Chapter 470
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DOP Chapter 470 : International Negotiation (2)
Translated by : Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko



If Liu Yue agreed to take Bei Mu's Kingship, she would have humiliated Bei Mu. Between these choices, he could take two completely different ideas.

The whole tent was silent. Everyone's eyes was fixated on Liu Yue.

Liu Yue was expressionless, calm as always.

The title of the 'Righteous King' of Bei Mu was just a title, while the position of the King's Sister was just an empty position. There was no authority or power, hence the Bei Mu Generals were actually fine with it.

However, as the Right Commander of the Hun Army, there would be authority and power in this position. To her knowledge, the right-flank of the Hun Army had a total of 100,000 soldiers. Also, this Commander position would not fall easily, it would not be the same as the title of the 'Righteous King', which was just an empty shell.

"Sister, sister." Amidst the silence, the King of Bei Mu who was clinging to Liu Yue's neck shouted out, his face filled with sobs.

"Hong doesn't want sister to go, please don't go." The five years old King of Bei Mu, Ye Lu Hong immediately hugged Liu Yue's neck tighter. Fear coloured his dark eyes.

She was the only person who could save him in his most dangerous situation. Only she could guarantee his safety. He wouldn't let her go, he would definitely not let her go.

Ye Lu Hong hugged Liu Yue with all of his strength.

Seeing this, Liu Yue looked towards Ye Lu Hong, who was biting his lips tightly, holding back his tears. He knew that as a king, he was not supposed to cry. If not for this, he would have broke into tears long ago.

"A man wouldn't cry easily. If you are a man, you must stand upright and fight for what you want. Crying won't solve your problems at all."

Liu Yue wiped the bead of water pooling at the corner of Ye Lu Hong's eyes and lightly frowned at him as she spoke.

When Empress Dowager Xiao heard these, her gaze towards Liu Yue became deeper.

Towards Liu Yue's stern face, after being startled for a while, Ye Lu Hong suddenly wiped his eyes and nodded resolutely. "I understand now."

"Men, from today onwards, if Ye Lu Liu Yue dares to leave... break her legs. Don't let her go at all cost."

His face was filled with resolution as the King of Bei Mu immediately put what he had learnt into practice.

Liu Yue was at a loss of words in an instant. Then, she broke into laughter as her frown turned into delight.

"We will obey your orders." The generals in the tent immediately grinned from ear to ear as they shouted out.

These words, they would definitely obey them.

The whole tent was immediately filled with cheers and laughter.