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/ Series / Trials of Sanity (Abyss Evolution Series)
Trials of Sanity (Abyss Evolution Series)
Trials of Sanity (Abyss Evolution Series)
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When 23 year old Leo is suddenly transported to a new dimension filled with horrors he needs to adapt in order to survive. Taken from earth together with thousands of others, they must do anything to come out on top. In their new reality under the all powerful System their human limits are no more. Will this newfound power breed cruelty or compassion?

Follow his struggle and journey as he grabs hold of whatever he can only to see another day and another fight. Human nature and morals will be put to the test with each passing moment. When the horrors of the imagination become all too real, the feeble minds of men and women alike are brought to the brink of insanity.

If we are the product of our environment and culture, what sort of people will be born of a place filled with violence, nightmares and horror? Forced to fight for his life, Leo must remain sane. And so does the people around him, if he is ever to survive.


I will be posting this story on RoyalRoad (.) com

Antihero Protagonist Apocalypse Clan Building Cruel Characters Depictions of Cruelty Level System Magic Magic Beasts Male Protagonist RPG Spear Wielder Survival Transported into Another World
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      Status: 51
      Jul 10, 2020

      So far so good. If you like survival  you can try reading it

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      Status: 34 - Change of plans
      Jul 17, 2020

      For short, this is a nice story so far. The looming dangers (monsters & humans) have been introduced quite well and all in all, this is a story you may enjoy if you like the genre (survival).

      Chapters length is satisfying and MC isn't a murderhobo so I guess we can expect some well built characters. We get right into the story with the first few chapters, no useless filler, so this ought to be well paced as well.

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