Rebirth of Gu Jiao 34
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Li Jun was astonished but he immediately got his composure back thinking about it. During this summer they had gotten closer his sister can touch him without the feeling of repulsion only she alone was he willing to be kiss and hug. Li Jun warped his arms around Gu Jiao tightly. Feeling the soft and small body of the little girl, he felt an inexplicable warmth spreading to his body.

Li Jun thought pampering her is truly worth it as along as she is happy he would pamper and shield her from harm. Gu Jiao who doesn't know her motive was already achieve is still acting to the utmost of her ability.

Li Jun:"Hmmm a kiss?"

Gu Jiao:"Eh big brother don't want to be kiss anymore?"

Li Jun:"Give me more kisses to show your gratitude."

Gu Jiao:"....."Σ(꒪ȏ꒪) this male god of her was being shameless didn't he? But well it's fine I'm also shameless... Hehe (*^-°)v

The two continued their action of spoiling one another, by midnight they fallen asleep on the sofa of the study room in each other embrace.


A few days has passed and it was already the day to go to amusement park. Gu Jiao woke up in her usual position where she was hugging Li Jun. She was not surprise nor scared anymore, having to wake up in this kind of position for she knows she didn't have any kind of disorder, it just this brother of hers is already opening up to her. Feeling Li Jun's body heat Gu Jiao snuggled closer. 

'Want more sleep, don't want to stand up! it's to cozy in here!'

Li Jun stir in his sleep slowly opening his eyes and looking down in his embrace

Li Jun stir in his sleep slowly opening his eyes and looking down in his embrace. Watching the snuggling little rabbit, he gave a little pat on her back to wake her up. Gu Jiao eyelashes flutter before opening slowly. Li Jun, seeing the bright smile and twinkling eyes of Gu Jiao an odd feeling suddenly something fills up his heart.

Gu Jiao:"Good Morning big brother!"

Li Jun unconsciously gave Gu Jiao a peck on her cheek:"Good Morning"

Gu Jiao: (∂△∂;)'Brother so early in the morning and your already this flirty.'

Gu Jiao breath a sigh and thought she really have to reevaluate her knowledge of Li Jun's character.

Gu Jiao:"Big Brother it's already time to go to amusement park!"

Li Jun gave a small chuckle before amusely saying:"It's still so early and you haven't wash your teeth yet your already thinking about amusement parks?"

Gu Jiao gave a cute pout her excitement can't be contained you know this is her first time going there can you blame her?

Li Jun seeing that wronged look and cute pout pat her head and kiss her cheeks again:" Alright. You go now after breakfast were going! "

Gu Jiao upon hearing the go signal jump in excitement and trotted her way to her room. Li Jun watching on the bed felt a sense of fulfillment, seeing the excited girl a beautiful smile suddenly appeared on his lips. If our heroine saw that smile she would just drop the plan in amusement park and would just watch Li Jun smile all day.


In the dining room the two siblings were enjoying there breakfast the only adult that was with them is their father Li Cheng. Gu Fan was in H country for some business while old man Li was with his friend boasting about grandchildren.

Li Cheng:"Hmmm my little princess is so cute today are you going somewhere?"

Gu Fan stood up and make a pose.

Gu Jiao:"Right! Daddy big brother said he's going to bring me to the amusement patk today!" (n_n*) v

Gu Jiao:"Right! Daddy big brother said he's going to bring me to the amusement patk today!" (n_n*) v

Li Jun stiffened in his seat, a profound look was seen on his face looking at his father, a very bad premonition in about to come.

Li Cheng was surprised and look at Li Jun who was silently giving him a look. Li Cheng was envious with them, suddenly an idea prop in his mind. He gave a charming smile to his daughter:"Can daddy come?"

Li Jun was suddenly struck by lightning 🌩.

Gu Jiao who doesn't know any better enthusiastically agreed bouncing from excitement. Li Jun who saw it just want to vomit blood. For the first time in his life he hates his father very much.





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