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/ Series / Crown – [Epic Progression Fantasy | Cultivation/LitRPG/Spell Casting]
Crown – [Epic Progression Fantasy | Cultivation/LitRPG/Spell Casting]
Crown – [Epic Progression Fantasy | Cultivation/LitRPG/Spell Casting]
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The forgotten Ember will spark once more, setting ablaze the very fabric of the universe until it consumes all, leaving naught but ash in its wake.
The shackles she was born into have given Ruby a craving for freedom that cannot be denied. The scars on her soul have lit a fire in her that pushes her harder than most, and as the universe throws her from one world to the next, she will wield that flame to protect her dreams and her people, and obliterate those who would seek to cage her once again.  

As she navigates a life subject to the fickle whim of Fate, her simple wish for freedom will take her and her friends to heights beyond imagination, and alter the course of reality in ways no one could have predicted.  
What to expect:

 – Weak to Strong Slow-Burn Epic Progression Fantasy set in an expansive universe

– Story begins on Earth, but most of it will take place on different planets with more classic fantasy elements (ie. dungeons, dragons, fantasy races)

– Pyromaniac/pure fire-wielding berserker MC

– Found Family collected throughout MC's journey

– Cultivation/LitRPG/Spell Casting blend of a power system

– Naive and Kind MC who will mature with time
I am open to constructive criticism and am always looking to improve my writing. If you have any input regarding my writing or the plot of the story itself, please don't hesitate to leave me a comment or review. Happy reading :)

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