Chapter 6 – Weirdos
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After they came in, what welcomed them was a hall and before that was a place where they left their shoes and jackets. From the first look at it, to Kira, it seemed like his father went for a homier workplace instead of a normal business-like office.

Leaving their stuff behind they went through the hall and entered what looked like a rest area that had a couch, nice medium-sized TV and a small kitchen with a refrigerator.

Seeing Kira looking at the rest-place with interest, Joshua addressed him.

“As you can see this here is an area where the staff can relax, it is not big but it works for us as we currently are not a big animation studio with a lot of people. On the second floor is the real workplace, there is also an open roof where you can smoke or just enjoy the wind.”

Explaining to Kira the whole layout, those two went to the second floor because they didn’t want to waste time, after all, Kira will have time to explore this place in the future.

On the second floor what awaited them was the four rows of desks, with papers, computers and all kinds of stuff lying on them. Kira could also see on the left side of the room a big television, probably here for viewing anime on the bigger screen.

“Now, this is the place where magic happens. I am also not an expert, as I don’t know everything about making anime, so I will leave all the technical explanations to the boys. For now, you only need to know…”

With that Joshua explained to Kira that this floor has three rooms. One is the office of the CEO, the second one is the meeting room that has one big round desk and chairs and the third is not even a room, it is the workplace that has been already described.

“Okay my boy, are you ready? They are waiting for us in the meeting room.”

Joshua said as they came before the blue door of the meeting room. This room is kind of different from the boss's office because the boos office has windows and you can look inside, that isn’t the case for the meeting room, it doesn’t have windows, only a door.

Kira took a deep breath, and then said, “Uncle, lead the way.”

And so, he did.

Inside the room what welcomed them were five different pairs of eyes of various colors. Actually, that’s not the difference, as they all from the first glance looked…like interesting people. That was at least Kira’s first sentiment.

Joshua looked at the situation and he could feel the tension and awkwardness in the air, so he lightly coughed and said, “Gentlemen, thank you for waiting for us, let me introduce you, the main beside me is your new boss, son of our late friend and boss. His name is Kira Rowe. Kira, you can take over now.”

Before starting to talk, Kira glanced all over the room and with a confident expression on his face he started talking with a calm voice in fluent Japanese.

“Thank you, Mr. Renji. Gentleman, as you heard, my name is Kira Rowe, I am 24 years old and I have graduated with a business degree from The University of Oxford. As I am younger than most of you present in the room you can address me as Kira or you can stick with the standard boss or Mr. Rowe, as long as we all treat each other with respect I don’t mind anything.”

Kira said all of these in one breath and seeing that they were all listening to him, albeit with different expressions on their faces he continued.

“The only thing I ask of you is that when working here you give 100% of yourself to our cause so that we can take this studio to the next level and with that make the dream of my father a reality. Before we begin with some other issue, please introduce yourselves, starting with the mister on the left.”

Kira first pointed at the seemingly oldest person sitting at the desk. He has dark hair with some loose grey hairs, he has glasses and on his face, one can see the experience and at the same time, he gives the impression that he is quite strict. He touched his glasses and then he slowly started to speak.

“That was a nice introduction you gave us Kira-san, I will give it 9 points, as for me, my name is Toma Yuu, I am 40 this year and I am working in NA as a director and a screenwriter, if you are wondering about my experience and quality of the work Joshua-san can give you my resume, I hope you will be pleased with it.”

After listening to his introduction, Kira turned to a man on the left side of Toma Yuu, he looked like the second oldest sitting at this table, so it seemed that this was going to be an introduction from the oldest to the youngest.

The next one was a younger man who looked like he was in his thirties, he had a dark very-well trimmed hairstyle, he was wearing an expensive dark suit and with shades on his face he was giving the impression of an elite or in other words, he looked like an arrogant prick…These were all Kira’s thoughts.

“Hm, well it wasn’t a bad start at least, for a kid I expected some stammer but I guess you are better than this one thought. This one’s name is Yamato Shoda, this studio has the honour to have this one working as a character designer, the best in the business, I really hope you will show that you are worthy of being a boss, otherwise, we are going to have a not so pleasant talk for you.”

Hearing this…interesting introduction Kira turned to look at Joshua who made a face that looked like it was saying, “Well that’s how he is”. If nothing it seems that Kira was somewhat right when it comes to this guy’s personality. Pride to the deep of his bones but he can work with that if he is as good as he says.

The next person gave Kira a completely different feel. He looked like he only just graduated from the Uni, with a red, mohawk hairstyle, he looked like a guy that came straight from the anime and he didn’t disappoint Kira when he started with his introduction.


This was a weird introduction… Kira also for a second wondered what was weirder, him yelling or him looking like he had a fire in his eyes. It reminded Kira of those popular anime main characters.

“Thank you for your passionate introduction but you don’t need to yell, my hearing is still quite good.”


Never mind, we have two more. Turning his sight to the young man beside the fire-guy, Kira froze for a second. The man who was supposed to introduce himself was…sleeping?

Kira was now truly speechless and Joshua seeing this sighed and said in a loud voice, “Noya, your turn.”

This ordinary-looking young man, who had messy dark hair, with a tired face had finally opened his eyes and they low and behold looked quite spirited.

“Hm, what, me, oh yeah, introduction, introduction. Let’s see, what is my name again? Ah yes, boss nice to meet you, I am Noya Katsu, 26 years old, Kisato born and raised and I am also an animator, now if you will excuse me I need to catch up to my sleep.”

…This whole process for a second made Kira wonder if they are going to be okay.

‘And we come to the last one, hopefully, he is normal…he probably isn’t, haaah.’

This whole introduction experience lasted for about ten minutes but it already made Kira think about the purpose of his life.

So, about that last one, one look and Kira got worried, another one that looked interesting, that was said in the politest way possible. He looked like he was in the middle of his twenties, also he didn’t look like your usual otaku. With a lot of muscle and a model-like face, he was like one of those chads Kira often heard about, to add to that he had a long moustache that added a little bit of maturity to his whole presence, oh yeah it’s good to mention that he also had blue hair that looked like it’s his natural hair.

With a broken Japanese this chad started to speak.

“Nice to meet you, Monsieur Rowe, my name is Nikola Šubić Zrinjski, as you can see from my name, I am not from Japan, I am actually from a country called Croatia and I came here to make anime and to learn about Japanese culture, and in this place I also work as an animator.”

“I guess that’s all the introduction out of the way, Kira what is your plan, now?”

Kira was still trying to memorize everyone, while also trying to figure them out and decide how he would lead them, so he was caught on the wrong foot by Joshua’s question but he soon calmed down.

“First let’s go to the office, Mr. Renji you will show me every relevant document and our finances, as for you gentleman, you can return to your workstation, in an hour we will have a meeting to decide on our next objective, thank you, you can go.”

And that’s how the first meeting between Kira and his staff ended. May it be the foundation for the glory that will for sure come.

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