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/ Series / Heir of Mana
Heir of Mana
Heir of Mana
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4.8 (18 ratings)
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In a world where monsters are dead, Everyone's lv zero.
The world is at peace -- but for how long.

Everyone's either a blacksmith, a tailor, a butcher, or a soldier, but their level's zero.
Anyone who's none of the above, mainly jobless, is either a slave or a laborer, but their level is zero.

Mannat, born to a blacksmith wants to follow in his father's footsteps. He's determined. He's focused. He's stubborn.
There's just one problem.
He was born with 'Focus' and 'Analyze', both skills favor his mental attributes.

He found living in the village a tough task. Boys his age called him a freak, while the adults whispered behind his back. His parents loved him unconditionally, but he knew they feared for his wellbeing.

He was like a diamond in the rough. It takes a certain eye to find a diamond. Especially, in the dark. Fortunately, a Witch lived on the outskirts of his village.
However, why would an eccentric, diabolical, old hag, help him shine?

Blacksmith Caring Protagonist Childhood Friends Childhood Love Clever Protagonist Demons Level System Love Rivals Magic Monsters Slow Growth at Start Wishes Witches
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Table of Contents
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    Status: ch-19.3: witch’s task

    The story has been very enjoyable, currently it is a slowpaced slice of life with some nice emotional elements. (Never wrote a review before so idk if my point came across)

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    2 Likes · Like

    It seems like the writer has some backlog they are posting, but for now it's really really interesting. Would recommend, however if you don't like people not answering your questions, there are elements of that here

    Edit: I wasn't very clear in the people not answering part there. The one of the characters in the book doesn't answer the MCs questions at all. If that bothers you beware. However if you like that then this is perfect

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: ch-41.1

    Finally something different. 

    Its an Unconventional story without cringy characters. 

    Love it

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