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582.3k Views 26444 Favorites 342 Chapters 4 Chapters/Week 1809 Readers 16 Reviews 1.64M Words Dec 5, 2023 Soussouni
Grace Pastel is a young girl who lives a cozy life in Jubilife city with her father, and for her, Pokemon battles are just something that she watches on television or online. Entertainment to be seen at a distance. After turning fifteen, she watched as young people her age got ready for their first journey across Sinnoh, all aiming to become the Champion. She usually scoffed at them, wondering how one could throw away a comfortable life in the city to risk their lives in the wild for an unobtainable goal. And yet when she was asked by her father to deliver a package to her mother living two towns over, something clicked in her... more>>
161.9k Views 2986 Favorites 47 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 1101 Readers 6 Reviews 91k Words Apr 6, 2023 Osamaru
"What are you willing to do to survive? What are you willing to Become?... more>>
157.1k Views 4056 Favorites 156 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 1233 Readers 11 Reviews 1.05M Words Dec 6, 2023 AuthorSME
Learn about Rhea and her journey through the Pokemon World.  You will meet many people and see how a realistic Pokemon experience might be.  Rhea... more>>
125.3k Views 1699 Favorites 19 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 1112 Readers 3 Reviews 27.3k Words Nov 12, 2020 senchou17
Ten years ago, I was transmigrated to this foreign world against my wish. ... more>>
100.5k Views 1672 Favorites 59 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 654 Readers 1 Reviews 137.4k Words Aug 26, 2023 SirAeron
After his death from an epidemic, Aeron finds himself transferred to another world. ... more>>
73.5k Views 3901 Favorites 92 Chapters 5 Chapters/Week 407 Readers 2 Reviews 112k Words Dec 8, 2023 Loskro1
Alexander was a fairly normal guy on earth or at least he hoped so. Somehow though he had gone his entire life without playing a single pokemon game or watching any of the anime. That changed when his friends kept pestering him about it and he finally gave in and purchased a few of the games that came highly recommended such as emerald , fire red , platinum and heart gold. He also bought a cheap ds lite to play all of them when he was off work. Unfortunately he was struck by lightning the moment he finished the last of them and died. He ended up awakening in a small cave at the foot... more>>
69.6k Views 591 Favorites 43 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 454 Readers 3 Reviews 159.7k Words Oct 28, 2019 DriftingCloud
After a series of unexpected and traumatic events, Matthew, a physicist from futuristic earth, found himself transmigrated into a new world. In this world, humans practice cultivation in order to gain power and survive against the beasts and demons that plague the lands. Now in the body of a youngster, Matthew uses his inquisitive mind to reconcile with this new reality soon discovering the potential his scientific knowledge holds.... more>>
66.6k Views 3343 Favorites 144 Chapters 6 Chapters/Week 379 Readers 1 Reviews 183.4k Words Dec 8, 2023 VendakSoth
Home destroyed by an accident of Heaven, Dan and his family have been reborn. Transported into the galaxy of his dreams, Dan, May, and their two pets, navigate family life while they change the script of the world itself.... more>>
51.7k Views 1005 Favorites 78 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 307 Readers 1 Reviews 76.4k Words Feb 7, 2021 lokiandcoded
After another odd job helping a hunter fix some traps, I took a nap in my car. When I woke up, I was in a cave in my car, underground, looking out on a precipice. I'm screwed, aren't I?... more>>
37.2k Views 393 Favorites 26 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 340 Readers 0 Reviews 50.9k Words Dec 16, 2021 Junior_elder
The world is lawless, Might makes right. Cultivators run rampant in their bid to secure resources Showing weakness is punishable by death or worse, Jiang Ming is decisively reminded of the simple truth. What will he do now?... more>>
29.7k Views 494 Favorites 41 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 262 Readers 0 Reviews 26.2k Words May 21, 2023 PBear
A wizard (30 y.o Virgin) got scammed by a Goddess and died. A R.O.B got amused by how he died and then giving him another chance. With bonus include on it.... more>>
23k Views 262 Favorites 14 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 252 Readers 1 Reviews 18.9k Words Dec 2, 2021 Dr_Introvert
