Chapter 7: Under Investigation (2)
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Okami did not expect that he would see one of the cruelest people who had ever graced Konoha today.

A frail, old man with a cane entered the office. He wore a white shirt with a dark grey robe over the top of it covering from his feet, to just over his right shoulder. Okami knew what the robe was concealing, and this gave him shivers as he remembered how Sasuke fought with this militant.

"You never told me that there will be some sort of an assessment happening here," the old man commented lazily as he stood just beside Hiruzen, and looked at Okami. "So, who is this kid?"

Hiruzen snorted as he stood up and glared at the old man. "Danzo, this is a private meeting!"

"Am I not allowed here? What's so special about this kid that made you not notify me? I am also one of the Elders," Danzo refuted, his eyes still lingering on Okami's body. "You can continue the assessment and pretend that I'm not here."

Okami controlled his nerves, thinking of the possible ways he could escape from Danzo. He knew for a fact that he would be kidnapped by Danzo's people if the old man found out his unique ability. This was the most precarious thing that had ever happened to him while inside this world. Without a choice, he decided to do the safest method of escaping this situation. ""

Everyone was visibly flustered at Okami's actions. Even Hiruzen was now approaching him as he asked, "What's happening, Okami-kun?"

"I don't good..." Okami said in a whispery voice, slowly falling down the floor as he closed his eyes.



Iruka went on to check Okami's body. "Hokage-sama, he's having a high fever!"

"Then bring him to the hospital," Hiruzen commanded him, signaling the two masked ninjas beside him to follow Iruka. Both ninjas affirmed and soon, the trio disappeared together with Okami. As soon as this happened, he turned around and said in a loud voice, "this meeting is suspended. I will notify you when the next meeting will happen. Everyone, dismiss."


Everyone disappeared and the only people left in the office were Hiruzen and Danzo. They just looked at each other, both contemplating as to what happened earlier. After a few minutes, the first one to break the silence was Hiruzen.

"Why are you here?" Hiruzen grabbed a pipe from his pocket and lit it.

"Why am I not allowed here? I was just honestly curious as to why I was not notified," Danzo replied, his lips pursed. "You know very well that I am very interested in everything that can make Konoha stronger."

"Danzo, remember what you have promised."

"But I am not doing anything wrong. I genuinely am just curious."

"Just stay away from him, Danzo. He is just a kid. I don't want him to be tainted with your vile beliefs and practices."

"What vile beliefs?!" Danzo stomped his cane on the floor as he stared at Hiruzen. "I do everything for the sake of Konoha!"

"Including the plan of replacing me as Hokage?" Hiruzen snapped.

Danzo did not reply and turned around, walking towards the exit.

"I'm warning you, Danzo. Stay away from him."

The office was eerily silent as Hiruzen stood beside the open window, intently looking at the face statues. Puffs of smokes filled the air as the birds chirped but Hiruzen did not feel calm at all. He knew he had to do something to protect the boy, much more when he saw what Okami could do. He became suspicious with anything that had to with Danzo, and he was sure if he found out what Okami's ability were, then his once comrade would do anything to get Okami under his thumb. He had suspected that Danzo was biding his time and he was inclined to find more about it.

Okami heard several footsteps while he was being laid down on a bed. All he could do was rely on his hearing as to find out what was happening around him. He smelt the familiar medicinal odor and he was sure that he was brought back to the hospital. Luckily, he was able to use Vulpix to increase his body temperature, thereby fooling Iruka and the others. Whatever the result of the lab test, he was just happy that he was out of Danzo's sight for the moment.

After several minutes, he noticed that it was less noisy and suspected that the people were gone. Okami strengthened his resolved and opened his eyes. "Uuugh...uuugh..."

Iruka saw Okami waking up and immediately approached the lad. "Are you okay, Okami-kun?"


"Are you feeling alright?"

"What happened?" Okami shook his head as sat down.  "Am I back in the hospital?"

"Yes, Okami-kun. You fainted earlier and you've got a fever," Iruka explained as he touched Okami's forehead. Frowning, he used the thermometer once again and after several minutes, he looked at the device and scratched his head. "You don't have a fever. You're perfectly normal."

"Oh, so it happened again?"

"What do you mean, Okami-kun?"

Okami took a deep breath and leaned his back on the bed wall. "It's one of the side effects that Ketchum clans have to suffer every time our prophetic powers activate. Do you remember the first time when we have met, Iruka-san?"

Iruka nodded. "You've fainted just like this time."

"Like I've told you. The truth is, I've fainted the other time because my power activated when I've seen you," Okami recalled as he closed his eyes, as if in deep agony. "I don't want to tell you this but I think I have to explain what happened to make you fully understand."

Iruka grabbed the nearest chair and sat beside the bed. "Go on, Okami-kun. What did you see about me?"

"I...I saw a glimpse of your past...and your future, Iruka-san."

Iruka narrowed his eyes. "What about my past?"

"I...I don't know if it's okay since it involves something sensitive, Iruka-san."

