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Luminary Institute
Luminary Institute
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Nyssa has a friend count of... zero. Because she is, however, the adoptive daughter of the Luminary Institute’s headmaster, she decides to enroll at the start of the new term as a ploy to get more friends. Sure, the Luminary Institute was built for training those with high-potential powers to become the next generation of heroes or hunters, and, sure, her motivation for enrolling was a little suspect.

Yet, with the power to shapeshift into any animal she wants—fictional or real—she becomes the newest student of Class Zero.


The class is filled with people who have ‘problematic powers with high potential for destruction! The class has been nicknamed the ‘f- around and find out’ club by its own members! So, while her powers might fit in without a hitch, her goals in life certainly did not. After all, her ‘f’ing around’ consisted of taking five naps in a day...
It's going to be a very slow cute slice of life like all my other stories :D I'm not proof reading this one really because its a uhh... low expectation story i'm just writing to lift off pressure from myself so don't expect too much

I'll be (hopefully) posting daily, so we'll see :) This will also be posting on RoyalRoad and Webnovel :D

Join my discord to talk! (and also for reference images!)
also join my patreon to read ahead by seven chapters!!

Cover art is not mine btwwww

ActionAdventureComedyFantasyGirls LoveRomanceSchool LifeSlice of Life
Academy Adopted Protagonist Adventurers Awkward Protagonist Beautiful Couple Beautiful Female Lead Comedic Undertone Cute Story Dense Protagonist Devoted Love Interests Easy Going Life Famous Parents Fantasy Creatures Female Protagonist Girl's Love Subplot Lazy Protagonist Love Interest Falls in Love First Modern Fantasy Power Couple Protagonist Strong from the Start Siblings Not Related by Blood Single Parent Slow Romance Strong Love Interests Transformation Ability
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    New aidan_lo
    Status: ch26

    good story for those who want relatively slow SOL school life with fantasy-like powers. Essentially a humorous, slow parody on school arcs with a lot of fluffy. 

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