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/ Series / The Science of Cultivation [Xianxia]
The Science of Cultivation [Xianxia]
The Science of Cultivation [Xianxia]
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3.6 (17 ratings)
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While most cultivators were scratching their heads as they pondered how to advance to the next realm, Li Lang was busy systematically studying the mechanics of cultivation.

Scientist Langley Seiker has always dreamed about immortality. Reincarnating into a world of cultivation, it is no longer a dream except for the fact that he has no talent. However, through a chance encounter, he gains access to his familiar laboratory that will allow him to study the wonders of cultivation.

Not even the heavens will know what fate has in store for Langley as he systematically unravels not only how to cultivate, but also various crafts such as refining pills and inscribing talismans. Preparation is key to surviving in the merciless world of cultivation, especially for those with no talent.


- Detailed study of each stage of cultivation and crafting

- Not technology vs cultivation, science will be used to study cultivation

- No harem

- Slow burn progression. MC won’t be skipping through cultivation ranks at record speed

- Weak to Strong

- Sect Building (Much later in the story)

ActionAdventureDramaFantasyIsekaiMartial ArtsSci-fiSlice of Life
Alchemy Artifact Crafting Artifacts Artificial Intelligence Body Tempering Character Growth Cultivation Demonic Cultivation Technique Fantasy World Heavenly Tribulation Immortals Inscriptions Mythology Pill Concocting Pragmatic Protagonist Reincarnated into Another World Sect Development Spear Wielder Xianxia
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Table of Contents
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    Status: c12

    I've read until chapter 12 on RR. Please take into consideration that the story may change in quality as it progresses.

    If you are looking for a novel in which the MC is dealing with the insanity of a Cultivation World in a mature way, causes societal or interpersonal changes, or uses his wits and innovativeness to overcome absurd hurdles as a "mob"-like character to rise above their fates then read something else.

    This story is more like the Xianxia-variant of a feel-good Isekai in which the protag gets reincarnated into circumstances almost made for them. The MC ticks all kinds of Cliches from typical Xianxia-protagonists. He also sometimes contradicts himself, like saying he won't give up but then he doesn't run away despite facing mortal danger without a better plan. The way the character is written seems closer to "Faust" (from Johan Wolfgang Goethe), who was incredibly smart but equally lacked maturity, than to your average adult. The text seems to sometimes favor the point of view of the MC as well...

    At the same time if you like to think about power systems, cultivation systems and how any of these could even work in combination with real-world laws (I belong to this category as well) then this here is the novel for you. This novel also attempts to combine a Xianxia setting with a Sci-fi level scientist, which works out so far...

    The grammar and overall editing are at the very least top-notch.

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