"I don't mind."

"I've seen the battle when the Nine-tailed Demon Fox attacked Konoha...and you were forcibly removed from the battlefield by an unknown shinobi. Your parents died at that attack," Okami flinched as he said the words, looking down on the floor.

Iruka gasped and took a deep breath. After calming himself, he then signaled Okami to proceed.

"Then, I saw your future. You were protecting someone under you while you were hit at your back with a big shiruken."

"And who was I protecting?"


Iruka raised his brows as he stared at him. "Protecting Naruto? And who am I against with?"

"He had white shoulder-length hair with a slight hint of blue to it and green eyes. That's all I can say. I don't know when it will happen but it will happen inside the forest, and involves a certain scroll."

Iruka took everything Okami said, intending to relay it all to Hiruzen. When he heard his description, he could not help but think of his friend, Mizuki, but disregarded the idea because they were close to each other. He noticed that Okami stopped talking and further asked him. "What about earlier? What did you see?"

Okami suddenly gripped Iruka's arms. "Please...please protect me from the old man."

"Relax, Okami-kun. Who are you referring to?"

"Danzo Shimura."

"He is one of the elders of Konoha, Okami-kun. He has no reason to hurt you."

"No, you've got to help me, Iruka-san. Please let me talk with Hokage-sama. I'll do anything, just let me stay away from him."

"Okay, Okami-kun. Take it easy, okay? After you recover, then we will go to Hokage-sama and - "

Iruka was cut off by a sudden intrusion of someone entering the room. He found out that it was Hiruzen who had just arrived. "Hokage-sama."

"I'll take it from here, Iruka," Hiruzen commanded as he went beside Okami's bed and took a seat at the vacant chair. Iruka complied and went near the wall to make way. The Hokage noticed that Okami looked flustered and took his hand. "What do you want to tell me, Okami-kun?"

"Please let me stay away from Danzo Shimura. I'm...I'm scared of him." Okami shivered as he continued talking. " me, Hokage-sama."

Hiruzen gently assured him by patting his head. "Did your prophetic powers activated again? I remember you telling me that it's the side effect of your powers."

"You're right, Hokage-sama."

Hiruzen gestured his head and several ninjas appeared, guarding both the windows and the door. "Don't be afraid, Okami-kun. Tell me what you've seen with your powers."

"Are they trustworthy? I'm about to say something about his past...that involves you as well, Hokage-sama," Okami answered as he looked around the room with ninjas wearing masks.

Hiruzen looked at Iruka and bobbed his head, to which Iruka answered with, "Yes, Hokage-sama. I'll be at the reception desk if you need me."

As soon as Iruka went outside the room, the nearest ninja went outside the room, closed the door, and guarded the entrance to prevent anyone from going near the room.

Hiruzen gazed at Okami and smiled. "Now you can proceed, Okami-kun."

"I've seen him trying to assassinate you but a certain ninja informed you of his plan. You have confronted him but you spared him from death due to treason and made a deal with him. That's what I've seen about the past."

Hiruzen was wide-eyed when he heard Okami, not expecting that someone would find out this dirty secret. "Don't tell anyone about this, Okami-kun. Promise me."

Okami agreed. "I know it's dangerous for me to tell you this, Hokage-sama. I could have chosen to ignore what I have seen but I don't know how to prove to you about my ability except this. I hope you will believe me that I am in danger because that is what I have seen a while ago. Please, Hokage-sama, believe me."

"I do believe you, Okami-kun. After what you've told me, I can't help but believe you." Hiruzen stopped for a bit and asked him again. "What about his future? WHy are you in danger?"

"I don't know why but I saw him together with the one who killed my father!" Okami cried as he grabbed Hiruzen's arms. "I don't know when it will happen but I saw it, Hokage-sama!"

Hiruzen narrowed his eyes. "Can you tell me what happened, Okami-kun?"

Okami was about to tell him the truth when suddenly his vision went blank.


Wake up, troublesome child.

Okami woke up and soon realized that he was back at the dream place where he had a conversation with the mysterious God. "Eh, so it's you again, God."

Cheeky brat. Do you know why you are suddenly back in this place?

"No idea."

I am here to remind you that I have successfully created the memories as you have instructed me. But I need to remind you that you should not go overboard. Remember, less talk, less mistake. And you can't tell them exactly what will happen in the future because it is disrupting the course of events and the God of this world will force to evict you from this place.

"Oh, so it's okay with me telling them about the past but future events should be disclosed indirectly?"

You may do so. It's still within the limits of what you can do.

"Then can you help me once again?"

What kind of help you are referring to?

"If possible, can you create another set of memories and visions inside my minds? I have this gut feeling that they are going to use the Yamanaka clan to read my memories to verify my claims."

I've already promised you the first time that I am going to help you with regards to that. But I will not be making the plans. Everything will be done by you.

"Thank you for helping me with this."

Sure, child. Tell me, what is your plan?

"My plan is this..."