Chapter 71: Wake Up, My Lord
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“Wake up, my lord.” 


The sun was up and its light pierced though the tiny openings of the wooden walls. Yang Yang opened his eyes and stared at the wooden ceiling before looking around the room. Beast heads hung on the walls with swords, spears, and shields. A burning furnace on the other side of the room kept the surrounding warm. There were half-eaten food and empty wine jugs on the table, indicating that there was a party last night. Around him were over twenty naked women, all sleeping on his massive bed of wool and silk. They were beautiful, but nothing fantastical. 


“What is this place? This atmosphere, smell, decoration, and lack of magical laws... points to the direction of the age of hunters and gatherers, the Primordial Age.” 


Yang Yang tired to move his hand, but realized that he has no control over his body. He could not even control his blinking or breathing rhythms. In fact, the feelings of happiness and laziness he had in that moment also did not belong to him. It was strange situation, but it also felt natural. 


“The magical law of Time was not greatly involved so my mind didn’t travel to the past. Is this some kind of simulation? The Primordial Age was the first age in history and many ages had passed since then. Tribulation Lightning can destroy or create magical laws so perhaps it created a recreated the Primordial Age as my trial. Back then, there were no folks, only tribes. I can definitely sense the magical law of Life so it could be that I have to develop the Human Tribe to the Humanfolk. Something still doesn’t add up. Why can’t I move?” 


Yang Yang tried to concentrate on his thoughts, as that was the only controllable aspect of his current existence, but a soft pair of hands reached his chest. It rubbed all over his torso and he looked back to see another beautiful woman. Her golden-colored hair and jade-colored eyes sent off fireworks in his pants and mind. Compared to the other women, this other woman had his body feeling invigorated. He instinctively knew that this person was his wife. 


“My lord, I’m so glad you’re awake,” The wife said. “It is the last day of your inauguration. You must hurry to dress and go to the river bank. The Seer of Heaven and Earth must be there by now. It is best to not keep him waiting.” 


“So what?” Yang Yang said in a clear voice. “As the Spring Tribe’s chieftain, I decide everything. The Seer of Heaven and Earth will wait!” 


His body turned around and embraced the woman. Yang Yang could tell that by his body’s tone and attitude, he was a very arrogant and despotic man. His body was mortal, but his pride was godly. After messing around with his wife, Yang Yang stood up and got dress in fur and leather clothing before leaving the house. 


The village of the Spring Tribe was filled with wooden huts and farms. Clearly, this was an agrarian society. “A lot more advanced than I thought. A society of hunters and gatherers would be more nomadic. Since this place has an established region, I’m either the chieftain of a very powerful tribe or I’m a little far into the Primordial Age.” 


As he passed by the land, the tribesmen greeted him with great respect. They kowtowed on the ground to show their submission, something that Yang Yang could notice by focusing on the peripherals of his vision. Interestingly, strands of faith flowed toward him, giving rise to metaphorical power rather than physical power. It further bolstered his confidence, causing his strides to become slower and wider.


It did not take him very long to reach the river that was beside the village. At the river bank, a lone figure was slumped on a chair with a fishing rod between his legs. Another chair was beside that figure. A fishing rod rested on it. Yang Yang walked across the river bank and sat on the chair. He grabbed the fishing rod and tossed the hook in the river. Without even bothering to look at the figure, he said. “Good day to you, Seer of Heaven and Earth.” 


“I hope you rested well, Lord Chieftain.” The Seer of Heaven and Earth said in an respectful voice. 


“My bad, my bad,” Yang Yang said. “The celebration last night really drained all my energy.” 


The Seer of Heaven and Earth chuckled. “It is now the last day of your inauguration to become the official Spring Chieftain. On the first day, Day of Man and Soul, you consummated with Lady Jewel. Then, on the second day, Day of Earth and Spirit, you expressed your strength with your vitality. Finally, on this third day, Day of Heaven and Fate, you will be crowned the new leader. The process is almost over and now all that is left is this.”  


“Old Man Seer, how long will I stay here again? This fishing aspect of the inauguration is rather boring.” Yang Yang's body casually waved the fishing rod. The fish in the river all dodged the hook and proceeded along. 


“Sir, this is required to connect with nature. The river is Heaven and Earth, the fishes are souls, the rod is fate, and you are spirit that controls fate. By doing this, you, the man, will fuse with Heaven and Earth." 


“Fuse man with Heaven and Earth?" Disdain flashed in Yang Yang's eyes. "Peh! More like Heaven and Earth will fuse with me!” 


“Lord Chieftain, that is blasphemy! Your hubris is acting up again.” 


“Hubris? Bah! Even the gods have their hubris. So what if I have mine?”  


“Lord Chieftain, the gods are strong enough to control the natural laws of Heaven and Earth. They are perfect and deathless beings, forever beyond our understanding and perception. Their hubris will not result in their own calamity, but we are mere mortals. Our hubris will strike us down one day. We can, and will, be punished for believing that we are beyond the Heaven and Earth.” 


“Fine. Say that we are not beyond Heaven and Earth. However, someday, the Human Tribe will be. Legends say that some mortals in the East were chosen by the gods to become their champions on Earth. Some of these champions can control the weather, revive the dead, travel through time, or slay savage beasts. There is also the story of the great Alcides who ascended to Heaven and became a god, all by himself!” 


In his mind, Yang Yang's curiosity was piqued. “Hm? Legends of the gods and scions? Is this actually not the Primordial Age?” 


The Primordial Age was when lifeforms were beginning to take shape and develop intelligence. It was an period in history when the magical laws of the universe were underdeveloped. The gods allowed the universe to reach maturity before acting on its magical laws to give the lesser creatures the ability to wield magic. By the time that had happened, it would be billions of years after the end of the Primordial Age. 


The Seer of Heaven and Earth sighed. “Indeed, but their lives were tragic. Who doesn’t know the story of the Sunshine Fairy that sacrificed her lifespan to part the rain? Who doesn’t know the story of Mad Shaman who caused the death of his whole family by reviving a horrible monster? Even the great Alcides was cursed to never enjoy a stable family. They were great people, but their hubris doomed their existence. Would you be any different?” 


Yang Yang’s body fell silence. However, he felt anger burning in his heart and boiling in his blood. He thought to himself, “My person is rather shortsighted. No, perhaps he already had bad blood with this Seer of Heaven and Earth.” 


The seer and chieftain fished in silence, the tension grew between them like the heat during summertime. Yang Yang was left to his own thoughts as he tried to observe the world as much as he can to answer his own questions. However, the limitation of his motor skills did not allow him to notice the many pairs of eyes that were staring at them from the distance. 




Above a hill that was less than a kilometer away from the Spring Tribe's village, a group of men and women on horses were staring down at land. They had bows and arrows, swords and spears. They were all muscular, covered in fantastical tattoos, and geared for battle. The person in the lead was wearing a helmet, but the long, white hair and curvaceous armor signaled that it was a woman. 


A man in black approached her and bowed his head before speaking. "Leader, we have arrived at Spring Village. We received reports that they had chosen a new chieftain and it should be the last day of his inauguration. Should we go down and deliver our gifts? The other human tribes were moving toward here as well." 


"No," The leader said. "Not now. Let's wait until nighttime. That way, we deliver our gifts at the proper time of their last ceremony. Got it?" 


"Yes, ma'am." The group of warriors behind her proceeded down the hill with their horses. The leader also led her horse down, but she turned around to look at Spring Village once more. Her gaze lingered at the river bank. Eventually, she joined her subordinates.