Chapter 483
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DOP Chapter 483 : International Negotiation (15)
Translated by : Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko



A line of tables had been spread out on the bridge, and a piece of yellow cloth was hung like a mast.

Across the bridge was the Kingdom of Hun's territory, while this side was Bei Mu's.

At this time, on the opposite of the bridge, the Prince of Hun, Ka Za Er and the Secretariat was already waiting in front. Troops line up behind them. They were completely silent and sinister, it was obvious that they wanted to give Bei Mu a show of their power, so that Bei Mu will consider what they say before talking to them.

On the other side, Liu Yue was wearing a red-coloured robe that made her look as if she was enveloped in fire. She walked slowly forwards with Ku Za Mu, only the two of them. She looked very relaxed, as if she didn't care about this peace talk at all.

When the Prince of Hun Ka Za Er saw this, he couldn't help but to frown his brows.

To counter his hostile troops and horses with this kind of relaxed and confident attitude, it was truly out of his expectations. It was as if he was preparing to punch his enemy but received flowers from them instead. He felt as if his punch had landed on a bouquet of flowers, and it made him really uncomfortable.


Ka Za Er gritted his teeth, his expressions didn't look too good. However, he did his best to keep calm. After sweeping a glance on Ku Za Mu, he shifted his attention to Liu Yue.

It was this woman who had single-handedly kidnapped their King. This was truly the most embarrassing incident amongst the history of the Huns. His gaze which was fixated completely at Liu Yue almost sent sparks of fire.

"Greetings." Liu Yue cupped her hands and pretended not to notice Ka Za Er's glare. With a swish of her robe, she sat at the seat of Bei Mu representative.

Ku Za Mu looked at Ka Za Er and said, "Prince Ka Za Er, allow this general to introduce you to our Bei Mu Righteous King, Ye Lu Liu Yue. She is our king's older sister, and has come to represent our Bei Mu Kingdom for the negotiation talks this time."

Ka Za Er frowned when he heard this. There wasn't a lot of difference in his expression. He swung his black cape and sat on his side with a thud, tapping on the table with his fingers.

Behind him, some people immediately come forward, and at the same time, some people disappeared quietly at a far distance.

Liu Yue who was playing with the jadeite in her hand pretended not to see, but had actually noticed everything.

"Since that is the case, alright, let's talk about your conditions."

(Author's note: I didn't intend to make them separate for 2 years, they'll meet again soon!)