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What do you do when the god who summons you won’t say why?

Greg walked into a bar hoping to wash away the sour taste of a bad day at work. What he got instead was a bartender offering him the opportunity of his dreams—with a catch. A ticket to purchase a class that could make him the strongest being alive. If he can afford the asking price.

Thrust into a world he knows nothing about, Greg will need power on another level entirely. To get ahead, he'll need the kind of power only deities possess.

Good thing the whole world’s your playground when you can make anything level up.

- - -

What to Expect:

- Weak to very strong progression

- A mix of action, crafting & enchanting, character dynamics, and story

- Tropes: Some subverted. Others played straight.

- No Harem

- No Edgy or Murderhobo MC

- An MC with a fondness for minmaxing

Character Growth Clever Protagonist Crafting Dungeons Elves Hidden Abilities Hiding True Abilities Level System Male Protagonist Power Couple Proactive Protagonist Weak to Strong
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 31: run like hell

    A very interest setting, and the main character Greg is in way over his head and trying hard to find his way and learn about this new world. I am looking forward to where this story takes him. 

    Aerion is my favorite character and I hope to see her story and Greg's continue and they figure out what if anything other than friendship is their relationship. My only complaint is that you have two very unprepared characters in a situation way over their head and the only way forward appears suicidal as every other Adventurer either of them have met has already died.

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