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The Other Labyrinth
The Other Labyrinth
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She died. Or maybe she didn't.

But something took an interrest in her. So now she is here. The Labyrinth. How will it change her ? I can't wait to see it by myself...

"To rise and to fall, sides of the same always spinning coin, just dependent of the point of view. Is this the end of something ? The start ? Both ? In any cases, I’m eager to see what this hive-shaped poisonous insect jar while held. It’s always dangerous to make a Kodoku..."

Whispered the voice, but the young woman was already sleeping deeply and didn’t hear her. Those words were lost in the void, auspicious of a uncertain and chaotic future...

Warning : Sexual content, with potential gore in it, maybe rape, and general gore and other shocking matters. Sensitive soul abstain. (or try it and see if it's that bad.)

Release are whenever i've the time to work on it, which is something very random. I will try to upload something every three days, though.

There is a lot of different tag because Labyrinth is designed to be a patchwork of multiple settings clashing into each others ^o^

Cover was made with Silk: which is licenced under Creative Common ^^ And by the way, if anyone want to make a fanart of the novel, I would be honored to use it as the cover ^^ I greatly respect illustrator, keep creating amazing piece of art, you're the best ^^

This is a repost from RoyalRoad. Chapter will be posted on scribble hub one day after they were posted on RR.

Adopted Children Bisexual Protagonist Character Growth Childcare Couple Growth Demons Evolution Female Protagonist Heartwarming Level System Multiple POV Non-human Protagonist Post-apocalyptic Protagonist Strong from the Start R-18 Second Chance Sentimental Protagonist Skill Creation Slow Romance Souls Strong Love Interests Teamwork Tentacles Zombies
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      Status: 22 – healing and changing ; you know...
      May 31, 2020

      First of all, to the possible reader of this novel, who are reading this review, you definitely have to give this novel a shot, because the characters and background of the world are interesting and seem to have a huge potential to not just be your generic and boring novel.

      My personal experiences with the first few chapters were a bit confusing, because the novel has, as declared in the tags, multiple POVs, which didnt make the start easier to understand, but on the hindsight made it much more interesting and diversified after you got some world background and enough charakter introduction. At the same time its much appreciated, that there seems to be one character (the one spoken of in the synopsis), which is a bit more focused on than the rest.

      Another good point is that you dont get massive infodumps, but instead the information about the world and the system gets revealed a little bit at a time, so that youre curious about what might come next or what setting will be used, but at the same time wont be left hanging and expected to just accept everything the author might throw at you without reason.

      So far the novel has me waiting for more chapters and im curious to see how the author will combine the different power systems together, but still make it balanced.

      I hope this review was understandable (english isnt my first language), somewhat helpful and you give this novel a shot, the author stays motivated to write and gets some success and I wish you all a nice day/evening/night/whatever :)

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