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The rain grew heavier, and the cruise ship made another noise, followed by slowly sinking a bit.

"Hurry up and leave! Are we supposed to wait for him? It's just deserts for scum like him!" Kevin angrily said on the side, then quickly broke the rope.

The people on the boat fell silent. They didn't stop Kevin's actions, indicating they had already acquiesced to him.

After Kevin broke the rope, a strange gleam flashed in his eyes as he looked at Jason with a smug expression, then called for someone nearby to row the boat away.

Jason watched the scene in front of him without saying a word, but he was indeed disappointed in these people.

Meanwhile, the cruise ship slowly continued to sink, and Jason tightly gripped the railing beside him, then glanced in the direction Lin Li had left.

Would she notice a small role like himself before leaving? Jason didn't know, but he also understood that he wouldn't live much longer.

At this moment, the storm grew even larger. A thunderous lightning bolt suddenly flashed, followed by a terrifying wave crashing over. The cruise ship was completely overturned, and then several lifeboats also capsized.


Cough, cough! Lying on the beach, Jason coughed up a few mouthfuls of seawater, then slowly propped himself up with his hand.

"Where am I? Shouldn't I be dead?" Jason looked around blankly, speaking to himself.

In Jason's eyes was a sandy beach, with a dense forest ahead and a boundless sea behind. Seagulls flew over the sea, occasionally emitting a few cries, while the waves crashed against the nearby rocks, making a pounding sound.

There was nothing on the beach, just the waves gently lapping against the sand. A cool breeze blew, causing a slight chill all over Jason's body. He suddenly realized that he had narrowly escaped death and ended up stranded on an unknown deserted island.

Jason first took out his phone, an old-fashioned model from four or five years ago, it was even a knockoff, but the functionality of knockoff phones was undoubtedly strong. It hadn't broken even after being submerged in water, but he glanced at the battery level, realizing there wasn't much left.

Jason quickly dialed a call, hoping to find someone for help, but he heard a familiar voice in his ear.

"Hello! The number you dialed is out of service area! Please try again later!"

Jason carefully looked and found that there was no signal in this ghostly place at all. He became angry all of a sudden, raised his phone, and wanted to throw it down, but considering it was bought with his savings for a long time, he calmed down immediately, then put it back in his pocket.

"I don't believe it! I'm the only one in this damn place!" Jason muttered to himself, seeming to encourage himself.

Jason looked around, preparing to follow the beach to find help, but after searching for a while, he gave up because there was nothing here except for the sea and sand, not even a shadow of a person.

Jason sat down on the beach all of a sudden. Although he was somewhat disappointed, he didn't care much. He had lived alone for so many years; what was there to be afraid of now?

Jason glanced at the sea and saw a black dot on the surface, slowly drifting closer.

Jason's eyes narrowed as he carefully looked. It seemed to be a person.

Jason's heart jumped for joy and he hurried over, then rescued the person ashore. Looking at the person he had just saved, he was surprised to find it was Vanessa, the arrogant school beauty. Jason fell silent for a moment. Although he didn't particularly like Vanessa, saving lives came first.

Jason took off the lifebuoy, and Vanessa was completely soaked, with her blue and white striped clothes showing a hint of purple as if there was lace on the white edge.

Honestly, although Vanessa had a bad personality, her face was really pretty, and her body was so petite and powerful. Coupled with her arrogant personality, she satisfied many otaku's preferences.

Jason looked at Vanessa's chest. He didn't expect to take advantage of the arrogant school beauty Vanessa one day, especially her enviable 36D.

Jason took a deep breath and then prepared to perform CPR. Just as he pressed down, Jason's mind wandered. Damn, this feeling was beyond words. Jason quickly swallowed his saliva, shook off the distractions in his mind, and continued to press.

It took a while for CPR. Jason had completely adapted to this size, but Vanessa still didn't wake up. Jason frowned, remained silent for a while, and then decided to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Jason looked at Vanessa's tender lips, feeling a slight excitement in his heart. He shook his head, opened her mouth, and inserted his finger to check for any foreign objects. After finding nothing, he prepared to start mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

However, just as Jason took a breath and leaned in for the kiss, Vanessa woke up. She could feel Jason breathing into her mouth.

Vanessa and Jason stared at each other, and Vanessa, stunned for a moment, quickly regained her senses. Her eyes immediately filled with anger, and then she pushed Jason away and slapped him directly.

The slap was loud and resonant. Vanessa's eyes were teary as she covered her chest and angrily said, "You're dead! When we get back, my dad will send someone to kill you!"

Vanessa's chest was slightly painful. This guy had taken advantage of her.

"Are you finished?" Jason's left cheek was burning, and the slight affection he had for Vanessa disappeared instantly, and he suppressed his anger to ask.

"You..." Vanessa was scared, looking left and right, realizing there was no one around, and couldn't say anything.

Jason stood up and left directly. He really couldn't be bothered with this kind of person's nonsense.

"Hey! Where are you going? Don't leave me behind!" Seeing Jason leave, Vanessa hurriedly chased after him and said.

Jason glanced at Vanessa who followed, then said nothing.

Seeing Jason's attitude, the young lady's temper immediately rose. You took advantage of me and you still have a say? But thinking that there were only Jason and herself here, and remembering the rumors in school.

A man and a woman alone, if Jason went wild, she would be in danger.

Vanessa  calmed herself down and thought that she shouldn't provoke Jason first, lest she end up losing out in the end.

Jason was a bit hungry now, but there was no food on him, so he could only go into the jungle first to see if he could find some food.

Vanessa watched Jason walk straight ahead without waiting for her, couldn't help but snort, stomped her foot, and then quickly followed up.

After entering the jungle, Vanessa hid behind Jason and said, "Jason! Do you have a phone? I'll call my dad to rescue us..."

Vanessa originally wanted to say rescue herself, but after seeing Jason, she thought she might as well bring him along.

"Forget it! There's no signal in this damn place!" Jason saw a bunch of coconut trees and licked his lips, saying.

Vanessa happened to see Jason licking his lips and cooperated with what he had just said. On this deserted island, a man and a woman alone...

"I won't let scum like you take advantage of me even if I die!" Vanessa's body couldn't help but shiver, but her eyes were filled with determination as she spoke harshly.