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/ Series / When Immortality Meets Masochism
When Immortality Meets Masochism
When Immortality Meets Masochism
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4.1 (59 ratings)
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Name: Katie Lockwood.
Gender: Female.
Profession: Badass.
Hobby: Stick my pen into my palm and twist it three turns.
Follow the masochist Katie as she slashes and dashes across the Supernatural world and discover her true identity.

Abusive Characters Adventurers Aliens Anti-social Protagonist Antihero Protagonist Arrogant Characters BDSM Beautiful Female Lead Cosmic Wars Divine Protection Fearless Protagonist Ghosts Girl's Love Subplot Monsters Psychic Powers Psychopaths Serial Killers Weak to Strong Yandere
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Table of Contents
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    Status: c64

    This is gonna contain spoilers, just as an FYI.

    The story honestly starts off quite good, with really interesting plot points and characters that make you really invested, but the author seems intent on making it something vastly different from what the initial chapters display as the story goes on. Spoiler free though, this story needs a Xianxia tag, because at the end of the day, it's exactly that, with endless baddies to fight and insane power scaling to compete with the best (or worst, depending on your opinion) of them. No enemy is meaningful, because it's made clear there are always stronger ones after them, and the protagonist herself is, as a plot point that really cant change, designed to be completely and totally overpowered from a fundamental perspective. Total power fantasy story, and really lacking a tag or hints to convey that until the later chapters. Also, 64 chapters in, and despite the "Beautiful Female Lead" tag, not once has the main character been given at all of a detailed or adequate description to picture her, basically none of the other characters have either. The author seems to acknowledge the unimportance of the other characters as well, giving them a name and little to nothing else. The main villain of the first arc of the story never really got a description, either. In fact, the number of characters who DID get descriptions is so low I can't even think of any. The only descriptions given to characters is when they are tortured and die, or to the detailing of the gore on them, but still never actually including much about the character. The same goes for the environment, with very little described beyond: "the school", "the hotel", "a field", etc. 

    Spoilers start:


    Nothing against the other on that, because I'm well and sure that the author had a solid plan for the story beforehand, but much of it is simply not well enough conveyed in the early chapters that it feels like an enjoyable read to me. With each character that is built into something interesting, they are simultaneously sacrificed to the unbending plot points of the story with no regard for the character's character (traits, personality, etc). It feels really lazy and a bit dirty from a fan of novel's perspective, as the whole first arc of the story could've been done in maybe 10 chapters and not only would it have no lost anything, it would've gained from not dragging it out for no reason. I mean, come on, it's literally said in chapter 63 the WHOLE first arc was a pre-planned course of action with the results as expected by an in-story character, so why is it necessary to make it so long? Not a single character in it mattered, except the MC (though not really, because actually nothing about her changed over the course of the first arc, except that she got power crept a bit to keep up with the story.) and Caitlin, who was developed for what now seems to be nothing except a current and future easy character to use for angst and nonsense. Character traits? Her personality? Logical progression of the story? None of those seem to matter to Plot-senpai. And as a reader, it felt a bit ridiculous that side characters somehow managed to get more development and feelings of realness to them than the main character herself. Her complete disregard for anything at all made the whole sequence of events really entirely moot, and then Caitlin's death just drove the final nail into the coffin. Why spend 63 chapters having a character not develop at all? In this case, it seems like to give an unnecessarily long exposition to the world (which is then almost entirely irrelevant because of the genre), and to flesh out CAITLIN, not the main character, to be a source of future drama. 


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    Status: chapter 48: kyle’s move

    Let me just preface by saying that I can't do grammar just as a concept my smooth brain just can't grasp it. okidoki review time:
    I f**king LOVE this novel but I especially love the MC Katie and here is why I love her so f-wording much. She has fun and is f**king a badass. like holy sh*t, she is insane absolutely coco bonkers and she doesn't hide it and I'm f**king HERE for it. She is such a fun main character that enjoys killing things and loves brutality and carnage. I really can't get enough of this immortal masochist she is just so fun and a complete joy to read. While other main characters would kill somebody and say some cringe overused bullsh*t like 'I only kill because I need to *greases hair*' and then have some realistic but boring internal monologue about how killing is necessary for sh*t and blah blahdi f**king BLAH and stupid crap like that. HOWEVER, Katie sweet sweet Katie will instead kill the person and HAVE f**kING FUN! it's so great and pleasant to read and I'm soooooo f**king here for it. Frankly, the thing I want most in this story is for her to let loose and go full nuts but for that Caitlin would need to die and I doubt that will happen because for 1 the author likes Caitlin and 2 Caitlin is like the only reason Katie is sticking to the plot. Furthermore, I don't believe many people besides me would like to see full tilt Katie because while I would love nothing more to read about the twisted crazy thoughts and actions of a completely deranged immortal masochistic badass madwoman I don't think many others will. But this does bring me to something I don't want to see I really don't want to see Katie becoming more humanized I would infinitely rather she stay crazy like she currently is (character development be DAMNED). Right now I imagine Katie sort of as Caitlins stand but she can do whatever she wants and frankly, I think Caitlin is a bad influence (or rather a good one but shush), and I personally don't want Katie to become more human and less sadomasocrazy as Caitlin would want but it's not like I can do much about it. ANYWAYYYYYYYYY I've already written enough of this dumpster fire I called a review Il just end this by saying that I love this novel and really fully recommend too at least read the first few chapters.

    :::::::::::;;;;;;;;;;;;, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,............................................. this is for you grammar kids you cant put them wherever you want ;)

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    Status: c50

    Really enjoyable. 

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