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Sleeping Princess
Sleeping Princess
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Nakagawa Madoka

Age: 16

Blood Type: A

A young girl who suffered from a medically induced coma for 2 years. She has memory loss associated with it and does not recall the majority of the year before it. While being a serious and hard-working individual she has a hard time projecting her feelings to others clearly. Madoka also loves cute things and cheery idol music. 


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      New tounokuraikenja
      Status: ch.1 two years later
      Feb 27, 2021

      Read up to the current chapter as of 2/27/21.   This story is probably one of the best I've read on ScribbleHub.  The shoujo ai aspects are tremendously important and doled out in tiny doses.  It's about a girl who had her world changed in an instant.  Piecing together who she was, and what she lost, moving into the future two years later and trying to recover her identity which must now adjust with all the changes time has delivered, it's a slow romance with a cute cast of characters, tons of saccharine sweetness, and turmeric turmoil.  I personally love our main character Madoka, and the enigmatic Mari, who shares a special bond with our heroine, though she might not know everything until she's forced to make the hardest choice of her life.  

      I have one regret, and that is the inability to rate this story past five stars.  Please read this, if you enjoy a nice slow romance that will gently caress your heart in all the right places!

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