is Sunday a special day for you?"

"Nah. I just make sure that I've got time to relax," Okami explained as he looked at the shops. "Ren-Otosan and Hinagi-okasan always wanted me to have a rest day despite being busy. They say it's good for the body."

"That's wise advice," Iruka agreed.

"How about you, Iruka-san? What do you do?"

"I am a Chunin and an instructor at the Academy."

"Wow. I did not expect that you are a great person, Iruka-san. Father always told me that instructors and teachers are real heroes, for they are the ones who guide children to be good and functional in society."

Iruka smiled widely as he held his forehead protector. "That's uplifting, Okami-kun. Even though there are so many brats who always give me a headache, but still, I couldn't help but feel proud every time I see them learn something from me."

"Brats? Like who?" Okami asked, even though he had an inkling suspicion of who Iruka was referring to.

"Well, I have this student who loves to prank people, very nosy and noisy to the extent that the Hokage might list him as a menace."


"Yeah, definitely. I could definitely say that he is the number one prankster in this village. His name is - "

"Iruka-sensei! Look out!"

Iruka turned around and saw a kid zooming towards him, dressed in his signature orange attire. It was too late and the crash was inevitable. His face would definitely hit Iruka's stomach.

Okami gasped, his eyes fixed on the kid who was grumbling on the ground. But he remembered his previous mistake, so he calmed himself and waited for Iruka to personally introduced him.

"Brat! Are you trying to kill me?!" Iruka shouted as he rubbed his stomach. "What do you think you are doing?!"

The kid stood up and ruffled his yellow hair. "I just tried a new Jutsu, Dattebayo. I don't know what went wrong, but I am going to practice until they become perfect. Hah! A great ninja like me should have a great Jutsu."

Okami laughed after he heard the boy's reply. Iruka and Naruto stopped their argument and stared at him.

"Heeey! Who are you? Are you Iruka-sensei's kid?" Naruto sternly gazed at him. "'re too good-looking to be his son."

Iruka knocked his head. "Brat! This is Okaya Okami. And Okami, this is one of the brats who I am talking about, Uzumaki Naruto."

Naruto did his usual heroic pose and pointed to himself. "Hello, Okami-kun. Don't worry when I am here. I will be the greatest ninja, and soon enough, I will become the greatest Hokage. And I love ramen."

Okami extended his hand. "Hello, Naruto-kun. I know you can do it. Hokage!"

Iruka looked at Okami as if suspecting him with something but Okami smiled without further explaining. "Naruto-kun, do you want to join us? We are going to my shop."

Naruto widened his eyes as he scratched his head. "'re inviting me?"

"Why not? Is there a reason why I should not invite you? I have to create a good relationship with the future Hokage."

Naruto grinned and placed his hands on his hips. "Yeah, you're definitely correct. Sure, I will join you."

Iruka hesitated for a bit about letting Naruto mingle with Okami since the kid was a Jinchuuriki but looking at his antics, he just facepalmed and gave a deep sigh. "What a change of event."

They were walking together until they reached Okami's shop and went inside.

"Make yourself comfortable." Okami placed the things he bought on the counter. "Can you please place our dinner on the table? I'm going to go upstairs and get some things we need."

Naruto carefully set them on the table. "Thank you for buying Ramen, Okami-kun."

Okami laughed as he proceeded upstairs and brought the box out of the fridge. He had intended to eat it tomorrow, but his visitors were one of a kind and he wanted to brag a little about his cooking skill.

As soon as he went down, he heard Naruto asking Iruka, "Sensei, what do we do when we become Genin? Can we have missions like being Hokage's protector?"

"It's still too early for you to ask such questions," Iruka folded his arms on his chest. "You better learn how to do some Math before you talk about being a Genin."

"But Math is not needed in a mission, is it?"

Iruka snorted as he heard Naruto's refute. "No, it is needed."

"Well, I know that my Math is better than anyone," Naruto replied with a grin. "With my skill, I don't need Math to become Hokage."

"Bad news for you, Naruto. You have the lowest score inside the class and if you don't improve, I'm afraid you'll be studying at the Academy forever."

"Then I'll just be Hokage without passing the Academy," Naruto answered enthusiastically. "I know that Old Man is not good at Math. He might even be - oh hey, Okami-kun, what are you carrying?"

Okami opened the box as he laid it on the table. "This is my specialty."

Naruto poked the cake with his finger. "What is this?"

"This is called custard cake."

Iruka smelled it and gave an affirming nod. "Sweet odor. Is this made of milk?"

"Yes, but it is eaten after we take a meal. A dessert."

"Ooooh, I knew it," Naruto bobbed his head as he licked the finger he used to poke. "Mmmm. Sweet!"

"Glad you like it, Naruto-kun. Let's eat."

They sat around the table and together said, "Itadakimasu!"

Naruto gobbled his Pork Ramen while Iruka ate the sushi he had bought earlier. Okami looked at them and started eating his dinner. After they were done, they cleaned the place and soon enough, it was 8 pm.

"Thank you for the dinner, Okami-kun," Naruto rubbed his bulging belly as he smiled in satisfaction. "And the Custa...Castu..."

"Custard cake," Okami corrected him.

