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/ Series / Reincarnated as a Combat Android
Reincarnated as a Combat Android
Reincarnated as a Combat Android
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Seiji Hasegawa, a 45 year old Software Engineer working at a black company is killed by truck-kun; reincarnated into a futuristic fantasy world of space, spaceships, androids, magic, knights and... monsters threatening the existence of mankind?!... But... Why did I reincarnate as an android? And I'm being controlled by others! No! I refuse to be your slave!

Just to let you know that this is my first novel so this should be considered writing practice. Even so, I do try to plan things out in advance first as far as possible. Suggestions and advice on both the story itself and my writing are most welcome. Lastly, I tend to lose interest in things quite quickly, as new interests come and go so don't be surprised if I don't update in a long time or just out right drop this novel. You have been warned.

ActionFantasyGender BenderIsekaiSci-fi
Aliens Androids Artificial Intelligence Engineer Female Protagonist Humanoid Protagonist Knights Magic Magic Formations Magical Technology Male to Female Monsters Non-human Protagonist Reincarnation
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