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The Online Sage
The Online Sage
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Jamie has been unlucky on any career path that he took so far. It became so bad that no company will ever hire him for fear of being subjected to the 'Anderson Effect'.

Robberies? Check. Fire? Check. Database Wipe. Check? Lawsuits? Check. And even a hostage situation. A big fat check. Any disaster that can happen will happen of he's working for someone. A walking Murphy's Law for any workplace he enters

Only thing that kept Jamie fed is his freelance gig of editing videos for online celebrities and famous online video sites.

Then one day, he had a realization. Why not become an online celebrity himself? He's got the skills and the know-how, he just need a unique subject matter of his own.

And it seems that even the Gods approved of his plan. And is willing to provide some... 'help'.

ComedyFantasyLitRPGSci-fiSlice of LifeSupernatural
Alchemy Animal Rearing Artifact Crafting Artifacts Blacksmith Carefree Protagonist Crafting Earth Invasion Farming Healers Magic Beasts Magic Formations Magical Technology Modern Day Monsters Secret Identity Special Abilities
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