"Yeah, custard cake. That was good," Naruto agreed. "Why don't you sell Ramen, Okami-kun?"

Okami shrugged his shoulders. "Well, this is the only shop my parents have before they...passed away. Ramen is too complicated for me to prepare."

Naruto's face became down after hearing Okami's answer. "Oh, I'm sorry, Okami-kun. I didn't mean to make you sad. I did not know you don't have parents anymore."

"No, it's okay. I've come to terms about it, and I know their spirit is looking at me, guiding me."

Iruka smiled at him. "Well, thank you for the dinner, Okami-kun."

"It's my pleasure." Okami turned around and faced Naruto. "And, here Naruto, this is for you."

Naruto looked at the custard cake on Okami's hands. "Are you sure?"

"Yes, it's for you, you know, as a celebration for becoming friends."

Naruto just blinked his eyes, stupefied at what he heard. " want to be my friend, Okami-kun?"

Okami nodded as he set the food on the table. "Why, don't you want to be my friend, Naruto-kun? If you don't want to, then I will - "

"No! I do want to become your friend, Okami-kun," Naruto screamed, grabbing the food. "Heh! This time, whoever gives you trouble will become my enemy."

"Sure, future Hokage," Okami giggled.

"Um, uh..."

"What is it Naruto?"

"Can know...visit you when I have some free time?"

Okami gave him a thumbs-up. "Of course. You can even help me sell cakes. I could need some helping hand."

Naruto jumped with glee as he laughed. "You better believe it. And this is for you, Okami."

Okami looked at the chalk set. "What's this for?"

"Heh, a gift. So we can join hand in hand playing some pranks to show how awesome we are."

Iruka glared at the bumbling kid before sighing in exasperation. He ushered Naruto outside and said, "Goodbye, Okami-kun. And goodnight."


Okami was alone in his room as he placed the ten kunais he had gotten from Iruka. "Lucky Iruka was with me. I never thought civilians can't buy any weapons as readily as the ninjas inside the village."

He took out the Pokemon App and decided to know more about its functionality and hoped that he would get familiar with it right away. His hopes went up when he saw the Poke Reward was blinking.

Poke Rewards

You have just earned 100 PP by befriending the main protagonist, Naruto.

You have received the First Gift Box.

You can avail the following:

Only Pokemon Generation 1 available. You have to earn more PP to access other generations.

Vulpix (100 PP), Rattata (50 PP), Pidgey (50 PP)

"Oooh, befriending Naruto earned me PP? Sweet loot. But what should I choose?" Okami looked at the list and decided immediately. As soon as Okami pressed the confirm button, there was a swirling mass of light that zoomed from the Pokemon App. He felt something entered his consciousness and gave a triumphant smile as he heard the confirmation.

"Time to practice my Pokemon skill," Okami stretched his arms as he stood up. Giddily, he then extended his hands to the front and said, "Summon: Vulpix".

A small, quadruped, fox-like Pokémon appeared. It had red-brown pelt with a cream-colored underbelly and it had brown eyes, large, pointed ears with dark brown insides, and a triangular dark brown nose. Its paws were slightly darker than the rest of its pelt and have light brown paw pads. On top of its head were three curled locks of orange fur with bangs, and it had six orange tails with curled tips. "Vulpix!"

Pokedex Entry: Vulpix (Male)
Level: 1
Type: Fire
Skill: Tackle (lvl 1)
Flash Fire (lvl 1) - When a Pokémon with Flash Fire is hit by a Fire-type move, it does not deal damage but instead raises the power of the bearer's Fire-type moves by 50%. Subsequent hits do not raise the power even more, but the effect remains while the ability-bearer is in battle. The number of times it can nullify fire-type attacks increases with its rank.
Requirement for Evolution:
Fire Stone (Ninetales)
How to Level Up:
By fighting; By eating their favorite food (each Pokemon have their corresponding favorite foods in every world)
Other Stats: (Locked), must avail Pokemon App upgrade
EV: (Locked)
IV: (Locked)

Okami grinned when he saw Flash Fire as Vulpix's ability. If he could practice Fire-based Ninjutsu, then he would not be afraid of fighting against an Uchiha, as long as it had no Sharingan, which was next to impossible.

"Hello, Cutie," Okami gestured his hand for it to approach him, and Vulpix complied. He petted the Pokemon until he was satisfied. "Now, let me call my starter Pokemon. Summon: Caterpie."

The worm Pokemon appeared beside Vulpix, their eyes both looking at each other. Laughing, he then did some testings as to what his limits were and if his chakra could sustain the 'Absorb' form. Luckily, he did not need chakra to summon the two Pokemon. Even as he absorbed both Caterpie and Vulpix, he felt that he could still absorb another one if he had another available Pokemon. What surprised him the most was the Tackle attack. When he had investigated the skill using the Pokedex while absorbing both of them, its level increased by one. He couldn't wait to practice tomorrow to find out exactly how much stronger it was compared to the usual Tackle.

Okami tried different things and soon became familiar with how the Pokedex was used, from the Pokemap to the Poke Offering feature. He felt spent and decided to open the Gift Box tomorrow. Unknowingly, he placed the Pokemon App on the table as he let Vulpix and Caterpie roamed the room while he fell asleep.