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Lament’s Requiem
Lament’s Requiem
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It was said the goddess Lament sacrificed herself to keep the world’s magic alive with her very soul and that still she waits for her chosen hero to fix the problem. But that is an old story which no one truly believes anymore.

This is a story about a warrior named Pallula and her quest to rescue a pitiful existence that lives trapped in a dungeon.
Only… she’s actually trapped in the dungeon too..

How was this supposed to work again?
Oh right! Guess she’ll need a new body!

I wonder what kind of adventures she’ll have!!

Updates: Every Friday

A very Dungeons and Dragons type of story where the characters exist in a world of magic and dungeons and monsters! I’ll be focused on expanding the world while Pallula goes on her quest. So there’ll be lots of fun things to learn about!

So Why not give it a shot? 😀

Adventurers Dungeons Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Female Protagonist Goddesses Magic Reincarnated as a Monster Souls
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