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Stygian Mage
Stygian Mage
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"Welcome Traveler."
It was what Soren first heard when he met an impossibly strange man in a horrendously strange world, where fantasy became reality. Now, stranded in the unknown world, Soren must make use of the discovery that strength is all that matters in this world, and try to get himself back home--That is, If he's able to find his way. But there is always more behind the veil of uncertainty, and Soren must be deathly sure of the decisions he makes. After all, curiosity can kill more than just cats.

[Author: This is the first story I have ever written so have mercy on me. Bear with me please if I make any mistakes. I welcome all sorts of criticism as it will help me improve. Hope you guys like it.]

PS: This story will contain explicit sexual content and profanities. The Mc is not a good guy in this story so don’t expect a nice Mc who will help others regardless of his well-being. In fact, he'll be a straight up villain type later on.

P.P.S: The cover image is not owned by me. I used Adobe Spark to combine and edit some free images.

P.P.P.S: Also posting on Webnovel, Moonquill, Royalroad, and Wattpad. [Mainly on Royalroad though.]

Edit: I thought I should add this in here because it seems to be a problem for many people--My inspirations come from mainly chinese webnovels, so my writing style resembles that a lot. I just wanted to leave a note here for people who don't like such stuff. I am trying to improve my writing as I write so if you read to the latest chapter, you might notice an improvement(I hope so).

Antihero Protagonist Apathetic Protagonist Artificial Intelligence Beast Companions Bloodlines Cold Protagonist Determined Protagonist Gore Magic Male Protagonist Necromancer Xianxia
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      Status: chapter-9 spell vessels
      Nov 26, 2019

      So I figured I'd attempt to write a review for this since I went and binged all the chapters on royalroad (68) (because that's what I do) and so few novels on this site have reviews.

      First off the MC is a bad guy, he doesn't go off the deep end for absolutely no reason but its definitely a fast slope.  So like the author said, don't read it if you want to quibble about the morals of his actions or whatever awful thing the MC or the other characters have done. 

      World Building: haven't seen much so far but seems promising, best mark here is the various new monsters name and descriptions, though I would like more interactions with other characters powers (and the broader world in general) to get a better read (personal favorite is the variety of abilities and specialties that can come up in these types of power systems, but don't hold your breathe here)

      Main character: He's smart and definitely cheaty, calling it an isekai wouldn't be remiss.  But he's not stupidly powerful, and though training is glossed over after a while (it would be boring otherwise) it is still mentioned.  He gets hurt when he should get hurt and stays within his rank.  His overall reasonableness will really depend on future human combat.  As for his personality besides smart? He's cold and ruthless 


      maybe from past repressed trauma?

      but there are occasional after effects, he hasn't gone off the deep end yet but he probably will at some point.

      Other Characters:  Everyone has a reason and a story to do what they're doing (generally) so that's good, and the movements of the organizations and more major people so far has been logical.  There are arrogant young master characters 


      their parents do discipline them

      with extreme reactions, but nothing ridiculous so far.

      Writing/Grammar:  I usually just sail right past all but the worst of errors due to reading too many NU translations.  I can say its good, but find another person if you want a more informed opinion.



      Its been mostly survival thus far, so we'll see what happens.  It hasn't been boring in my mind


      So if you've read this far:

      Overall thoughts: Its a good story, but nothing to knock you off your feet.  Definitely a good read if your MC's gray to even darker.  Realistic but not to the point of boring (the traveler inventions are a crux, but reasonable and excusable).  I hope to see more author!


      ps: the little foxy <3


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