In the world of Spell Masters, there are various types of spells and many unknown attributes. Humans constantly discover new attributes and study spells for them. ... more>>
23k Views 530 Favorites 31 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 272 Readers 0 Reviews 49k Words Jan 21, 2023 Tentacult1664
Ayame Yuuna, a terrorist who has committed all sorts of horrendous deeds all over the world, killed herself with her spear after killing the last... more>>
21.1k Views 798 Favorites 244 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 168 Readers 2 Reviews 264.4k Words Mar 16, 2022 doravg
A merchant stumbles on a grotto when he is lost and eats his last apple. He plants the seeds the next day to provide food... more>>
20.8k Views 345 Favorites 66 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 153 Readers 1 Reviews 146.3k Words Jul 28, 2022 TheJournalist
Zed, a previously self-proclaimed worthless person with no confidence whatsoever, dies in a tragic drug overdose only to find himself reincarnated in a strange new magical world as an Eagle! Yet the strange occurrences don't just end there because he receives an invitation from a mysterious multi-verse organization through a system. After accepting, he discovered that the system became just like his beloved MMORPG. Now, He's able to grow stronger through Cultivation, Leveling up and Quests!... more>>
20.2k Views 203 Favorites 38 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 194 Readers 0 Reviews 66.5k Words Mar 6, 2022 Maldon
After a near death experience Octavius, the young master of the <Paprika clan>, started to re-evaluate his life, he spent every day and night since he was a child improving his blacksmithing skills but neglected everything else.
Thus he has decided to leave the comfortable walls of his home and go out into the world!... more>>
20k Views 404 Favorites 62 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 232 Readers 1 Reviews 116.3k Words Dec 4, 2023 Hekate37
Next update: Sunday 12/3/23... more>>
16k Views 95 Favorites 7 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 191 Readers 0 Reviews 21.5k Words May 5, 2021 Mark_Ward
What if Jon Snow acted more like the dragon he was or even for that matter a god damn wolf!
13.2k Views 142 Favorites 10 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 107 Readers 1 Reviews 3.6k Words Mar 4, 2021 werthersaboriginal
I died choking on a big fat piece of cock (chicken nuggets) and was reborn in the Naruto world. Now I have to plan my... more>>
12.3k Views 215 Favorites 20 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 197 Readers 0 Reviews 37.8k Words Aug 6, 2022 testtube10
After being picked up by a God, Aby, a confused eight year old girl, is given a hint: Humanity is about to be screwed, and there are only two years left on the clock. But Aby isn't your average little girl. She's a genius. Doing whatever she can to survive, Aby ends up with a house, lots of food, and tons of useful abilities to keep her going.
"Saving the world isn't my thing. I'll rather help other people do it instead."
Follow Aby as she crafts her way in the apocalypse.... more>>
10.2k Views 205 Favorites 12 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 157 Readers 0 Reviews 47k Words Jan 4, 2023 Forestbear
A soul finds itself awake inside the void. Unable to do anything, it finds itself in front of a black-hooded figure with a burning book.
"Hmmm... I better finish this before he finds me. Now, are you ready to go? Hehehehe."... more>>
9.9k Views 171 Favorites 11 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 136 Readers 0 Reviews 19.4k Words Sep 3, 2023 Romusensei
This is a story of David. An otaku who was thinking of writing his own novel. So he was analyzing his favorite novel to how to write a novel like a normal beginner. ( maybe)... more>>
9.8k Views 181 Favorites 50 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 122 Readers 0 Reviews 136.6k Words Sep 26, 2023 Bluefish
In a prehistoric era, a modern-day man named Tak finds himself thrown back in time amongst a tribe, the Ashaya. With the advantage of his knowledge of the future, he takes on the responsibility of ensuring the survival and prosperity of his newfound tribe.... more>>
9.5k Views 284 Favorites 26 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 92 Readers 0 Reviews 28.8k Words Jun 11, 2021 Alan
A summary is still updating, please wait~
6.3k Views 58 Favorites 4 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 137 Readers 0 Reviews 3.3k Words Dec 14, 2020 minacia
Sasha woke up one day surrounded by six wolf cubs that think she's their mother.... more>>